Planhacker: All The Samsung Galaxy S5 Contract Deals (Updated)

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 goes on sale on 11 April, and you can place pre-orders from 9am on 27 March. Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone are all offering the phone on contract, but who has the best deal? We’ve rounded up all the offers.

ALDI Mobile Slashes $35 Plan Data Allowance To 1GB

ALDI Mobile is continuing its long history of reducing its data allowances while charging the same amount of money for its prepaid plans. From 1 April (no joke), its $35 prepaid plan will include just 1GB of data each month — less than half the current 2.5GB allowance and just one-fifth of the 5GB it originally launched with.

Telstra's New Mobile Contract Plans: Everything You Need To Know

From next month, Telstra will be changing its contract plans. Bottom line: there are some minor improvements, but you can still do much better with a prepaid plan. Here is what the new consumer plans offer (and where they fall short).

Use This Worksheet To Get The Best Buyback Price For Your Old Phone

Selling your old mobile phone to a buyback company is a great way to make extra cash — but to ensure you get the best price, you need to check every single one of them. This worksheet makes that process easy.

Most Popular Mobile Posts Of 2013

Mobile phones can be confusing, but there are good value deals to be had. These are the 10 most popular mobile posts from Lifehacker in 2013.

Planhacker: The Best No-Contract Phone Deal For Each Australian Mobile Phone Network

Not only does signing up to a contract for a phone leave you stuck with the same network and handset for a full two years, it can often result in less data and call allowances than if you take a no-contract prepaid or month-by-month deal. We’ve eliminated the also-rans and come up with one clear recommendation for the best value no-contract deal on each of Australia’s main mobile networks.

Five Ways Mobile Phone Plans Can Screw You Over

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code means that phone companies have to be relatively honest about what a given mobile service costs you, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try and wring money out of you in other ways. Here are five examples of how phone companies can be sneaky with their charges.

Why Double Data Mobile Offers Should Be Treated With Caution

Virgin Mobile today announced a three-month doubling of the data allowance on its mobile contract plans. Vodafone launched a similar deal last week. While extra data is always welcome, buying a plan because it offers this kind of perk is often going to be a mistake. Here’s why

Planhacker: All The Australian iPad Air Contract Deals

Apple’s latest tablet, the iPad Air, goes on sale today. If you don’t want to buy one outright, all three major carriers are offering SIM-equipped models on contact plans. We’ve rounded up all the options in an interactive Planhacker table so you can compare.

Three Lessons Everyone Can Learn From ALDI Mobile's Data Crackdown

ALDI Mobile upset a lot of people earlier this week by halving the data allowance on its unlimited mobile plan. Even if you’re not an ALDI Mobile customer, and even if the provider itself is dead within three months, there are some key lessons all data-hungry smartphone users can learn from the incident.