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Tell Siri Where You Shop For Better Location Reminders

Siri’s location-based reminders are great for remembering items when you get home. Adding places you frequently visit into contacts helps Siri create better reminders.

Use Location-Based Reminders To Seek Out New Restaurants

Having trouble thinking of new places to eat when you’re out and about? Serenity Caldwell of Macworld recommends using location-based reminders for pinging yourself a list of restaurants you’ve been meaning to try.

ReminderBaba Sends Follow Up Reminders With A Custom Email Address

The best reminders are the ones that you don’t have to go too far out of your way to set. To that end, ReminderBaba makes it dead simple to remind “future you” to do something. Simply add one of the service’s many custom email addresses and automatically get a reminder later.

Checkmark Adds Lists And Groups To Its Location-Based Reminders

Checkmark is our favourite location-based reminders app for the iPhone. Today it’s getting a big update in the form of a brand-new version.

Squawk Displays Reminders When You Unlock Your Android

Android: When an item in your to-do list needs to be done soon, it can help to be reminded of it often. Squawk simplifies this by giving you a single task to focus on, and issuing reminders by time, Wi-Fi connections, or whenever you unlock your phone.

Write Your Repayment Due Date On Your Credit Card And Never Forget To Pay

If you can’t remember to pay your credit card bill every month, Redittor SolidDexter has a solution: write the due date on the card itself.

Shifu Reminds You Of Tasks By Time, People, Location Or Network

Android: Android has plenty of great to-do apps, but Shifu might just be the smartest one I have seen yet. The app lets you set reminders and tasks based on people, time, location and network, giving context to your to-do list.

Note.It Is A Fast, Elegant iPhone App For Quick Notes Or Checklists

iOS: Notes don’t always need to be elaborate. If you’re just making a quick checklist or jotting down ideas, Note.It is a dead-simple iPhone app that’s easy to use and easy to read, even on the go.

Ding Combines Reminders And Events Into A Good-Looking Interface

iOS: Your iPhone’s built-in reminders app is functional but uninspiring, and if you don’t keep up with the calendar app, you might miss an appointment. Ding is a to-do app that combines your reminders, appointments and events into one sharp-looking interface that’s easy to use.

MagicanRest Makes Scheduling Breaks A Breeze

Mac: We’ve seen plenty of daily break reminders before, but MagicanRest is a break reminder that offers up enough options to make it worthwhile for just about anyone.

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