Note.It Is A Fast, Elegant iPhone App For Quick Notes Or Checklists

iOS: Notes don’t always need to be elaborate. If you’re just making a quick checklist or jotting down ideas, Note.It is a dead-simple iPhone app that’s easy to use and easy to read, even on the go.

Ding Combines Reminders And Events Into A Good-Looking Interface

iOS: Your iPhone’s built-in reminders app is functional but uninspiring, and if you don’t keep up with the calendar app, you might miss an appointment. Ding is a to-do app that combines your reminders, appointments and events into one sharp-looking interface that’s easy to use.

MagicanRest Makes Scheduling Breaks A Breeze

Mac: We’ve seen plenty of daily break reminders before, but MagicanRest is a break reminder that offers up enough options to make it worthwhile for just about anyone.

Evernote For Android Adds Reminders

Android: Evernote released an update to its Android app today that adds a new Reminders function to the notes app.

EasilyDo Tells You What To Do In Advance

Android: EasilyDo, the proactive personal assistant, launched for iOS a few months ago. Now the app is available for Android, and features the same proactive reminders and tools, from reminding you to make dinner reservations to suggesting you get flowers on the way home for your anniversary.

Checkmark, Our Favourite Location-Based Reminder App, Is Free Right Now

iOS: Apple’s Reminders is an OK app, but its location-based reminders aren’t particularly quick to create. Checkmark is much better, making it a snap to create reminders at any spot, and it’s free today (down from $5.49).

I Owe You Manages Your Debts On Any Device

Web/iOS/Android/Windows 8: It’s easy to lose track of small favours we need to return or debts that we’re owed. I Owe You makes it easy to keep a running list from any device.

Remind Me Adds A Global Hotkey To Apple's Reminders App

OS X: Apple’s Reminders app is far from the most advanced to-do list app out there, but it’s dead simple to use and syncs between all of Apple’s devices. If you like the Mac version, Remind Me is a must-have add-on that lets you create new to-do items and reminders with just a few taps. Emails Domain And SSL Expiry Reminders

Chaos reigns on web-based services if you let domain names, SSL certificates or other key infrastructure expire. is a service that warns you if a company-owned domain or SSL certificate is about to reach its due date.

Checkmark Adds Recurring Notifications

iOS: Checkmark, our favourite location-based reminders app for iOS, has updated with a few new features, including recurring notifications and the ability to snooze reminders for later.