How To Use Technology To Get Through Your Reading List

The internet is full of brilliant articles you haven’t read. So is your read-it-later app of choice, whether it’s Pocket, Readability, Instapaper or any other. Here’s how to finally tackle that reading list, with a little help from technology.

Blinkist Breaks Down Non-Fiction Books Into Easy 15-Minute Bites

Android: Despite the internet revolution, books are still a valuable source of information. Reading takes time though. If you’re the type to stick to non-fiction, fact-filled books, Blinkist can help you get to the good parts.

Longform Shows You In-Depth Articles From Your Favourite Sites

iOS: Longform is one of the best sites online for reading in-depth articles. A recent update to the iOS app makes it easy to follow writers and publishers.

Instapaper Now Free To Download, Adds Text-To-Speech And User Profiles

iOS/Android: Bookmark-and-read-later tool Instapaper updated with quite a few new features today. It now includes text-to-speech functionality, user profiles and some nifty goodies for iOS 8 users.

Why You Should Read Harry Potter (If You Haven't Already)

Harry Potter is the best-selling book series of all time, and the books are a lot of fun. But there could be more to the story of the boy who lived. Some recent studies have shown that reading the magical tale can increase empathy towards others.

Panda Is A News Feed That Keeps You Inspired And Informed

Web/Chrome: Panda combines top-rated stories and images from popular websites to keep you informed as well as inspired to make awesome things. You can even replace Chrome’s new tab page with it.

Pocket For Android Adds Storage Control And Quick-Delete Mode

Android: Pocket for Android has been updated with some handy new features. It now inclues the ability to set your offline storage limits, a new quick delete mode and improved Evernote integration.

The Everyday Tasks Your Phone Does Better Than Your Computer

We’ve known for a while that your smartphone is a better PC than your PC ever was. It can’t replace everything your computer does, but there are some things that are actually better to do on your phone rather than on your computer.

Spot A Boring Kindle Book By Looking At Popular Highlights

Looking for a good book to read? If you want one that won’t bore you halfway through, mathematics professor Jordan Ellenberg has an interesting tip: look at the Kindle highlights.

Twibble Automatically Tweets Blog Posts Or RSS Feeds On A Schedule

Whether you own a blog or subscribe to RSS feeds, you probably share your favourite articles on Twitter. Twibble is a service that can take care of this for you by automatically tweeting articles.