Avoid Saying 'I'm Swamped' To Keep Your Stress Level Down

Even if you’re not busy at work, you almost certainly will be as soon as you get wrapped up in phrases such as “I’m swamped” or “I don’t have time for that”. As soon as we convince ourselves that we’re under water, our stress levels shoot up to match our perceptions.

How To Kick The Late Night Snacking Habit

Whenever I ask people what the most difficult habit is for them to break, late night snacking is often the first thing they say. We’re all susceptible to curling up with a snack while we wind down our day, but it can be an unhealthy habit that’s hard to kick.

Always Looking Busy Isn't Necessarily A Good Thing

Generally, when you look busy, it’s a good thing because you’re doing your work. However, consistently looking busy could make you look overburdened or incapable.

Arianna Huffington's Three Tips For Better Mental Focus

We all want to have better focus to help with our productivity. Huffington Post founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington recommends more sleep, some meditation, and a gadget-free bedroom.

'Precrastinating' Can Be Just As Bad As Procrastinating

We know that procrastination can hurt productivity. According to Lisa Evans at Fast Company the opposite of procrastination — “precrastination” — can be just as harmful.

Estimate How Much Time You Need For A Project, Then Double It

We’ve talked about why things always take longer than we plan before. Emily Guy Birken at Wise Bread suggests a way to avoid underestimating how long something will take you.

Shorten Your Shopping Trip By Blocking Out Slow Tempo Music

There are lots of ways stores try to manipulate shoppers, from placing more expensive items at eye level to encouraging interaction with goods. A study published in the Journal of Marketing shows that the tempo of music you hear whilst shopping can also have an influence.

How To Keep Your Cool As A Parent

What parent hasn’t lost their temper when a kid misbehaves? Of course a parent who hasn’t lost their cool from time to time is a rarer than a unicorn, but losing your temper and yelling can be ineffective parenting. It’s better for everyone if you keep your cool.

Identify The Cost Of Being Wrong Before Indulging Your Pessimism

We all have a degree of pessimistic tendencies (some more than others). While it’s sometimes useful to

Why We're Hooked On Social Networks

Births, job losses, divorces, raises, holidays, successes, photos, drawings, articles, failures and music: Social networks are places we share our stories. Sometimes those stories are personal, sometimes they’re informative, other times they’re just stupid. Let’s take a look at why we feel compelled to do it.