When Azure Breaks: Lessons For Every Cloud Programmer

Microsoft’s Azure cloud service aims for near-perfect uptime, but that doesn’t mean it is immune from major disasters. Here are some examples of the mistakes Microsoft has made that have caused Azure to temporarily break, and the lessons you can learn as a developer no matter what cloud platform you deploy.

Mobile Apps Matter, But Sites Still Matter More

We’re often told that in an era where everyone uses a smartphone, having an app experience is essential to drive consumer engagement. Yet even the statistics used to support that argument often tell a more complex story.

Google's Android App Indexing Now Works In Australia

Back in November, Google began a US-only trial to expand its indexing from web sites to relevant Android apps as well. That trial has now expanded to all English content worldwide, meaning Aussie Android developers can sign up to try it out.

Like Google, Getting To Apple's Developer Conference Is A Lottery

So many people want to go to Google I/O that Google is selecting from interested participants at random. Now Apple is adopting the same approach for its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event.

Microsoft Expands Open Source Plans With Roslyn, .NET Foundation

Back in 2011, Microsoft launched Roslyn, a project to expose its .NET Compiler as a series of services. Now that project has gone open source, alongside a move by Microsoft to group all its open source activities under a new banner: the .NET Foundation.

How Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Started Their Career As Hackers

There is some controversy about what we mean by the word “hacker”. Historically, and as far back as the 1960s, a hacker was someone who was an expert programmer. But today, it is a word generally used to describe someone involved in illegal activity using computers.

Mozilla Webmaker Teaches You To Build Web Sites And Apps

If you’re interested in building your own website, or developing a web app or service for others to use, you’ll need to get familiar with how the web works and the tools you’ll need to develop for it. Mozilla’s Webmaker project can help you learn, with fun, interactive activities and lesson plans designed for people of all skill levels.

How Google I/O Is Trying To Make Registration Fairer

The announcement of Google’s annual I/O developer conference has uusally resulted in a mad scramble as developers race to register. This year, Google is trying to eliminate that issue by randomly selecting attendees for the event, which takes place on 25 and 26 June in San Francisco.

Download The Source Code For MS-DOS And Word For Windows Right Now

So this is unexpected and very cool: Microsoft has released the source code for the original versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows.

'Functional Programming' Is An Anagram Of 'Malfunctioning Program'

We like this for two reasons. First, anagrams are awesome. Secondly, even if you’re not an adherent of the functional programming approach, there are several lessons here every developer can heed.