Book An Anti-Procrastination Appointment To Tackle Unwanted Tasks

We all have some tasks we like to avoid, like getting paperwork in order. But they still have to be done. Asian Efficiency recommends scheduling an anti-procrastination appointment with yourself where you do nothing but that task.

'Precrastinating' Can Be Just As Bad As Procrastinating

We know that procrastination can hurt productivity. According to Lisa Evans at Fast Company the opposite of procrastination — “precrastination” — can be just as harmful.

Do You Procrastinate About Going To Sleep?

As if we don’t procrastinate enough when it comes to work and chores, a recent study has uncovered yet another way we procrastinate: “sleep procrastination”. Do you tend to stay up later than you should just because you’re delaying bedtime?

Use The 20 Second Rule To Stop Procrastinating

There are plenty of methods you can use to stop procrastinating and get important tasks done. The 20 second rule applies some interesting personal psychology to keep you on track.

Set A Procrastination-Free Block To Get Important Tasks Done

Force yourself not to procrastinate and you’ll get more done. It sounds obvious and overly simplistic, but Leo Babauta at Zen Habits says it’s an approach that could help to wave goodbye to “that serpented bringer of apprehension!”

Work For Just Five Minutes To Break Procrastination Habits

For many of us, procrastination isn’t necessarily a matter of laziness but of being daunted by the challenge of a large task. To get over the initiation anxiety, plan to work on a task for five minutes. No more.

Get Motivated By Counting Down To The Start Of Your Task

The hardest part about completing your tasks is getting them started. Weblog Pick the Brain suggests counting down to the start of your task, so you’re motivated to take that first step.

Ask LH: How Can I Stop Procrastinating While Researching?

Dear LH, The trouble with the internet age is that once you start researching a topic, it’s hard to know when to stop. You can read so many inspiring articles and watch so many thought-provoking videos. The information available is endless. How can I make sure I’m not wasting time during this phase? What rules should I apply?

Why Finishing To-Dos Early Can Be Just As Stressful As Procrastinating

Procrastination is rarely a positive trait. However, going too far in the opposite direction — over-exerting yourself to get things done as early as possible — can also cause undue physical and emotional stress.

Make Boring Chores More Enjoyable With Random Positive Reinforcement

Little, unpredictable rewards can turn a dreary, dreaded task into something you actually look forward to. “Softwarepreneur” Assaf Lavie writes on his superbly named Super Fun Time Happy Blog how he’s hacked his brain to enjoy washing the dishes — something he used to postpone as much as possible. The secret: Podcasts.