Saying 'Done' When You Complete Tasks Might Make You More Productive

Whether you proudly announce it to the world or merely let out a sigh of satisfaction to yourself, saying “done” in an official way has a positive effect on your brain. Giving yourself plenty of “done” moments might even amp up your productivity overall.

How To Keep Your Dignity When You Get Shot Down For A Date

When you finally muster the courage to ask a friend out on a date, and they say no, it can hurt in more ways than one. Here is how you can not only deal with the pain of being rejected, but also keep your cool so you don’t damage your relationship for the future.

How To Deal With Your Game-Induced Anger

You’ve got that boss down to just a sliver of health. One more hit and it’s done. Then, out of nowhere, his axe comes sweeping in and chops down your last bit of life… again. Your controller flies across the room as expletives roar out of your mouth. Sound familiar? Game-induced rage sucks. Here’s how to keep it under control.

Get A Perfect Start To Your Day By Creating A 'Wake Up Happier' Spot

Your mornings don’t have to be disastrous, stress-filled affairs. You can create a “wake up happier” spot in your home to make mornings as calm or as exciting as you need them to be for a good boost to your mood.

Get Catchy Songs Out Of Your Head By Chewing Some Gum

Some songs are nice to have in your head, but any song will eventually overstay it’s welcome. Whether you like the tune or not, a recent study suggests that you can ban earworms from your mind just by chewing some gum.

Give Yourself An Emotional Deadline To Rebound From Failure Better

Everyone fails. At some point in your life, you’re going to do something that you feel is inadequate. You can move past it, but it can help to give yourself a set time period at which point you need to move on.

Avoid 'Keeping Up With The Frugals' To Improve Your Finances

We’ve all heard that we should avoid “keeping up with the Joneses”, which means spending money just because other people buy certain things. Trying too hard to be the most frugal can ruin a budget just the same.

Avoid Being Misunderstood In Conversations By Altering Your Perception

It’s frustrating to be misunderstood in a conversation, especially when you think you’re being crystal clear. Fixing it is a matter of perception, but you need to focus on their perception, not yours.

Incorporate Contentment Into Your Budget To Save More

Saving money is all about spending less than you earn. Learning to spend less, however, involves being content with what you have. To save money, start making contentment exercises part of your budget routine.

Get Over A Fear Gradually By Turning It Into An Everyday Habit

We all have fears that hinder us in life. Not necessarily fears of things like spiders or heights, but things like speaking up for ourselves, practising a skill or letting someone else care. To get past these fears, turn them into a habit.