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Google Play Books' New Night Light Mode Makes Night Reading Easier On The Eyes

Android/iOS: Look, we get it. You’re not giving up screen reading before bed. If you use our favourite ebook reader, however, you can now make it a little easier on the eyes with Night Light mode.

Hibou Helps You Remember What You Read With Spaced Repetition

Chrome: Ever read an article online, only to forget most of what it said a few days later? Hibou is an extension that will remind you to re-read it later for better retention.

F.lux Is Available For iOS, No Jailbreak Required

iOS: F.lux, the app that changes your screen temperature based on the time of day, is one of our favourites because it makes your screen a lot more readable at night. Now, it’s available on iOS, provided you’re willing to jump through a couple hoops.

Poopfiction Finds the Perfect Story To Read While You're On The Toilet

Aesop’s fables are engaging, bite-sized stories you can read and ponder in a short amount of time. In other words: great bathroom material.

The Best Anime And Manga For Beginners

Japanese animation can feel like an impenetrable fortress of obscure slang, iconography and inside jokes. After 16 years of fandom, I’m quite comfortable with it. But what about curious outsiders who don’t care to memorise, say, the differences between each and every Sailor Moon adaptation? This guide is designed to help intrigued westerners dip their toes into anime and manga.

Pocket Now Recommends Articles For You Based On The Ones You've Saved

Pocket is one of our favourite services for saving articles to read later. Today, the service has introduced a Recommended section with content customised to your saving and reading habits.

Twinword Finder For Chrome Instantly Scans Web Pages For Key Information

When you’re scanning a web page for information, a quick CTRL+F search can help you find specific words faster. The Twinword Finder for Chrome, however, takes that word scanning to the next level by also searching for related terms and only highlighting sections that are pertinent to your search.

Maintain Your Productivity Flow By Reading During Your Breaks

You probably already know that taking breaks is essential to staying productive. But what should you actually do with those breaks? Diving into a good book can help keep your brain stimulated, while giving you a chance to step back from your work.

Find Out How Long It Will Take You To Read Almost Any Book

Maybe you’re planning your reading material for a flight, or maybe you just want an idea of how long it will take to get through your reading list. Whatever the scenario, How Long to Read This tells you how long it takes to read any book.

PocketRocket Emails You A Pocket Article A Day

If you’re using the bookmarking service Pocket, you probably have heaps of articles archived that you plan on reading later. PocketRocket helps you whittle down those archives by sending a random article to your email every day then archiving it.

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