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Make Your Own Salt And Vinegar Chips With Homemade Sodium Acetate

Salt and vinegar potato chips are a polarising topic; you either love them or loathe them. Living with vinegar haters can make life hard, but with the help of just two extremely common ingredients, your family won’t have to battle it out in the chip aisle.

What Is Your Go-To Meal To Use What's In Your Fridge?

Some days, you just don’t have the time to go to the supermarket, or the money to order delivery, no matter how empty the fridge is. So, what’s your favourite bare-pantry recipe?

Zest Frozen Anchovies To Add Dimension To Pizzas

Umami-rich anchovy can add another savoury dimension to a wide range of foods, but biting through giant chunks of the salty, pungent ingredient can be off-putting to even the most zealous anchovy eaters. But here’s one easy way to add a more subtle flavour.

Marinate Eggs In Soy Sauce To Upgrade Your Ramen Or Salads

Meet your new weekly fridge addition: soy sauce eggs. This ramen shop staple requires just four ingredients and can turn boring salads or plain ramen into more flavourful meals.

Kick Flavours Up A Notch With DIY Citrus Powder

Citrus powders can add punch to just about anything you cook, ranging from drinks to cooked meats to baked goods. Here’s how you can make your own super-easy, wonderful flavours.

Use Breadcrumbs As A Last-Minute Substitute For Cheese

You’re putting the finishing touches on your pasta dinner only to realise you don’t have any cheese. Don’t worry, you can get a similar nutty, salty accent to top your dish by toasting a few breadcrumbs with olive oil and salt.

Truss A Chicken, No Strings Attached

Trussing, or tying up the wings and legs of a chicken, is an important step in roasting a whole bird evenly; it ensures evenly-cooked, moist meat, and it prevents anything stuffed inside from falling out. But even if you don’t have kitchen twine on hand, you can still truss a chicken using its own skin.

Home-Made Zucchini Chips Make For An Easy, Healthy Snack

If you can slice it, you can probably make chips from it. This holds true for the humble zucchini and if you’re after a tasty snack recipe using the vegetable, here’s one that uses ingredients you probably have already.

Make 'Almost' Pickles In Just 10 Minutes

Ever reached for some pickles only to find out there were none left? If you have a cucumber, you can get to something close in just 10 minutes.

Diced, Chopped, Minced And More: A Visual Guide To Six Basic Knife Cuts

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference is between “chopped”, “diced”, “minced” and other cuts in a recipe, you aren’t alone. Knife cuts can be so confusing that we’ve compiled a visual guide to some of the most common.

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