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Stanford's Developing iOS 9 Apps With Swift Is Now Available

Stanford’s free app development courses are awesome. If you’re interested in making an app for the iPhone or iPad, subscribe to their newly launched iOS 9 course on iTunes U.

See All Of Google's Computer Science Education Tools And Programs In One Place

Google has launched a new education site, which gathers programming tools and other resources for you or perhaps your kid to learn computer science, a hot subject these days.

Bing Can Now Show You Code Snippets And Run Code In Search Results

Every programmer and person who’s tried learning to code looks up code snippets to find the best way to develop their programs. Bing’s there to help now, with over 80 common code examples that can be edited and executed in your search results.

Xamarin Goes Free, Mono Is Now MIT Licensed... Is This Real Life?

In February, Microsoft announced that it had acquired Xamarin, the company best known for its cross-platform SDKs and its role as Mono custodian. Now, just over a month later, Microsoft has made an even bigger declaration — it’s making Xamarin’s products free and its MIT licensing the Mono framework.

Translating Mathematical Notations Into Code You Can Use

Not all programmers come from a maths background. In fact, if you’re self-taught, chances are you’ve stumbled on a useful mathematical formula (say, on Wikipedia), except its in formal notation and might as well be Sanskrit. Sometimes you can get lucky and find code snippets, but if you’re reading straight from research papers, this isn’t always an option. Fortunately, you can translate it, if you have the time.

GitHub Adds Facebook-Like Reactions To Its Web Interface

Hot on the heels of adding browser file uploading, GitHub has taken the wraps off another feature for its web-facing presence — reactions. Yes, you can now better share you feelings regarding issues, comments and pull requests on GitHub using good old emoticons.

Add The Star Trek LCARS Interface To Any Touch Screen Raspberry Pi Project

The Raspberry Pi can power all kinds of great projects, but building an interface to actually interact with those projects is a chore. DIYer Toby Kurien decided to implement the Star Trek LCARS interface into his Pi projects.

Raspberry Pi 3 With WiFi And Bluetooth Coming Soon

The Raspberry Pi family of single board-computers has been popular with hobbyist and programmers for creating fun and wonderful low-cost technology projects since the first one launched in 2011. The lack of wireless connectivity options, however, has always been an issue with those computers but it appears the yet-to-be announced Raspberry Pi 3 will fix that. Here’s what we know.

Top 9 Tools For A Free Online Education

For lifelong learners and self-made scholars, the internet is a priceless resource. Continue your education with these top free online tools.

JetBrains Opens Early Access Program For Its C# Editor, Project Rider

Last month JetBrains — of ReSharper fame — unveiled its plans for a C# integrated development environment that would effectively come with ReSharper and IntelliJ built-in. If you want to give it a try, JetBrains is now taking down details for its Early Access program.

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