Make Your Own All-Natural DIY Dusting Spray

Commercial dusting sprays are typically expensive, smelly, and have chemicals you may or may not want to use. They also seem to leave a slight residue behind no matter how hard you polish after you spray. This DIY dusting spray may be just the replacement you’re looking for.

Foodpairing Shows You Matching Flavour Combinations For Any Ingredient

If you’ve ever been confronted with an ingredient you want to use but have no idea what flavours pair well with it, Foodpairing is a web app that can help. Just type in an ingredient you want to use, and it wil offer up a map of ingredients and dishes that compliment its flavour.

Zest Collects And Organises Recipes, Helps You Cook Them Step-By-Step

iPad: There are plenty of great apps to help you organise your recipes, but Zest is a new addition to to the field with a lot of promise. Importing recipes from sites is a snap, and you can organise them by tag, category or ingredient. Plus, the app walks you through each recipe step-by-step, complete with cooking timers.

Bake An Apple Pie In An Apple For Impressive Individual Servings

Here’s a clever twist on the traditional apple pie: Bake pie filling directly in a hollowed-out apple. You only need five ingredients and about an hour to make these tasty treats.

Su Chef Finds And Filters Recipes, Tells You What To Make For Dinner

iOS: Su Chef makes finding new recipes to try and figuring out what to cook simple. Just run down the screen and tick off the things you’re interested in, your dietary preferences and what you have on-hand, and the app will sort and filter recipes and show you the results. Think of it as “advanced search” for food.

The Best Apps To Manage Your Recipe Collection

Whether you love to cook or you just love to eat, odds are you have a collection of dishes and recipes you’d like to try. Maybe you have a bunch handed down from a loved one. In either case, you probably need a better method to keep them organised than a bunch of index cards in a file folder. Here are some of the best apps for you, depending on the kind of recipe collection you have.

Remember One Number To Make Tasty Pancakes In Minutes

Who doesn’t like a fresh pancake for breakfast? While not the healthiest option, it’s a great treat once in a while. If you rarely make your own because of the potential hassle, don’t worry — you just have to remember one number to keep the recipe on-hand.

Recipeasly Cuts The Crap Out Of Recipe Management

We’ve posted about plenty of recipe managers, but recipes on the web get frustrating with all that clutter on the page. Recipeasly aims to simplify your collection and provide you with nothing but unfettered access to the information you want.

Make Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough For A Fresh Pizza When You Want It

We love two-ingredient recipes, because you can make awesome food quick and easily. This incredibly simple pizza dough recipe only requires self-rising flour and greek yoghurt for a fresh pie in minutes.

Make Smoother, Tastier, Less Icy Sorbet With Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup may be looked down on when it comes to processed food, but the team at Serious Eats discovered at least one application where using it at home really does improve the flavour and texture of your food: in homemade sorbet.