Make Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough For A Fresh Pizza When You Want It

We love two-ingredient recipes, because you can make awesome food quick and easily. This incredibly simple pizza dough recipe only requires self-rising flour and greek yoghurt for a fresh pie in minutes.

Make Smoother, Tastier, Less Icy Sorbet With Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup may be looked down on when it comes to processed food, but the team at Serious Eats discovered at least one application where using it at home really does improve the flavour and texture of your food: in homemade sorbet.

Six Ways To Make The Perfect Fried Egg

As we all learn at some point in our lives, perfection is futile. It’s unattainable. It simply doesn’t exist — that is until we’re talking about fried eggs.

These DIY Energy Bars Offer An Easy, Healthy Way To Refuel

Energy bars make for great snacks and fuel for workouts, but the pricey commercial versions often contain ingredients you don’t need. These homemade energy bars are a healthier version you can make in about half-an-hour.

Make Your Own Chocolate Massage Oil

If you can’t work out why this might be fun, I’m not going to explain it to you. Author and chocolatier Claire Preen shares a recipe for making your own chocolate massage oil. Why didn’t I know about this at Easter?

Evernote Food Organises And Helps You Find Great New Recipes On Android

Android: When we last mentioned Evernote Food, the app had launched on iPhone and iPad as a great way to organise your recipes and find new ones. Now, Evernote Food has come over to Android, and it has brought a few new tricks along for the ride.

Fold Egg Whites Into Batter Like A Pro

Recipes such as soufflĂ©, mousse and angel food cake ask you to fold egg whites or whipped cream into a batter, but don’t begin to tell you how. If your batter folding skills aren’t up to scratch, Emma Christensen at The Kitchn has put together a great tutorial.

Recreate Original McDonald's Menu Items At Home

We’ve previously shown you how to make the french fries as well as cooking videos from McDonald’s itself. If you’d like to try out classic McDonald’s foods from menus going back to the ’50s, this 32-page recipe and cooking guide is for you.

Bake Healthy Biscuits With Two Ingredients

Fancy some baking but running short on eggs or flour? You can get by with nothing but bananas and oats.

Use The Pits From Stone Fruit Pits To Make Infused Syrups And Vinegars

Don’t just throw away the pit the next time you munch into a stone fruit. The crew at Bon Appetit explain that you can maintain that flavour by saving the pits and use them in syrups or infused vinegars.