PocketRocket Emails You A Pocket Article A Day

If you’re using the bookmarking service Pocket, you probably have heaps of articles archived that you plan on reading later. PocketRocket helps you whittle down those archives by sending a random article to your email every day then archiving it.

Pocket On iOS Finally Lets You Listen To Articles With Text-To-Speech

Pocket is one of our favourite services for saving articles to read later, but the iOS app was missing a killer feature Android users have had for a while: text-to-speech. That has changed with an update for the Pocket app on iPhones and iPads.

Download Over 240 Free Technical Ebooks From Microsoft

Microsoft’s MSDN blog is again offering a big batch of free technical ebooks, and this one is the largest collection to date. This collection includes some of last year’s favourites, as well as additional tiles, such as Windows 10 for IT Professionals.

Ensure Your Kids Never Miss Another Bedtime Story With This DIY Recorder

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like a good bedtime story from someone you love. This custom recorder can attach to any children’s book and let your little one listen to you read it to them even when you’re not there.

Read A Book Faster By Listening To The Audiobook At The Same Time

There’s a lot of benefit to reading regularly, but it can take a while to get through a book. To speed up the process, try listening to an audiobook simultaneously, at twice the speed.

Amazon's New Paperwhite Kindle: Australian Pricing

Amazon’s just-updated Paperwhite Kindle features a 300ppi display, new typography — and the same price point as the previous Paperwhite Kindle.

Read Ruler Sorts Pocket Articles By Read Time

Pocket is a fantastic bookmarking service, but it doesn’t sort articles by read time. Read Ruler adds that functionality.

Mata ConvertsWeb Pages Into A Low-Light Reading Mode

Chrome: It’s a bad idea to stare at bright lights late at night before bed, yet we all do it way too much. Chrome extension Mata allows you to make your bad habit a little less harsh by inverting the pages you read into darker, eye-friendly versions for night-time reading.

Disable Pocket Integration In Firefox To Save Memory

Firefox is a great browser, and Pocket is a great tool for saving articles to read later. But if Pocket’s integration with Firefox (currently in Beta and Nightly versions) doesn’t thrill you, here’s how to disable it and keep it from eating your precious memory.

Feedhuddler Sends RSS Feeds Straight To Pocket

Pocket is a great bookmarking service, but you have to add articles to it manually. If there’s a blog you always want to read stories from, Feedhuddler is a simple web app that sends everything that pops up in the RSS feed over to your Pocket account.