Set Reminders After You're Supposed To Start To Beat Procrastination

We all procrastinate in some way or another. Sometimes, even a detailed daily schedule isn’t enough to keep that from happening. The Atlantic suggests that instead of setting reminders that tell you to do something in the future, you set them as late as possible.

How To Get Better At Estimating Time For Tasks

Good time management depends on knowing the value of each minute. If you can correctly tell how long it will take to do a task, your schedule will never go haywire. So here’s how to get good at estimating time.

Too Much Planning Is Indistinguishable From Procrastination

Procrastinating feels lazy. You know you shouldn’t, but you do it anyway, because work is hard. Planning, brainstorming and discussing feels productive, because you’re talking about doing stuff. But there’s no difference between the two if you don’t move to action.

Reword One Personal Rule To Fight The Bad Type Of Perfectionism

If your perfectionism is getting in the way of your work, simply rewording one of your strict personal rules can help ease your transition into a healthier state of mind.

Avoid Monday Deadlines For A More Productive Week

Like many of us, Jessica Hische has too much to do and it creeps into her downtime. So she came up with a productivity trick that ensures she gets the rest she needs. She stopped scheduling deadlines on Mondays, and uses it only for administrative work.

Use This Flowchart To Identify The Type Of Procrastinator You Are

Procrastinators waste too much time, but to get over this bad tendency, you need to know why you procrastinate. Dr Joseph Ferrari of DePaul University has categorised a few basic types of time-wasters, and has solutions for them too.

Book An Anti-Procrastination Appointment To Tackle Unwanted Tasks

We all have some tasks we like to avoid, like getting paperwork in order. But they still have to be done. Asian Efficiency recommends scheduling an anti-procrastination appointment with yourself where you do nothing but that task.

'Precrastinating' Can Be Just As Bad As Procrastinating

We know that procrastination can hurt productivity. According to Lisa Evans at Fast Company the opposite of procrastination — “precrastination” — can be just as harmful.

Do You Procrastinate About Going To Sleep?

As if we don’t procrastinate enough when it comes to work and chores, a recent study has uncovered yet another way we procrastinate: “sleep procrastination”. Do you tend to stay up later than you should just because you’re delaying bedtime?

Use The 20 Second Rule To Stop Procrastinating

There are plenty of methods you can use to stop procrastinating and get important tasks done. The 20 second rule applies some interesting personal psychology to keep you on track.