Find Joy Or Meaning In A Task To Thwart Procrastination

The best way to stop delaying tasks is to find something enjoyable or meaningful in them. That’s the only way to thwart procrastination, according to Fuschia Sirois of Bishop’s University.

Why We Procrastinate In The Afternoon (And How To Stop)

It’s 3pm and you find yourself struggling to focus on work. You can’t seem to stop checking Facebook. Instead of being productive, you welcome distractions like text messages and co-workers coming by to chat. Welcome to the afternoon slump: that time in your workday when your brain refuses to cooperate with you and you can’t stop procrastinating.

What To Do When You Just Don't Feel Like Working

If you’ve never had a day when you didn’t have the energy or motivation to work on that thing you were supposed to be doing, tell us your secret. For the rest of us, Harvard Business Review highlights three common reasons we all procrastinate and their solutions.

Assign Specific Rewards To Each Item On Your To-Do List For Motivation

To-do lists are a great way to keep track of what we need to get done, but powering through each item can be intimidating. Writer Sidin Vadukut suggests mixing in rewards with your to-dos to keep motivation up (and procrastination down).

Write Down Intentions When Starting A Task To Stay Focused

Staying focused is a difficult problem to overcome, since the problem occurs inside your own mind. To combat procrastination, give yourself a written objective when you sit down to do something.

Use 'Mood Repair' To Beat Down Procrastination

It’s usually pretty obvious that your mood has a strong effect on your willpower, motivation and subsequent procrastination, but The Wall Street Journal explains exactly how our attempts at mood repair can derail productivity. The good news is that you can use that to your advantage.

The History Of The To-Do List (And How To Make Yours More Effective)

When I was a kid, I read a book called The Listmaker. It’s about a young girl who uses lists to organise and make sense of her life. At the time, I didn’t read any more into it besides the fact that this was an odd hobby for a pre-teen girl to spend so much time on. Now, although I don’t remember the book that well, I do see much more significance in the humble list — especially after researching where they come from and why we make lists.

Ask LH: How Can I Stop Making Excuses For My Procrastination?

Hey Lifehacker, I have a problem: I suffer from chronic procrastivity. I am ridiculously creative at coming up with ways of procrastinating, and even worse, internally justifying that procrastination as being genuinely productive. How do I break free from this disease and fool my devious subconscious into letting me add real value in my home and work environments?

Stay Focused On The Current Task With A 'Procrastination Pad'

Writing things down helps you remember them later, but it’s also a great way to keep yourself from getting distracted. If you often find your mind wandering when it should be focused on the task at hand, keep a “procrastination pad” to jot down those fleeting thoughts and look them up later.

Why Is It That We Procrastinate?

Everyone procrastinates. I became somewhat distracted by completely irrelevant websites, for instance, while preparing to write this article.