'Fitspiration' Is Bad For Your Motivation

Seeing pictures of super-fit men and women may push you to get in shape, but psychology dictates that relying on “fitspiration” for motivation may hurt more than it helps. Here’s why.

Be Proud Of Your Side Gig To Be More Productive

If you have a second job, you might feel embarrassed by it. However, if you’re open about your work, you’ll be able to spend your time as efficiently as possible without stressing over others finding out about your side gig.

Dig Yourself Out Of Creative Ruts By Getting Nostalgic

Nostalgia can make you feel lost in the past, but it can also be a secret weapon for fuelling your creativity. If you feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut, a tour down memory lane might open your mind to new ideas.

Have A Plan Z For Peace Of Mind

We all have a plan A for life, and maybe even a plan B. But knowing your “Plan Z”, your last resort option, can help motivate you to go after what you really want from life.

Why Sharing Your Success Is Perceived As Bragging

Imagine you just received a great bit of news at work — a promotion, pay rise, new car, an acceptance letter from the top journal in your field. If you are like me, you would probably like to open your door or pick up your phone and share your happiness with co-workers and friends. But research that colleagues and I have recently carried out suggested you should think twice.

Persuade People To Complete Tasks With Personalised Sticky Notes

Whether you’re delegating tasks, asking for a favour, or telling your kids to do their chores, a sticky note can make all the difference in convincing them to follow through.

How To Respond To Your Child's Emotional Meltdown And Help Them Grow

Aren’t you amazed at how seemingly random things can send our kids into a complete emotional meltdown? In the heat of the moment, emotions run high for us parents too. So what’s the best way to cool down the situation and help your child learn how to manage their emotions?

Learn The Six Key Principles Of Persuasion With This Video

When you’ve mastered the art of persuasion, it’s easy to get people to do what you want. This video goes over six of the science-backed shortcuts you can use to start influencing others.

Saying 'Just This Once' Is A Sign You're About To Do Something Stupid

“Just this once” is a dangerous phrase to think or say to yourself. Often it serves as an excuse to do something you know you shouldn’t.

Use The ABCD Method To Deal With Frustration

We get frustrated by a lot of things. Some make sense like our car breaking down. Others, less so, like everyday traffic. To deal with everyday frustrations like these, employ the ABCD method.