Lifehacker 101: How To Choose The Right VPN In Australia

Not all virtual private networks (VPNs) are created equal. Some keep logs, some cap your traffic, some don’t work on mobile, some don’t work at all. This is what you need to know about choosing a VPN provider, as well as a few recommendations to get you started.

Prevent Windows 10 Apps From Using Your Webcam

It’s commonplace for mobile operating systems to restrict access to hardware on a case-by-case basis and now it’s become a feature of desktop platforms, including the latest from Microsoft. If you’re wondering how you can stop programs from using your webcam (or microphone) in Windows 10, you just need to tweak some privacy settings.

Facebook Can Recognise You Without Your Face

Facebook already knows a fair amount about you, but the revelation that it can recognise people sans actual facial recognition says a lot about its data capture abilities.

Privacy Isn't Just Digital: What I Learnt In Private Investigations

When you think about protecting your privacy, you probably think about your Facebook data or text messages. However, as I learnt while working for a private investigations company, most of us don’t fully understand how privacy works, how it extends beyond our browser history, or how we’re really vulnerable.

Disconnect Offers A Malware And Adware-Blocking VPN To Protect Your Privacy

Windows/Mac: Disconnect, makers of some of our favourite privacy tools, has unveiled a new desktop app designed to protect your computer from malware, adware and spyware. There are two tiers: A free version that protects your browsing, and a premium version that encrypts your traffic using Disconnect’s VPN.

Google's New Smart Lock Is The Password Manager For The Rest Of Us

Amidst all the big Google I/O news, the company quietly made a major overhaul to Chrome’s password manager — it’s now a part of the revamped Smart Lock service. If you still haven’t started using a secure app to store your passwords, this one’s for you.

Facebook Messenger Now Only Shares Your Location When You Ask It To

Last week, we mentioned that Facebook Messenger shares your location with every message, granting some people access to that information via a Chrome extension. Facebook changed things today so you only share your location if you choose to send it in its own separate message.

The Privacy Settings You Need To Change Using Google's New Privacy Checkup Tool

Google has a new Privacy Checkup wizard which lets you check just how much data you share with the search giant. Here are the key settings you should review using the tool to ensure you maintain your privacy.

Voucher Codes & Personal Details Exposed In Woolworths Accidental Mass Email

Ah, the unintentional group email. Perhaps it was a joke in poor taste, or something meant for select individuals, but more than likely, you’ve never sent anything too important to the wrong people. Certainly not anything on the scale of Woolworths’ recent gaffe, where it fired off an email to over a thousand people containing a spreadsheet with personal details and gift voucher links.

Google's New My Account Page Makes Managing Your Account Easier

Google has several ways of managing different aspects of your account. The new My Account page is a hub of useful tools that you can tweak to modify the security or privacy of your account. It even has a Security Checkup and Privacy Checkup to quickly audit your settings.