The Most Common Reasons Apple Rejects Developers From The App Store

A frequent complaint from developers is that Apple will reject apps from the App Store without providing a detailed explanation of why. A recent update to Apple’s developer site highlights the most common reasons for rejection — a lack of information about apps is at the top of the list.

The Most Popular Smartphone Operating Systems Globally

If you’re developing apps for smartphones, it makes sense to know how popular each of the main platforms are — especially if you’re building apps designed for a specific regional market. Here’s how the main contenders rank around the world.

Learn Ruby With This Collection Of 29 Great Online Courses And Tools

Many popular dynamic web apps (including GitHub and Basecamp) are built using the Ruby on Rails framework. If you’d like to dive into Ruby on Rails, here are some of the best online courses, tools and other resources for you to bookmark.

App Factory Turns Any Script Into A Real App

Mac: One of the nice things about OS X is the fact you can easily make tiny little apps using basic lines of code. Actually turning those snippets into an app outside of Terminal requires a compiler though. App Factory eases that process by creating the app for you.

What Do Contract Developer Jobs Pay?

Demand for mobile apps by businesses should make it advantageous to work as a contract developer. But just how much can you expect to earn?

Game Developers Want To Work For Valve Or For Themselves

Games development is challenging and commercialisation is even harder, but that doesn’t put many aspiring game builders off. A survey of 2200 developers by the International Game Developers Association suggests that Valve, the house of Steam, is the most popular choice, followed by working for your own company.

Tips For Learning To Thrive As A Coder

Learning to code always sounds tempting for non-programmers, but how do you get started? Andrew Turley, a software engineer with job-matching service The Ladders, shares some insights.

Users Frequently Can't Tell If They're Using A Native App Or HTML5

There has been much hand-wringing about the merits of using HTML5 versus building native apps for mobile device. Whatever the technical arguments, it’s important not to lose sight of one key fact: many end users can’t tell the difference.

Killer Interview Question: Can You Code With One Hand And Draw With The Other?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: Can you code with one hand and draw with the other?

View The Annoyances In Your Life As Mutations Rather Than Bugs

In nature, mutations are a necessary part of evolution. In software, programmers call them bugs. The unexpected events in your life can be either, depending on your outlook.