The 15 Best And Worst Words To Use On Resumes According To Recruiters

Given how little time recruiters spend on a resume, you should use any edge available to stand out from the crowd. A recent survey of over 2000 human resource professionals highlights the best and worst words to use in your resume.

Be A 'Sharpshooter' When Applying For Jobs In Your Ideal Industry

Some industries, such as games development, are extremely difficult to get into without a lot of experience and a few completed projects under your belt. Entry-level roles are far and few between and when an opportunity does pop up, applicants are willing to try anything just to be in the industry, let alone their ideal job. While it might seem OK to go for unrelated positions, it can seriously compromise your chances in the future.

If You're Not Satisfied With A Project, Leave It Out Of Your Portfolio

Building experience isn’t an easy thing to do, and it’s tempting to shortcut your way to a full resumé by including everything you’ve ever done. If you’re not proud of some work you’ve done, however, don’t flaunt it to a potential employer.

Survey Reveals Keywords Do Still Matter On Your Resume

Most of us assume keywords only really matter when it comes to getting your resume past a bot and into human hands. A new survey of over three million resumes, all ranked by hiring managers, reveals that keywords are still important to people, and leaving them off could cost you an interview.

Find A Common Thread To Tie Unrelated Jobs To Your Career Plans

It’s no fun to sit in an interview and have someone ask about a temporary job or gig you took to pay the bills that’s unrelated to your career goals. It can feel difficult trying to explain it away, but the key is to find a common element that ties it to your plans without dismissing it as “just a temp job”.

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When you’re trying to build a career, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Muse U aims to provide a starting point for new and seasoned ladder-climbers alike.

Exchange Resumes With Colleagues To Improve Yours

Ask your colleagues for their resumes and show them yours in return. You’ll learn how you can better describe your job or company, and get insights on the skill sets you need for your career.

List Skills Before Experience On Your First Resume

Creating a resume when you’re fresh out of university and have minimal relevant experience can be challenging. One useful tactic? Focus on the skills you have rather than where you’ve worked.

Use Different Referees When Applying For Different Positions

Frequently during a job application process you’ll be asked for the names of referees. Where possible, you should tailor your choices for the specific job rather than using the same set each time.

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