How To Research Like A Journalist When The Internet Doesn't Deliver

The internet is full of information, but sometimes what you’re looking for needs a different approach. Whether you’re looking for public records, family trees, or really old archives, it’s time to do some offline digging like an old-school journalist. Here’s how to get started.

The 10 Stuff-Ups We All Make When Interpreting Research

Have you ever tried to interpret some new research to work out what the study means in the grand scheme of things? Well maybe you’re smart and didn’t make any mistakes — but more likely you’re like most humans and accidentally made one of these 10 stuff ups.

Insert Citations In Multiple Formats Easily With Google Docs

Google Docs is a handy free writing tool with a lot of great hidden features, including the research tool. You can save yourself some time and use the research sidebar to automatically insert the appropriate citations you need for your paper.

How Budget Cuts Increased Australian Cyber-Security Risks

You’d struggle to argue that this year’s budget cuts to funding for CSIRO and universities are going to give Australia any kind of advantage in science. It seems that anti-science agenda could also have a direct impact on our ability to deal with online attacks.

How Big Data Can Help Fix Medical Research

A recent paper in the British Medical Journal suggests that evidence-based medicine is in crisis. Evidence-based medicine is based on the practice of employing treatments that have scientific research that backs up their effectiveness. It is usually set against medical practice that is based on anecdotal experience or simply doing things because that is the way they always have been done.

Ask LH: How Can I Stop Procrastinating While Researching?

Dear LH, The trouble with the internet age is that once you start researching a topic, it’s hard to know when to stop. You can read so many inspiring articles and watch so many thought-provoking videos. The information available is endless. How can I make sure I’m not wasting time during this phase? What rules should I apply?

Four Google Services You're Not Using To Their Full Potential

Many of us use the obvious Google services: search, Gmail, Drive and Calendar. However, the company has a host of other products that may surprise you with what they can do.

No Balloons For You! Helium Prices Set To Skyrocket

A worldwide shortage of helium will cause prices to inflate by as much as 3000% over the coming decade, scientists have warned. And you thought children’s parties were expensive now…

Why Negative Reviews Aren't Always Bad

It’s easy to see every negative review and bad news. But a recent report suggests that bad reviews might actually be coming from some of your best and most loyal customers.

Annotary Marks Up Web Pages And Saves Them For Later Research

Chrome/Firefox/Safari: Whether you’re researching a new car purchase or a university paper, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of different web pages. Annotary lets you highlight and mark up sites, save them for later, and even share your research with collaborators.