'That's How Knowledge Works: It Builds Up, Like Compound Interest'

We’ve all heard the phrase “knowledge is power”. The more knowledge you can acquire, the more power and ability you have to take on life’s problems. But the problem isn’t how much knowledge is out there, but how curious you are and how willing you are to go get it.

'Where You Are Right Now Is A Necessary Step'

Sometimes, it’s difficult to be happy in the moment, because you haven’t reached the finish line yet. The truth is that the place you’re in right now is a necessary step to reach the next place.

'Diligence Isn't A Personality Type. It's A Skill You Learn'

We like to think that certain skills are innate. Writer Shawn Blanc reminds us that most skills needed to be creative and successful are learned over time.

'You May Have The Gears To Succeed, But You Also Need The Engine'

You may not think that skateboarding and success have much in common, but there is one thing skateboarders definitely know how to do: get back up.

'There Is An Algorithm For Love, But It's One You Write Yourself'

Amy Webb says the best way to find success in online dating is by writing our own algorithms for love — not using the ones presented to you. In this video, Amy tells us how she hacked online dating.

'It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Hold Hate Inside Of You'

It may seem counter intuitive to respond to hate with kindness. But, as Zak Ebrahim points out, hate takes a lot of energy.

'Walking Organises The World Around Us'

We’ve discussed time and time again how walking can boost creativity and mood. The above quote, from Ferris Jabr at the New Yorker, sums up all the studies we’ve seen so far in a pretty simple way.

'Stealing Plus Lack Of Talent Equals Creativity'

Coming up with ideas is hard, especially when you’re new in a field. 99% Invisible host Roman Mars reminds us that stealing is sometimes a great place to start.

'Break The Mirror' For Better Small Talk

Most of us don’t really like small talk. It’s hard to keep it engaging, and it often feels like filler while we wait for something else to happen. Sometimes, we even get to the point where it’s so boring we just mirror our responses. Over at TED, writers Chris Colin and Rob Baedeker show how to break that mirror.

'Own Your Attention, It's All You Really Have'

It’s easy to get distracted by almost anything. As a reminder of that fact, programmer Jonathan Harris reminds us that we get to control what we pay attention to.