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Boost Your Confidence Before A Presentation With A Little Arrogance

You shouldn’t act like a jerk to other people, but if you’re feeling nervous before a speech or presentation, a little arrogance can help you fight off the jitters.

Use Presentations To Spur Conversation, Not Create Surprises

If you’re preparing a presentation the temptation to pull an Apple and have “one more thing…” at the end can be powerful. In a business context, however, it’s not the best strategy.

Give Memorable Toasts With The Perfect Balance Of Humour And Sincerity

Whether you’re wishing a newlywed couple many years of happiness, or giving a speech at a bar mitzvah, a toast gives you the chance to show how much you care. To give the best toast possible, you need to have the perfect balance of humour and sincerity.

Make Presentations Engaging And Memorable With The '1, 2... 4! Rule'

A good presentation is like a good joke — you don’t want the whole thing to be too predictable or it loses all of its power. Keeping the “1, 2… 4! rule” in mind while you put your presentation together can help.

Draft Your Presentation Before Making Slides For A Clearer Message

When you’re building a presentation, you may be tempted to dive right into making the slides. Instead, take the time to draft it as an outline first. You may know your material, but the outline helps you focus on the important points without getting carried away.

Make Better Presentations By Putting The Key Info In The First Minute

Put your presentation’s important information in the first minute to grab your audience’s attention. You’ll engage people more by showing them why they should listen — and make for a better presentation in the process.

App Directory: The Best Office Suite For Android

When it comes to productivity on the go, Android has come a long way. You now have plenty of options to stay productive on your phone or tablet. While the best will cost you money, you can get respectable features for free. We think MobiSystems’ OfficeSuite 8 is the best overall option for Android, but we have more options if the price tag scares you.

Practise Your Moves For A Presentation On Newspaper

When we’re uncomfortable in front of an audience, we tend to pace, sway, or otherwise move in detracting ways. One TED speaker coach offers advice for moving better on stage — the secret is newspaper.

Overcome Phone Shyness By Creating A Script

Does the prospect of calling someone fill you with dread? Do you put off making phone calls as long as you can? Whether you have nerves about talking on the phone or you’re just a little shy, The Art of Manliness suggests creating a script before you make a call to help calm you down.

The 10 Slides You Need To Pitch Your Business Idea

If you have a great idea for a new business, and you’re looking for funding or other support, you’ll probably have to break out the PowerPoint. There are only 10 slides you should need for your pitch.

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