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This Is What Popular Sorting Algorithms Sound Like

The universe of data visualisation is infinite. Just when you think you have the definitive way of representing a complex concept, someone cracks out a better (or just plain cooler) approach. Take sorting algorithms, which we’ve seen reproduced in folk-dance, now tackled by an 8-bit symphony.

Continuous Is A Slick, Featured-Packed C# / F# / .NET IDE For iOS

iOS: An iPad might not be the apex of gadgets to program on, but there are times when convenience, portability and comfort outweigh the need for a full developer rig. For .NET coders, a slick new contender called Continuous could be the tablet IDE you’ve been waiting for.

Which Graphics Format Compresses Massive, Single-Colour Images Best?

Last week we saw comparisons between image formats for single-pixel images. But what about the other extreme — massive, single-colour pictures? Once again, Cloudinary’s Jon Sneyers dives into the world of compression to see if JPEG, PNG or GIF comes out on top.

Learn Coding Skills For The Raspberry Pi And Minecraft With This Free Book

There are few things that go together better than Minecraft and the Raspberry Pi, and the little microcomputer meant to teach kids coding can do even more with Minecraft. The folks at MagPi, the official magazine of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, have a free PDF that teaches you everything you need to know.

Apple Is Taking Its First Steps Towards A More Comprehensive Post-PC world

Hands up if you’ve heard of Swift Playgrounds? No, it’s not some new start-up providing quick playdates for bedraggled parents, although that might be interesting. Swift Playgrounds is the new programming tool, introduced by Apple in June at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference, based on the Swift programming language the company introduced a few years ago. What makes Swift Playgrounds interesting is that it provides a first-party computer programming platform that can be run entirely on an iPad, no computer required. It is also a milestone for Apple as it adapts to a world where personal computers are on a decline.

Which Common Image Format Has The Smallest Pixel?

The digital equivalent of the question “How long is a piece of string?” could be “How big is a pixel?” The naive answer is “four bytes” — one for each colour channel (RGB) and alpha — but depending on the file format, a pixel could be much bigger, ranging from a few to hundreds of bytes.

Stack Overflow's 'Documentation' Wants To Be The One True Information Source For Programmers

Stack Overflow might as well be the official documentation for all programming languages, given how often it’s used by developers to complement their abilities. The Q&A site however is dramatically increasing its scope with “Stack Overflow Documentation”, self-described as the “biggest expansion to Stack Overflow since it first launched”.

The Top Three Programming Languages For Electronics Tinkering

If you’re planning on tinkering around with electronics, whether it’s on a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or anything else, you’ll need to know at least a little bit of programming. sent out a survey to figure out which three languages people thought were the best to learn.

Google And Udacity Team Up To Teach The Basics Of Android App Development

A few months ago, Google and Udacity released their first “nanodegree” course for intermediate Android development. Today, they’re going backwards to teach you the absolute basics.

Get 50% Off Any Coursera Computer Science Class For A Limited Time

If you’ve been thinking about taking one of Coursera’s many university-created computer science classes, now’s the time. Enterprise software company Atlassian is currently offering scholarships that cover half of all course fees to students who enrol.

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