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This Tool Helps Make Your Resume Visually Appealing

Looks aren’t everything, but an effective resume is visually appealing. A messy one can make it easy to overlook even the most impressive credentials. This tool helps make your resume pretty.

Why You Should Never Use Times New Roman On Your Resume

We recently noted that Helvetica is a sensible font choice for your resume. Now here’s a font you definitely shouldn’t use: Times New Roman.

Add Work Samples To Your LinkedIn Profile For More Exposure

LinkedIn is a great way to show off your professional chops, but with so many online profiles, you want to make sure yours stands out when you’re looking for work. One easy way to do this? Add media to your profile.

Killer Interview Question: What Are You Least Proud Of On Your Resume?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: what are you least proud of on your resume?.

Why You May Want To Consider Using Helvetica Typeface For Your Resume

There are a lot of fonts out there you can use for a multitude of projects. When it comes to putting a professional-looking resume together, however, you may want to avoid the overused classics and go with Helvetica instead.

The Best Places To Post Your Resume, Depending On Your Field

Getting your resume noticed is everything, and where you share it makes a huge difference. Uploading your resume to a big job board is a start, but many careers have special sites and communities that can give you a leg up on your competition. Let’s look at some of the best, based on the field you’re in or job you’re looking for.

Ask LH: Can I Leave Job Titles Off My Resume?

Hey Lifehacker, I’ve been applying for jobs that will stretch me but encompass a range of skills and tasks that I have regularly performed through my career. However, I hit a stumbling block with my resume: my job titles are too similar and narrowly focused.

Write Down What You Accomplished At The End Of Every Week

It’s easy to remember the pile of things you have to do in the future. Once it’s done, you’ll probably forget it quickly. At the end of every week, write down what you accomplished that week so you have something quantifiable to show for it.

Seven Resume Strategies For The Long-Term Unemployed

Having big gaps on your resume can feel embarrassing — you know the person reading it will take note, and probably will consider it a negative. How do you get ahead of their judgement to make your case? Here’s a few tips on what you can do when your resume has large gaps.

Never Include Your Hobbies On Your Resume

One of the key rules for an effective resume is to keep it as short as possible, so you need to scrap all extraneous information. One obvious candidate? Don’t include lists hobbies or recreational activities.

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