Google's New My Account Page Makes Managing Your Account Easier

Google has several ways of managing different aspects of your account. The new My Account page is a hub of useful tools that you can tweak to modify the security or privacy of your account. It even has a Security Checkup and Privacy Checkup to quickly audit your settings.

Hola Better Internet Sells Your VPN Bandwidth To Botnets

Hola Better Internet is a popular Chrome extension that allows you to watch blocked content overseas. However, there’s something more nefarious going on behind the scenes: the company is selling the bandwidth of Hola users to anyone with money to buy, effectively turning its users into a botnet for hire.

Reminder: Facebook Messenger Shares Your Location With Every Message

You’re probably aware that Facebook collects a lot of information about you, and if you’re using the mobile Messenger app, that includes your location data as well. A new Chrome extension called Marauders Map lets anyone you’ve sent a message see that location information all at once.

Turn On Tracking Protection In Firefox To Make Pages Load 44% Faster

Even if you don’t care about the privacy implications of tracking cookies and other technologies sites use to identify us online, you might want to turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox anyway for a potential big speed boost.

Why You Should Protect Even Your Most Unimportant Data

When it comes to protecting our data, many of us only place a high priority on vital data like financial information or location. However, even seemingly mundane data can be used to paint a picture if you’re not careful to protect it.

Stop Expecting Privacy When You Use Work Apps

Your privacy is important, and you need to take steps to protect it in the office environment. When you use office computers, phones or other gear, you shouldn’t expect privacy. And yet, so many still do. Here’s why it doesn’t make sense, and what you can actually do if you want to have an off the record conversation.

TunnelBear Adds Chrome Extension For Private Browsing On The Desktop

Chrome: We’ve already talked about how great TunnelBear is on Android and iOS. You can use it to get around region blocks, avoid IP tracking and maintain your privacy. Now, the discreet VPN is available to Chrome users with an extension.

Why You Should Give Your Servers Strange Names

When you’re setting up any kind of server, it can be tempting to give the machine a functional or descriptive name. However, for security purposes it often makes sense to be more obtuse.

Ask An Expert All About Data Forensics, Privacy And Security

Say hello to Jason Eaddy of Elysium Digital. Elysium conducts digital forensic and security investigations, typically working with organisations in technology-related legal matters.

Make Your Own VPN Configuration Profile For iOS To Simplify Setup

Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) for a lot of iOS devices in a single household can be fiddly and tedious. How-To Geek suggests creating a single configuration profile you can send to anyone who needs to get on the network.