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How I Brought My App Idea To Life

I’ve got an idea for a great game, just like a million other people, so what do I do next? Read on to find out.

Never Forget An SQL Symbol With This Comprehensive Cheat Sheet

If you can’t remember what every single symbol and operator does in SQL, don’t worry — most of us can’t either. That’s what cheat sheets are for and Periscope Data has just the thing for the average database developer.

Commonwealth Bank Cops Hefty Fine Due To A Programming Error

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has blamed a programming error for approving personal account overdrafts applications that should have been rejected. As a result, the bank has been fined $180,000 by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) for violating responsible lending laws and has been forced to write off $2.5 million in loan balances. Here are the details.

This 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Helps You Solve Common Git Problems

Why can’t fixing problems with Git commits be fun? OK, fixing commits for any source control system can get hairy from time to time, but Git certainly makes the process more mystical than one would like. So how about a choose your own adventure to walk you through common Git snafus?

Shadron Is A Graphics Editor That Uses Your Own Shader Code To Manipulate Images

Either you’re an artist or a programmer. Of course, there are multi-talented folk out there that can do both well, but if you only fall into the latter category and wish you could just “code” pictures to your specifications, then a new, shader-based image editor called Shadron is worth a look.

Deals: Kickstart Your Coding Career With This Must-Know Language

If you want in on the tech boom, you’ll need to learn how to code. While there are plenty of languages to choose from, Python stands out as one of the most versatile, accessible, and beginner-friendly. The Perfect Python Programming Bundle can get you started for only $37.70 AUD [$29 USD].

This Is What Popular Sorting Algorithms Sound Like

The universe of data visualisation is infinite. Just when you think you have the definitive way of representing a complex concept, someone cracks out a better (or just plain cooler) approach. Take sorting algorithms, which we’ve seen reproduced in folk-dance, now tackled by an 8-bit symphony.

Continuous Is A Slick, Featured-Packed C# / F# / .NET IDE For iOS

iOS: An iPad might not be the apex of gadgets to program on, but there are times when convenience, portability and comfort outweigh the need for a full developer rig. For .NET coders, a slick new contender called Continuous could be the tablet IDE you’ve been waiting for.

Which Graphics Format Compresses Massive, Single-Colour Images Best?

Last week we saw comparisons between image formats for single-pixel images. But what about the other extreme — massive, single-colour pictures? Once again, Cloudinary’s Jon Sneyers dives into the world of compression to see if JPEG, PNG or GIF comes out on top.

Learn Coding Skills For The Raspberry Pi And Minecraft With This Free Book

There are few things that go together better than Minecraft and the Raspberry Pi, and the little microcomputer meant to teach kids coding can do even more with Minecraft. The folks at MagPi, the official magazine of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, have a free PDF that teaches you everything you need to know.

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