Free Printable Gift Wrap Designs

Still busy wrapping your Christmas presents? Mini Eco has a great selection of geeky and Christmas-themed gift wrap designs you can print yourself.

Print Out This Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet For Friends And Family

Lifehacker readers and writers are a tech-savvy bunch, and many of us can’t imagine living without the keyboard shortcuts that save us so much time every day. They’re so useful that it’s often hard to watch a less-knowledgeable friend or family member point and click their way to everything. If you want to get them on board with keyboard shortcuts, print out this handy cheat sheet so they always have it around for quick reference.

Stuff You Don't Have To Buy Because You Can Print It Yourself For Free

I have two printers that rarely see any use. While printing isn’t obsolete by any stretch of the imagination, paper is slowly losing its usefulness. If you have a printer at home that’s mostly collecting dust, brush it off and start using it to print out a few products you’d otherwise have to pay for.

Plot Your Week's Focus With This Chart

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to figure out where you need to focus your attention on any given week. You might, for instance, have a huge to-do list but no solid goal other than to get as much done as possible. If you’re looking for a little more purpose, founder of gpapps, Dave Lee, has put together a chart to help focus your attention.

Hipster Habit App Is A Mini-Book That Helps You Create Or Remove Habits

Killing a bad habit is easier said than done, but the Hipster Habit App — which is less of an app and more of a miniature printable book for your wallet — can help you through the process. All you need to do is make a few choices, stick with the plan, and you’ll have a well-formed habit in 30 days.

Selling Stuff Online: Avoid Sounding Like A Scammer With This Checklist

Selling stuff online is a simple way to unload your stuff, but no matter how often you’re selling items, it’s easy to forget the important details that help ensure a quick sale. Worse, if you don’t pay close attention to what you’re writing in the description, you might include a few words and phrases that make the listing look like a scam. We’ve put together a simple checklist to help you avoid those pitfalls and remember the details that count.

Geek-Ready Travel Checklist For Your Next Trip

Getting ready to travel can be a pain because there’s so much to remember. You have to pack, get a ride, figure out when to leave, prepare your itinerary, have your identification ready, and a lot more. To help you avoid the almost inevitable memory loss that comes with holiday preparation, we’ve put together a printable checklist to ensure you’re ready to go.

Excel And Powerpoint 2012 Calendar Templates Join The Office Crowd

We told you last week about the 2012 calendar templates for Word. Now its Office siblings Excel and PowerPoint have joined the party with their own free downloadable 2012 designs.

2012 Calendar Templates Released For Word

Every year, Microsoft releases template updates for Word users to print current year calendars. Hyper-organised people will have been hanging out for the 2012 releases since at least last October, but they’re now available for download.

Plan Your Career Like You Would A Four-Phase Project

Many of us are great at carrying out work or individual projects from start to finish — the whole shebang. For our life-long careers and dreams, however, we’re less likely to have a plan with concrete milestones and steps in place. Mapping out where you want to go with your career, however, could help you achieve greater success.