'Taking Time To Think Is Massively Underrated'

Developer Matt West reminds us that it’s a busy world out there. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to stop and let ourselves think.

'Good Books Are Hard To Write, Bad Books Are A Breeze'

Many of us have a tendency to get frustrated when our work gets difficult. Writer Jon Acuff reminds us of one very simple truth: if you’re doing your work well, it’s supposed to be hard.

'Sucking Is The First Step To Being Sorta Good At Something'

Getting good at anything takes a long time and it’s usually a pretty arduous process. Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian reminds us that no matter who you are and how much experience you have, you’re going to suck at stuff the first time around.

'We Opt For More Instead Of Better. Better Is Better Than More.'

We tend to pack as much stuff into our days, our software, and our work as we possibly can, but as Seth Godin reminds us, it’s good to take a step back now and remember that more isn’t always better.

'Make Yourself So Happy So That When Others Look At You They Become Happy Too'

Happiness matters. It makes us feel good, and that makes others feel good.

'Take A Breath'

When you see something you don’t like and feel like sharing your opinion, designer Jason Santa Maria suggests you first take a breath and consider what you’re going to do. The world can, at least, wait those few seconds to hear what you think and perhaps you’ll realise the weight your message might carry to others.

"We Aren't Something, Until We Are"

when we want to change something about ourselves — be it an aspect of our personality our of line of work — it doesn’t just happen overnight. And everything we believe we are now didn’t happen that way, either.

'Don't Aim For The Finish Line'

We like goals. Having goals is healthy, and it keeps you on the right track. However, those events or statuses we reach towards are only milestones. As astronaut and space’s first intergalactic rock star Chris Hadfield explains, the finish line isn’t the most important part of the journey.

'Write It. Shoot It. Publish It. Crochet It, Sauté It, Whatever, MAKE'

Sometimes it’s easier to get caught up in the details without bothering to actually complete a project, but filmmaker Joss Whedon’s quote reminds us that it doesn’t really matter what your creative ideas are — just that you attempt to do them.

'Don't Just Play With Your Phone: Go Out And Produce Something'

Sometimes it’s easier to waste time than to use it. As the above quote from Merlin Mann reminds us, it’s good to take our eyes off our phone and actually make something now and again.