Pace Between Points For Better Body Language In Presentations

Body language is extremely important, especially when you are giving a speech. It’s particularly good to move around when you talk, but when should you move?

Overcome Stage Fright With A Storyboard And A Structured Format

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking for anyone. If you want to become more comfortable when you have to present to a crowd, fully prepare for it with a few tips from Mikael Cho, co-founder of ooomf.

Learn To Become A Phenomenal Storyteller With Pixar's 22 Writing Rules

Storytelling is an important skill, whether you’re a professional writer or not. Who better to teach us about excellent storytelling than the creative folks at Pixar? Here are 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling, shared by Brave storyboard artist Emma Coats.

Top 10 Ways To Improve Hackathon Presentations

The main aim of a hackathon is to build a basic app in a limited period of time, but your success can have as much to do with your final presentation as with the quality of your code. Here are ten tips to maximise the impact of that slideshow and demonstration.

Office Remote Controls Presentations From Your Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8/Office 2013: Controlling presentations from a smartphone isn’t a new idea, but Office Remote (an experimental project from Microsoft Research) is a fairly nifty implementation. As well as enabling slide navigation and incorporating a built-in timer and laser pointer, it can also easily navigate through Excel charts and Word documents.

BlackBerry Express Builds Presentations With A 140-Character Limit

BlackBerry: Many presentations falter because the slides are overloaded with text and fiddly animations. BlackBerry Express is a presentation builder that eliminates that issue: you can’t have more than 140 characters on a single slide, and formatting is applied automatically.

Deliver Better Public Speeches By Ensuring You Demonstrate Vulnerability

Giving a speech to a large audience is hard, and although we have a few ways to help normal people give great speeches, every extra tip can help. James Altucher is no stranger to addressing groups, but he has a few key mantras to adhere to when standing in front of a crowd. One of the most important ones is “ABV: Always Be Vulnerable”.

Google Slides Adds Widescreen Option

Google has added the option to create widescreen presentations to its Slides presentation webapp. Indeed, Google appears so enamoured of the idea it has now made 16:9 widescreen the default option for all new presentations.

Give Better Presentations By Thinking Of Yourself As A Mentor

One of the biggest challenges when giving a presentation or speaking in public is feeling self-conscious. Similarly, the worst presenters seem too self-absorbed and self-promoting. Presentation expert Nancy Duarte offers this advice to overcome this hurdle: be like Yoda.

Learn All The PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts With This Free Guide

If you spend lots of time working with PowerPoint, you’ll want to check out this free resource offering all the keyboard shortcuts you can use in the program to save time and boost your productivity.