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The Best Free Alternatives To DynDNS

As you may have heard, DynDNS is shutting down its free plans, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, those plans are not the only option if you need a hostname to use to access your home computers from anywhere, and you don’t want to spend money for it. Here are some alternatives.

Control Your Mac With A Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble Smartwatch is pretty neat, but it doesn’t connect to your computer in very interesting ways. Coder Joseph Schmitt decided to see if it was possible to get a little more out of his Pebble, and figured out a way to launch websites on his computer from the watch itself.

Five Best Remote Desktop Tools

Managing your own computer from afar or troubleshooting a family member’s PC is much easier when you can rely on a good remote desktop utility. This week we’re going to look at five of the best remote desktop and management tools, based on your nominations.

Control The Raspberry Pi From Your iPad

If you have both a Raspberry Pi and an iPad, this tutorial from What a Palaver’s Angela Wolff will help you remotely control the Pi with your tablet — from anywhere you have an internet connection. Wolff offers the commands and instructions to set up the Raspberry Pi and iPad for perfect harmony.

Remote Desktop Tool LogMeIn Is No Longer Free

LogMeIn, one of our favourite remote desktop tools, has suddenly pulled the plug on the free version. If you want to continue using it, you’ll need to pay up or switch to an alternative if you want to continue being able to remotely control your PC from anywhere.

When Home Router Security Is Full Of Holes

You spend time securing your workplace networks and keeping devices patched, but does the same thing happen for everyone who works from home? Reports of a new range of vulnerabilities in popular routers is a reminder that maintaining security in a flexible workplace can be difficult.

Ask LH: How Can I Browse Files Remotely?

Dear Lifehacker, When I’m on the road sometimes I need to access files from my computer. I have a remote desktop app, which is handy when i want to do some work from my phone, but is there a service where I can just look through my file tree and download or send a link to the file?

Lock Your Phone Remotely With Android Device Manager

The previously launched Android Device Manager just gained the ability to remotely lock your phone with a new password. You’ll have to activate ADM as a device administrator first, so be sure to turn it on before you lose your phone.

SMSTasks Lets You Send Remote Commands To Your Phone

Android (rooted): There are no shortage of apps that can remotely control your phone. SMSTasks takes a simpler approach, letting you send commands via SMS to your phone.

Pilot SSH Connects To And Manages Remote Servers From Your Phone

iOS/Android: Pilot SSH combines a simple secure shell terminal with dozens of useful commands and scripts to make logging in, managing and browsing remote servers from a tiny mobile screen a breeze. You can even build your own scripts for commands you use often.