Three Ways Your Personal Photos Are Vulnerable To Hackers

Recent reports of celebrities having nude or risqué photos of themselves leaked online highlights the serious risk of hackers getting access to our personal pictures.

Why We're Becoming Happier For Our Bosses To Spy On Us Online

Will employers in the future watch what their staff get up to on social media? Allowing bosses or would-be employers a snoop around social media pages is a growing trend in the US, and now a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Said Business School suggests it may well become the norm.

Data Security Requires More Than Using An Archaic Storage Format

Moments when you’re glad you’re not in charge of this IT department: health service executives in the UK say that no-one should be too worried about a disk full of patient data going missing, because it’s highly unlikely anyone will have the gear required to read it. Oh dear.

Doctor Who Shows How To Keep Your Hiring Plans Secret

Doctor Who returned to our screens over the weekend. To give you an excuse to read about it in the office, here’s how the production team managed to hire companion Jenna Coleman without fellow workers or the press twigging what was happening.

How Messenger Highlighted Facebook's Privacy Problem

The recent furore about the Facebook Messenger app has unearthed an interesting question: how far are we willing to allow our privacy to be pushed for our social connections? In the case of the Facebook Messenger app, the answer appears to be: “Not as far as Facebook thinks.”

uBlock Is A Lightweight Alternative To Adblock Plus

Chrome: Adblock Plus is a popular extension, but it’s memory hungry, and it can slow your system down. If you want to try out a leaner alternative, check out uBlock.

Paranoid Paul Monitors Terms Of Service And Alerts You Of Changes

Keeping track of changes to terms of service or privacy policies on websites is incredibly difficult, because they change so frequently. Paranoid Paul is a web app that let’s you pick services and get alerts when the policy changes.

Andrognito Hides Files You'd Like To Keep Away From Prying Eyes

Android: We all have files on our phones that we’d rather others didn’t see for one reason or another. Andrognito protects your privacy by hiding files of your choice, even if your device is not rooted.

Chrome's Safe Browsing Blocks Expanded To 'Deceptive' Downloads

Chrome: Google already uses its Chrome browser to warn users about potentially malicious software. Soon, the browser will begin blocking downloads that do annoying things, such as changing browser settings.