'Coming Up With An Idea Is An Easy Thing. It's Hardest To Put It Down'

We’re all full of ideas for things, but as Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling reminds us, coming up with an idea is easy — it’s turning it into something is the hard part.

Productive People Are Never 'Free'

Being truly productive is about more than just getting the things you need done each day. To be at your most productive you need to use all of your time to the fullest, and in that way you never really have a time when you’re “free”.

'The Desire To Tinker Makes Us Feel Like We're Fulfilling Our Purpose'

Adam Savage is a well known for his skills as a maker. He reminds us that making stuff is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have.

'You're An Expert To Someone'

Often, as we strain to improve our skills and achieve more, we forget about the knowledge we already have and take for granted because “everyone knows that”. The quote above is a reminder that you are an expert in some things, at least to someone.

'A Dollar Is A Dollar, Not A Percentage Of What You're Buying'

Getting something on sale is a great feeling, but it can mess with your mind. We all know this, but it’s hard to avoid our mind’s internal bias. Here’s a good mantra to repeat to yourself: A dollar is a dollar, not a percentage of what you’re buying.

'Apologising Does Not Always Mean That You Are Wrong'

Apologising doesn’t have to be an admittance of guilt or regret. If you’ve done something that hurt someone you care about, you can apologise just to let them know you care.

'You Learn By Finishing Things'

Writer Neil Gaiman is no stranger to finishing things, but he still struggles with it from time to time. His biggest piece of advice to young creatives? Finish what you start because it’s the only way you’ll learn.

'Meditation Isn't Clearing The Mind; It's Focusing On One Thing'

Meditation does not require a large chunk of sustained time, nor is it too difficult to get into. Psychologist Mike Brooks busts the misconception that it’s about emptying your mind. Instead, meditation is about focusing on one thing.

'That's How Knowledge Works: It Builds Up, Like Compound Interest'

We’ve all heard the phrase “knowledge is power”. The more knowledge you can acquire, the more power and ability you have to take on life’s problems. But the problem isn’t how much knowledge is out there, but how curious you are and how willing you are to go get it.

'Where You Are Right Now Is A Necessary Step'

Sometimes, it’s difficult to be happy in the moment, because you haven’t reached the finish line yet. The truth is that the place you’re in right now is a necessary step to reach the next place.