Spot A Boring Kindle Book By Looking At Popular Highlights

Looking for a good book to read? If you want one that won’t bore you halfway through, mathematics professor Jordan Ellenberg has an interesting tip: look at the Kindle highlights.

Twibble Automatically Tweets Blog Posts Or RSS Feeds On A Schedule

Whether you own a blog or subscribe to RSS feeds, you probably share your favourite articles on Twitter. Twibble is a service that can take care of this for you by automatically tweeting articles.

Readsy Makes It Easy To Focus And Speed-Read Online Articles

Readsy is a free web service that makes speed reading any online article or website easy. Just paste in the text or the URL, and the site guides you through a rapid reading of the content.

Remember More Of The Books You Read By Visiting Wikipedia First

You can retain more of the knowledge you glean from books by prepping your brain with background information before reading. That makes Wikipedia a great tool for readers.

Send Your Kindle Book Notes And Highlighted Passages To Evernote

Are you an active Kindle reader who takes notes and highlights passages for later reference? Then you might want to pair Evernote with your Kindle to have all those book quotes and information in one place.

How To Use Pocket Like A Pro To Save Everything From The Web

Pocket has long been one of our favourite services for saving articles and reading them later. But you can use Pocket for a lot more than just snatching up the occasional long read. Here’s how to use Pocket like a pro.

Flynx Opens Links In Background With A Loading Bar, Reading Mode

Android: Don’t interrupt the flow of reading your Twitter or Facebook timeline. Flynx opens any link you tap and shows it as a floating icon, with a loading bar to tell you when the link is ready to read.

Reverb Learns What You Like To Read On The Internet

iOS: For all the great stuff on the Internet, sometimes you may have trouble finding articles you’re specifically interested in reading. Reverb hones in on just the stories you want.

Daily By Buffer Brings You News In Easy-To-Read Cards

iOS: Tinder gained a good degree of popularity for taking the pain out of dating with cards that you can swipe to approve or dismiss. Daily, by social media company Buffer, aims to do the same thing with the news.

Master The Art Of Reading With Lewis Carroll's Four Rules Of Learning

Everyone knows Lewis Carroll as the author of Alice In Wonderland, but he was also a mathematician and logician interested in the ways people learn. Weblog Brain Pickings took a look at four rules developed by Carroll that you can use for better reading.