How Desktop Apps Can Be Transformed Into Great Touchscreen Apps

A 2 in 1 gives you the ability to access both desktop and tablet apps, but how can developers build apps that take advantage of both platforms? Here are some of the tricks that they use.

Monoid Is An Open Source Font That's Perfect For Coders

When you’re writing code, picking the font you use is more about utility than beauty. Whether you’re an expert coder, or just starting out, this open source font is easy to read and easy to work with.

Latest Unity 5 Beta Includes Native Support For Visual Studio Debugging

In Microsoft and Unity’s continuing efforts to make life easier for game developer, the latter has finally integrated Visual Studio debugging into its IDE, meaning users will no longer have to separately install the Unity Tools extension — it’ll just work out of the box.

NASA's Rules For Writing Mission Critical Code

When you’re NASA, developing critical applications that lives literally depend on (code that controls aeroplanes and spacecraft, for example), code quality and safety are paramount. That’s why they have been looking into coding standards or rules to ensure the reliability of critical software.

Don't Panic, We Still Can't Program Robots Properly

Do you find yourself worried by the implications of Humans, the new TV drama about the exploits of near-human intelligent robots? Have you ever fretted over the apocalyptic warnings of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk about the threat of superintelligent artificial intelligence? If you find this creepy or have answered “yes”, you should immediately watch footage from the recent DARPA Robotics Challenge.

SoundCloud Reminds Us That APIs Aren't Forever

Last week, SoundCloud restricted access to its application programming interface (API) for developers, making it rather more difficult developers to draw on SoundCloud’s audio content in their own apps. While annoying, that’s all-too-common behaviour in the world of APIs.

This Video And Interactive Article Explain How Code Works

From the computers in our cars to the ATMs that spit out our money, our lives are run by software and hardware. Yet not everyone knows how code actually works and why it’s so important. Bloomberg Businessweek’s explanation will enlighten and engage you on the subject of programming.

Why Maths Matters Most To Developers

While computers are poor at creativity, they are adept at crunching through vast numbers of solutions to modern problems where there are numerous complex variables at play. Take the question of finding the best delivery plan for a distribution company — where best to begin? How many vehicles? Which stretches of road need to be avoided at which times? If you want to get close to a sensible answer, you need to ask a computer.

Getting Started With Cisco DevNet

You’d think creating software with Cisco’s DevNet would be something reserved for experienced developers. But that’s not the case. We took a look at DevNet to see how new and less experienced developers could take advantage of of it.

Why Workplace Experts Argue Teaching Coding In Schools Is Vital

There’s lots of debate going on about the value of teaching coding in schools in Australia right now, much of it not very well-informed. But if you ask workplace experts, the consensus is clear: we need more focus in education on this area.