Briefly: Game Of Thrones Book Revelations, Dreamcast 101, Cheap Takeaway

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Game Of Thrones reader successfully debunks enduring fan theory, everything you ever wanted to know about the Sega Dreamcast, get 20 per cent off at Delivery Hero.

The Novels Everyone Should Read, Based On Top Book Lists And Prizes

We’ve shared our life-changing books here before, but if you’re looking for more great reads — specifically novels — this interactive list of books contains the most recommended works of fiction.

Re-Read Old Books After A Few Years To Gain New Perspective

Re-reading old books is not only fun, it actually can bring just as much value as reading a new book. You may have a completely different experience with them now that you’ve matured more than you did when you read them initially.

How To Keep Your Paperback Books In Good Condition

Even though ebook readers are popular, paperback books still have their place. They may be fragile, but you can keep them in great condition to read for years to come with the right tricks. Here’s how.

How Reading Fiction Can Help You Live A Better Life

Ask liberal arts students about the benefits of reading fiction, and they will regale you with all kinds of nonsense about how it makes you a better person. Ask just about anyone else, and they will give you a dumbfounded stare. However, reading fiction has some hidden benefits regardless of who are you. Lets take a look at a few of them.

Four Reasons Why You Should Read Literature

You can probably remember the feeling of discontent that came when you were assigned literature to read in school. It’s hard to find the desire to read old books about old topics when there are exciting new things happening right now, but here are four very big reasons why you should anyway.

C.S. Lewis On Reading Literature: Those Who Don't Inhabit A Tiny World

It should come as no surprise that C.S. Lewis, the world-renowned author of The Chronicles of Narnia series, believes that everyone should read books. Reading gives you the ability to see an infinite number of perspectives all while remaining yourself.

Kobo's Waterproof Aura H2O Ereader Is Heading To Australia

Kobo has announced that its latest high-end ereader, the waterproof Aura H2O, will be receiving a local launch on 5 February, 2015. The Aura H2O is waterproof to a depth of one metre for up to 30 minutes. It also comes with an anti-glare HD display, is dust-proof and provides up to two-months of battery life.

Read 50 Pages Before Deciding To Drop A Book

If you’re feeling lukewarm about a book, read 50 pages before deciding whether to continue or drop it. Doing this will allow you to try the books you want to read without you feeling obligated to complete them.

What (Non-Fiction) Book Has Helped Improve Your Life?

We might live in an online world, but books Today we want to know: what non-fiction books have improved your life?