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EQ Versus IQ: What's The Perfect Management Mix?

Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a way to measure the level of potential ability of people, and as such has links to education and work performance, as well as personal survival. Most people have an average IQ, (by definition, “average” is 100). If most people also have an average level of Emotional Intelligence (referred to as EI or EQ), when does it become important to have higher levels of either of these sets of skills?

Talking To Yourself While You Work Can Boost Your Cognitive Ability

Whether it’s finishing a report or searching for lost keys, if you want to get through a task, focus is everything. Distractions are everywhere, and they can really slow you down. If you find yourself lagging through something because you’re distracted, try talking yourself through the process out loud.

Friend Or Foe: What The Shape Of Your Face Says About You

When it comes to forming relationships, first impressions are important. Unfortunately, science suggests that the shape and width of your face can have a significant impact on what people think of you — and that’s before you’ve even opened your mouth.

Introduce Yourself Solo When Starting A New Job For Better Name Retention

If you’ve ever been the new person in an office, chances are you’ve done the dreaded introductory lap where your manager drags you from cubicle to cubicle to meet a sea of strangers. In these circumstances, you rarely remember their names or what they actually do, making for awkward conversations in the office kitchen. Here’s a way to make the whole process a little less painful.

Use A "Bad Cop" When Negotiating To Help Make The Hard Calls

The hardest part of any negotiation is being tough. You want to make a demand or refuse a concession, but don’t want that refusal to shut down negotiations. In those cases, having someone to play “bad cop” — even someone who’s not there — can help.

Spend More Time With Your Fans Than Your Haters To Avoid Negativity Bias

No matter what you do in life, you’re going to attract a number of people who just hate what you do. This is unavoidable. While you might need to listen to some criticism, it may be best to disproportionately balance time spent with your fans vs. your haters.

Get Others To Pay More Attention To You With A Little 'Soft Conflict'

Conflict and tension aren’t necessarily bad for your personal and professional relationships. They can actually help foster stronger connections and get others to truly listen to you.

How To Identify A Narcissist (Before They Burn You)

A constant need for validation. A willingness to control people. A ruthlessness in getting their needs met. These are just some of the psychological traits that point towards a narcissistic personality disorder. Disturbingly, they are also common among people who succeed in business — and it usually isn’t a coincidence. Here are 15 signs of narcissism combed from psychology literature that you really don’t want to encounter in a boss or co-worker.

Jerry Seinfeld's Mental Trick For Managing Stress Under Pressure

Jerry Seinfeld is a pretty productive guy, but he’s also had to deal with immense amounts of pressure. This mental trick can help you alter your perspective and calm your nerves during high-stress moments.

Get Exactly What You Want Out Of Difficult Conversations With Silence

In a difficult conversation, one party is usually looking for answers. Why something was said, or why something did or didn’t happen. In tough talks like that, silence can be your greatest ally.

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