Avoid Accidentally Revealing Your Age With Your Email Address

Many of us append our email addresses with our year of birth in order to secure a unique name. For regular correspondence, that’s fine. When applying for a job, you might want to reconsider, says Careerealism.

Replace Career Objectives With Qualifications For A Better Resume

The “career objectives” statement is dead ,so don’t waste a recruiter’s time by listing it at the start, says Ruben Quintero, Medicare Broker Relations Manager. Instead, state the most pertinent qualifications for the job.

Include Your Cover Letter In The Body Of Your Email So It Gets Read

We’ve talked about writing an excellent cover letter before, but your letter could be ignored if you are attaching it to an email. Instead, write the cover letter as part of the email.

How Recruiters Really Look At Your LinkedIn Profile

TheLadders conducted a study tracking the eye movements of recruiters when looking at resumes (online and offline) and LinkedIn profiles. Besides revealing that recruiters only look at resumes for about six seconds, the study also points out the most important areas job seekers should focus on.

Use Range, Frequency Or Scale To Quantify Your Resume

It is important to quantify your resume, because numbers validate your claims. But what if you don’t work with something that can be boiled down into hard numbers? The Daily Muse advises using range, frequency or scale.

Get Noticed By Not Responding To Job Listings Immediately

When you see a new job listing, you may be tempted to rush and apply. Waiting to apply may separate you from the crowd and give you an advantage in your job search.

Tie Your Words To Results To Avoid A Buzzword-Packed Resume

We’ve discussed how packing your resume full of buzzwords like “creative” and “organisational” is a bad idea, but sometimes those words are appropriate. To use them effectively, tie them to actual results — that way they’re descriptive of specifics, not eyeroll-worthy generalisations.

Ask LH: How Can I Look For A New Job When My Company Is Checking On Employees?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m looking for a new job, but my company regularly scans job sites and LinkedIn to see when employees update their resumes or profiles, and then they report them to their managers. How can I conduct my job search privately without anyone finding out?

What IT Pros Get Wrong On Their Resumes

Even if you’re invited to apply for a role rather than hunting it down, you’ll need to submit a resume as part of the process. Our sibling publication Business Insider has rounded up ten of the most common mistakes techies make when compiling a resume.

Improve Your Resume With This Simple Formula Recommended By Google

Recruiters don’t look at your resume for more than a few precious seconds, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still carefully craft your resume to make sure you have the best chances of landing a job. Here’s a simple formula from Google’s HR chief that will help you put the best information on your resume.