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Why ING Direct's Private Cloud Will Take Some Time To Deliver

Online bank ING Direct has shifted its entire infrastructure to a private cloud. That’s an impressive move (and the first time a local bank has done it), but the real measure of its usefulness won’t be apparent until new applications start being deployed on it.

Why You Can't Just Switch To The Cloud Overnight

One of the often-hyped advantages of the cloud is the speed with which you can deploy a new service. In theory, you can whack down your credit card details and instantly have something working. But in reality, any full-scale shift to the cloud is going to require a planning process that takes months, if not years.

Cloud 101: Myths And Realities

We’re often told that cloud computing is the future, but making that assertion seems premature when arguments over what “the cloud” actually is continue to rage. Once that becomes clear, everything falls into place.

Why A Data Centre Is Like An Airport

Getting non-technical types to understand the function and value of a hosted data centre can be tricky. If you’re struggling to get management to comprehend the potential usefulness of data centre technology, consider the airport analogy.

Private Cloud Pricing: Microsoft Versus VMware

What’s the price differential between implementing a private cloud using technology from Microsoft or VMware? One analysis suggests that one costs more than six times the other.

Cloud Infrastructure Solution For Enterprise IT Is A Reference Private Cloud Implementation

Planning a Windows-centred private cloud infrastructure but getting bogged down in the details? The Cloud Infrastructure Solution For Enterprise IT offers a reference implementation for setting up an environment you can use as the basis for an infrastructure-as-a-service offering.

Where Is The Cloud Cost Tipping Point?

Considering a move to the cloud and not sure whether to go private or public? A key issue is identifying the ‘tipping point’ — that stage where the ongoing costs of a public cloud solution outstrip those of setting up your own equipment.

Calculating Virtualisation Licensing Savings

It seems obvious that virtualisation should offer the potential to save on licensing costs, but how does that actually work out in practice? The example of ING Bank provides some answers, and also demonstrates how private cloud deployments, virtualisation and improved disaster recovery often operate hand in hand.

Lifehacker Live: Demystifying Private Cloud [Video]

Want to catch up with our Lifehacker Live private cloud video series? Here are all five episodes in one convenient post.

Lifehacker Live: The Future Of The Private Cloud [Video]

Our fifth and final Lifehacker Live private cloud video looks to the future. How will private cloud evolve and how can you be best prepared for those changes?

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