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These No-Bake Chocolate 'Cheesecakes' Are Delicious And Easy To Make

You will need a microwave for this recipe, but only because you have to melt the chocolate for the bottoms and tops of your cheesecakes. Beyond that, it’s just a tart, sweet cheesy filling, a chocolate base instead of a crust and a little time in the fridge. Then a lovely, shareable dessert awaits.

How To Make 13 Iconic Fast Foods At Home [Infographic]

Fast food isn’t great for you, but it sure does taste good. This infographic has recipes for thirteen popular fast foods so you can split the difference and make the tasty goods at home.

Grab Any Bunch Of Greens And Make A Vibrant Soup

I’m a big fan of hearty greens. They make great additions to rice bowls and stir fries, as well as a pretty good crisp, but these leafy plant parts can also be transformed into a vibrant, tasty soup.

Skip The "Separate Bowl" Step In Most Recipes To Save Some Dishes

When you find a recipe online, it’s not uncommon for it to include several “in a separate bowl” steps that use more dishes than you need to. In most cases, you can probably skip that and use the same bowl or pan you’re already cooking in.

Feed Zone Portables Is Packed With Recipes For Real Workout Food You Can Make Yourself

Food for when you’re exercising is a whole product category these days. There are sticky sweet energy gels (every marathoner’s frenemy), plus a variety of bars and chews that are pretty much all expensive and taste terrible. The book Feed Zone Portables has an alternative: Homemade, portable food that has the nutrition you need, while tasting great.

10+ Dishes And Drinks Everyone Should Know How To Make At Home (Including You)

Whether you have trouble boiling water or you know your way around an immersion circulator, there are some foods that everyone should know how to make, either because they’re delicious, they’re easy, or they require skills that will benefit you as you learn your way around the kitchen. We asked some professional chefs (and the Lifehacker team) what you should be able to make, no matter who you are, and how.

Six Historical Aussie Recipes For Mother's Day [Infographic]

Most Aussie mums have a signature dish that their family just can’t get enough of. Depending on what decade you grew up in, this could be anything from a decedent bacon stir-fry to a humble nettle soup. This infographic from Over60 highlights six classic dishes that you might want to surprise your mum with this Mother’s Day.

Make Super Smooth Hummus By Adding A Little Bicarbonate Of Soda

Super smooth, almost fluffy hummus is something that I’ve never been able to achieve at home. Sure, I’ve made good hummus, but not that creamy, light-as-air stuff you seem to be able to acquire at Middle Eastern restaurants. It turns out there is a secret ingredient: bicarbonate of soda.

Five Delicious Dishes You Didn't Know You Could Make In Cast Iron

A cast iron skillet is one of the most useful pans you can have in your kitchen. They’re unmatched for getting a good, flavourful sear on a steaks and chops, but they can also be used to make cheesy dips, whole roast chickens and the ooey gooey desserts of your wildest dreams.

Cocktails For Drinkers: Accessible, Not Even Remotely Artisanal Cocktails

The craft cocktail movement has gotten a little intense and, though I’m not complaining, many feel that it’s all become a bit precious with infusions, fancy syrups and locally-sourced herbal tinctures. In Cocktails for Drinkers, author Jennifer McCartney gives you the guidance you need to make “a good, stiff cocktail at your kitchen counter”, no muddling required.

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