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'If You Want To Be Interesting, You Have To Be Interested'

No one wants to be considered dull, whether you’re meeting new people or trying to impress familiar ones. The quote above from Steal Like An Artist author Austin Kleon reminds us that the key to becoming a more interesting person is to become more interested.

The Best Way To Stop Worrying About Money Is To Pay More Attention To It

62% of us worry so much about money that it wrecks our sleep. Needless worrying doesn’t do us any good, but paying more attention to our finances might actually help us worry less about money.

'The Secret To Being Liked Is To Like Other People'

Everyone wants to be liked, but some people are more immediately likeable than others, it seems. The secret to getting people to like you: Like other people.

'The Opposite Of Success Is Not Failure, It's Apathy'

We all want to be successful, but sometimes the fear of failure prevents us from trying new things. As Dr. Jason Fox points out, that makes us apathetic, which doesn’t get us anywhere.

'Sometimes Procrastination Is Really Information.'

We’re trained to think procrastination is a bad thing, but sometimes, it can actually be useful. Sometimes, looking at it deeply can reveal a problem, says Jan Yager, author of Put More Time On Your Side.

'If It's Not A Hell Yes, It's A No'

Too often we agree to commitments that we aren’t utterly enthusiastic about. This keeps us from fully investing our time in the ones we do love. Perhaps this should be our new mantra: “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.”

'It's OK To Be Bored From Point A To Point B. Just Don't Stop'

As you go after the goals you’ve set out for yourself, there will come a time when the excitement has worn off and it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. That’s OK. The key is to push through that.

'Prestige Warps Even Your Beliefs About What You Enjoy'

Getting outside approval is reaffirming, especially in your career. But it also means you’re gaining your direction from where other people want you to go — not where you want to go.

'A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback'

Everybody loves a good comeback. When something doesn’t go your way in life, it’s important to look at it as an opportunity to prove that you can adapt and overcome.

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