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Five Steps That Make It Easier To Skim Through Non-Fiction Books

Whether you’re reading a non-fiction book for school or for fun, it’s pretty common to want to breeze through them quickly. Non-fiction book aren’t typically structured like fiction books, and as the Harvard Business Review points out, they’re much easier to skim if you want to. Here’s how HBR suggests you do it.

You Don't Always Have To Be Up To Date On Everything

According to local news reports, an area man stopped checking Twitter for a few minutes yesterday and promptly died because he wasn’t up to date on the haps. Except that didn’t happen. It never happens. So don’t worry like it does.

Placing Literature Maps Out Real Places You've Read About In Books

It’s always fun to visit the real life places you read about in books. There’s just something exciting about exploring the place the author had in mind while writing. Placing Literature is a fun tool that maps those places out for you.

Bound For iOS Plays All Your Audiobooks Out Of Dropbox

iOS: The DRM-free audiobook business isn’t exactly booming (though sites like Downpour and LibriVox are out there to help you find some), but that doesn’t mean you might not have audiobook files sitting in your Dropbox account. If you do, Bound is a great player.

A Simple Plan To Start Reading More

I love the physical nature of having books up there on the bookshelves, waiting to be looked at, admired and remembered. I used to really enjoyed the library and I still do. But when I look at my shelves I realise that I own so many books that I haven’t read.

5 Books That Will Change How You Think About Money

Money makes the world go round and we all want more of it. But it’s also a human construct, one that spans the world and has evolved through incredible circumstance. These five books are essential reading for anyone who wants a better understanding of the stuff in your wallet or pixels in your bank account.

The World's Best Science Fiction, Chosen By Scientists

Tales of strange alien worlds, fantastic future technologies and bowls of sentient petunias have long captivated audiences worldwide. But science fiction is more than just fantasy in space; it can educate, inspire and expand our imaginations to conceive of the universe as it might be. We invited scientists to highlight their favourite science fiction novel or film and tell us what it was that captivated their imagination – and, for some, how it started their career.

Killer Interview Question: What Magazines and Books Have You Read Recently?

This week’s KIQ may seem like an idle personal question that’s interviewers would ask to break the ice. One CEO, however, relies on this question to dig deeper into a person’s character.

ParrotRead Scans Your Twitter Feed For Book Recommendations 

Figuring out which book to read next can be tough, but assuming you follow some bright, intelligent people on Twitter, ParrotRead can use their knowledge to find reading recommendations.

CommuteKit Helps You Find Things To Do During Your Commute

If you have a morning commute, there are plenty of ways to make it suck less. You could fit in some reading. Or catch up on podcasts. But where to start? CommuteKit helps you figure it out.

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