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Save Tedious Work For Your Daily Slumps (Whenever That May Be)

When you’ve got a pile of tedious work to complete, it might seem like a good idea to take it on when you’re feeling energised. You’re better off, however, doing the dull work when you’ve hit your slump and not everyone hits their slump at the same time.

Your Biggest Obstacle To Doing What You Want Is You

There are a lot of things that can hold you back in life: money, opportunity, other people. It’s disingenuous to say that it’s equally easy for everyone to do what they want. However, in nearly everyone’s case, the biggest obstacle to achieving your goals is yourself.

Stop Procrastinating By Reminding Yourself Why What You're Doing Is Important

When you’re putting something off, sometimes you just need to work for only a few minutes to get started. Other times, you need to remind yourself why what you’re doing matters.

Force Yourself To Do Things By Learning How Anxiety About Tasks Works

Everyone struggles with procrastination now and then, sometimes because the stress about starting a task keeps us from acting. David Cain points out at Raptitude, however, that the moment you start acting is the beginning of the end of that anxiety.

Stop Putting Off Chores By Timing Yourself Doing Them

If you find yourself staring at a sink full of dirty dishes, thinking it would take forever to do them, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Time yourself doing your chores and you’ll realise you get things done a lot faster than you thought.

Fight Procrastination By Facing Your Discomfort Head On

For many people, procrastination isn’t about being lazy, it’s about feeling uncomfortable with some aspect of the task at hand. Whatever the cause may be, it’s better to face your discomfort head on with a little honesty.

Remind Yourself That Emotions Don't Matter To Muster Motivation

“I’m not feeling up to it” is a known killer. This phrase has gotten away with the brutal murder of countless hours of productivity and accomplishment. Yet we keep allowing it to do so, because we fail to acknowledge a simple truth: you don’t need to feel like doing something to do it.

Stop Procrastinating By Reminding Yourself You'll Be Lazy Later, Too

People procrastinate for different reasons, but a big one is convincing yourself you’ll have more energy later. It’s easy to put this burden on our future self, but most of the time, we’re just as lazy, busy or tired in the future as we are now.

How To Motivate Yourself To Actually Start That Passion Project

You have a brilliant idea for a project. You’ve talked about it, planned it to death, analysed your options — yet nothing has come of it. It’s time to stop talking about that project and actually do it. Here’s how.

Create A Separate Chrome User Account To Reduce Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted when the first thing your browser shows you in the morning is Facebook, Twitter or your favourite site. Reduce the clutter by adding a separate, work-only account to Chrome.

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