Microsoft Adds Open Source CMake Support For Windows Developers

Code reuse is a core goal for most mobile app developers — who wants to rewrite everything for multiple platforms? If you’re a user of CMake, that process just became a little easier, with support added for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.

Very Few App Developers Will Ever Make Money

The app goldrush — if it ever existed — is pretty much over, with a new report suggesting that the majority of apps fail to make their developers any kind of appreciable income.

Forget Development Projects, Think About Products

Worried that development projects are perennially running behind schedule? The answer might be to think in terms of individual products, not long-running projects.

Mobile Apps Still Beat Mobile Sites: Gartner

There’s no doubt that building a functional mobile site avoids the pain of having to build specific apps for multiple phone platforms. The big problem? End users would still much rather have an app.

Ask LH: How Do I Stop My App Idea From Getting Stolen?

Dear Lifehacker, I was wondering if there is much I can do if I have an idea for an app but no ability to code and no money for early development? Are there any companies I could approach and if so, how can I prevent them from just taking the idea for themselves?

How Google Uses Sprints To Inspire Developers

Sprints — concentrated bursts of development aimed at a defined goal — are an increasingly common process in large development tools. One of the biggest enthusiasts for the concept? Google.

The Top Programming Languages, Ranked By Popularity

If you’re interested in learning to code, for fun or financial gain, this interactive chart from IEEE Spectrum can help you pick the first (or next) language to learn.

Melbourne's UNIHACK Is A 24-Hour Hackathon For TAFE And Uni Students

Working in development can be a pressure-cooker at times, but usually you don’t get to experience this unique joy until you’ve left study and found employment. However, those currently engaged in IT-related TAFE and uni courses in Melbourne can get a taste for crunch this August by competing in UNIHACK, a hackathon being organised by students at the University of Melbourne and Monash uni’s Clayton campus.

'This Code Is Reminiscent Of Vogon Poetry'

What’s worse than having to deal with poorly written and badly documented code? Potentially, Vogon poetry.

Create Personal Mobile Apps With HTML And JavaScript

You don’t have to fire up Xcode or download the Android SDK to build an app for yourself that you can use anywhere. For less complex programs — in my case, a companion app for a board game — you can open your web development IDE of choice and build something that should be more than adequate for your needs (and shareable if required).