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How I Turned My Resume Into A Chat Bot

It’s clear that bots are having a moment. Even before Facebook’s Bots for Messenger announcement at their developer conference, there had already been a flood of investments, controversies, and critiques. So I wanted to learn how to make my own bot — and put it to work!

Turn Your Bullet Points Into Career Stories To Make Your Resume More Compelling

You want your resume to stand out. At the same time, you don’t want it to be unconventional to the point that it confuses recruiters and they pass over it. One way to boost your resume and still make it easily skimmable: tell a quick story.

The Best Way To List Online Classes On Your Resume, According To Recruiters

Taking online courses can prepare you for your next job and strengthen your position as a job candidate. When you include classes in your resume, however, make sure you’re doing so thoughtfully. Recruiters shared with The Muse the best strategies for including your online learning.

Strengthen Your Resume By Keeping The Focus On Results

It’s fine to describe the responsibilities you had at previous jobs on your resume, but talking about your duties is not nearly as powerful as talking about the specifics of what you actually accomplished in those roles. Doing that can give your resume a serious boost.

Ask LH: Should I Tweak My Resume When I'm Already On The Shortlist?

Dear Lifehacker, Much of your advice around resumes is all about getting you in the door — past the auto-screeners and the six second glances. But what if I’m already in the door? I’m being referred for a job, and I’m wondering if you’ve got any advice for this situation. I figure they’ll spend a bit longer looking at it since they’re giving me an interview.

Fill Out A Thin Resume By Scanning Through Job Postings

If you feel like your resume could use some padding, fear not, you’re probably just selling yourself short. A little job posting exploration can help you find some skills you forgot to add.

Elon Musk's Resume: Proof That Nobody Needs More Than One Page

Elon Musk is an engineer, inventor and investor who helped to build some of the world’s most recognised companies including Tesla Motors, SpaceX and PayPal. Despite these achievements and many others, it’s possible to fit his resume on a single page. Yes, this means you’re probably waffling.

Ask LH: How Should I Describe Internships On My Resume?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m currently undertaking an internship within the accounting industry. Generally, these are named “vacation” programs in Australia. I’m wondering how I should describe this role on my resume? (‘Vacationer’, ‘intern’ or ‘summer analyst’?) I’m considering applying for positions in other industries as well as overseas. Any thoughts?

How To Proofread Your Resume Beyond Looking For Typos

Not only is your resume essentially your career summed up on one page, it’s also your ticket to your next awesome opportunity. So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to have an extra set of eyes look over it to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before you use it for anything.

The Worst Mistakes Young People Make On Their Resumes (And How To Fix Them)

We’ve interviewed hundreds of job applicants over the years. Usually we’re very impressed with the calibre of candidates. But… young people are human, too. They make mistakes. And the following mistakes have cost them jobs that their CVs and resumes otherwise said they were good for…

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