SafeIP Swaps Your IP Address To Provide Private Browsing

Windows: If you want access to streaming media that is only available in specific locations, want to browse web sites that display differently depending on where you are, or are just seeking a little privacy, SafeIP can help. The utility lets you select where your IP address will appear to be located, and can even rotate them regularly if privacy is your goal.

The Lifehacker Guide To Streaming Blocked Overseas Content

Region-blocked content is annoying — and avoidable. Whether you want Hulu on demand, instant access to the BBC iPlayer or a dose of iView when you’re working overseas, here are the best (and easiest) ways to get that content.

The Pirate Bay Dancing Bypasses National IP And DNS Blocks

Firefox: If you find yourself in a location where local DNS and IP blocks keep you from visiting certain websites, The Pirate Bay Dancing is an extension that undoes that automatically by routing you through random proxy servers.

How To Secure And Encrypt Your Web Browsing On Public Networks (With Hamachi And Privoxy)

When you’re browsing from a public Wi-Fi connection — like at your favourite coffee shop — anyone on that network can snoop on what you’re doing, with very few exceptions. So can the IT crew at your workplace. Today, we’re going to walk through setting up an encrypted proxy server on your home computer so you can secure your browsing session no matter where you’re connected, keeping your private data significantly more private.

How To Install Spotify On Your iPhone

Certain apps—like Spotify—have country restrictions, meaning you can’t download them or sign up for their service if you’re not in a certain country. Fortunately, it’s surprisingly easy to circumvent those restrictions. Here’s how to do it.

Sidestep Reroutes Your Mac's Traffic When Unsecured

Mac OS X only: Recent developments like Firesheep making unsecured wireless networks even more unsafe. Free app Sidestep makes staying safe easy: it just sits in your menu bar, rerouting all your traffic whenever you’re connected to an open wireless network.

Access Hulu And Other Blocked Services Using Squid

One of the perennial challenges for Australian TV enthusiasts is

Top 10 Ways To Access Blocked Stuff On The Web

The web is a generally free place, but some sites and services want to make it annoying to navigate and enjoy. Stream any video you’d like, see the sites you need, and get at services you thought were down with these tips.

Run A Free Proxy Through The Google App Engine

Finding a good proxy is difficult, you either have to run it yourself from your home computer or web server or you’re left scavenging about for free proxies online. Run one for free through the Google App Engine.

Bypass Heavy-Handed Web Filters With Your Own Proxy Server

If your workplace or school’s extra-restrictive internet filter has you pulling your hair out during the occasional browsing break, there’s hope! Here’s a quick look at how to get around heavy-handed browser restrictions with the open-source PHProxy.