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Google And Udacity Team Up To Teach The Basics Of Android App Development

A few months ago, Google and Udacity released their first “nanodegree” course for intermediate Android development. Today, they’re going backwards to teach you the absolute basics.

Get 50% Off Any Coursera Computer Science Class For A Limited Time

If you’ve been thinking about taking one of Coursera’s many university-created computer science classes, now’s the time. Enterprise software company Atlassian is currently offering scholarships that cover half of all course fees to students who enrol.

Programming Is Hard. It's Also Easy. So... Which Is It?

Even the most boastful career programmer will admit that their first steps into the world of coding were fraught with moments of depressing incomprehension. However, once you have the hang of one language, it becomes significantly easier to understand others. Where, then, does that initial difficulty curve come from and are we doing a disservice to newcomers by saying coding is simple in any form?

Popular Sorting Algorithms, Taught With Folk Dancing

I’ve heard of alternative ways to learn complex concepts, but dancing? Well, if it works, it works, especially if you enjoy dudes in tight pants and hats showing you the intimate internals of quicksorting.

Hopscotch, The Learn To Code App For Kids, Is Now On iPhone

iOS: Hopscotch is one of the better tools for teaching kids how to code, and the previously iPad-only app is now available on the iPhone.

The Basics Of Binary And Hex, Explained In Video Form

Video: Binary and hexadecimal are a bit baffling at a glance. The idea that a computer uses numbers and letters as representations of other numbers isn’t exactly the easiest idea to wrap your head around, but Adafruit’s Collin does his best to explain it.

Ask LH: Where Can I Find Free Beta Testers?

Dear Lifehacker, I am putting the finishing touches on an iOS game which I am hoping to release fairly soon. However, before I put it up on the iTunes App Store, I wanted to get a few more beta testers to check it out and provide some feedback to make sure I’m not missing anything. Other than friends and family, where can I find some decent beta testers to download and try out my iPhone game? Being an indie developer, obviously cost is an issue, so the lower the better.

Learn The Basics Of Four Programming Languages To Get To The Early Coder Stage

When you’re just starting to learn to code, it’s hard to tell if you’ve got the basics down and if you’re ready for a programming career or side gig. Learn Python The Hard Way author Zed A. Shaw has a suggestion: Learn the basics of four programming languages.

SoloLearn Teaches Coding Basics In Bite-Sized Lessons Every Day

Android/iOS/Windows/Web: Learning how to code is normally a time-consuming process. SoloLearn aims to make it easier by breaking down programming concepts into quick, digestible daily lessons.

10 Steps To Create Your First Android App

Building an Android app isn’t as hard as it might seem, as long as you focus on creating a simple app at first. Android Authority shares a tutorial that covers the 10 main things you have to do to develop your first app.

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