Sunlit Automatically Makes A Photo Journal Using Storage

iOS: If you like to add a little context to your photos, Sunlit is an app that allows you to turn your photos into a pretty but simple journal. All you need is a free account.

CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta Sorts Your Local And Cloud Photos

Android: The folks at CyanogenMod have announced a new photo management app beta called GalleryNext that will probably be part of upcoming CyanogenMod releases. If you’re happy to join a a beta, you can get it now.

Build A Smarter Digital Photo Frame With A Raspberry Pi

You can snag digital photo frames for cheap from just about anywhere these days. If you’re looking to make one that’s a bit smarter, DIYer Samuel Clay built a digital photo frame that uses a Raspberry Pi and a motion sensor for up-to-date pictures and energy efficiency.

SimpleNeat Simplifies Creating And Sharing Photo Albums

Web: You’ll probably take and check out a lot of photos over the Christmas break. SimpleNeat is the easiest way to create an album, invite others to add their images to it, and share it with anyone.

Use Shared Photo Streams To Store Lots Of iPhone Pictures For Free

Photo Streams on iOS are kind of a confusing and horrible way to manage photos. However, blogger Ben Walker points out that you can use shared photo streams as a massive storage system without using your iCloud storage space if you use the shared photo stream option.

Unbound Is A Fast And Easy-To-Use iPhoto Alternative

Mac: iPhoto is one of Apple’s true love it or hate it apps. If you fall on the side of “hate it”, Unbound is a photo manager that does a lot of what iPhoto can do without all the extra junk you probably don’t care about.

Notograph Is A Camera Roll For All The Junk You Don't Need To Keep

iPhone: Sometimes you don’t really need to keep the pictures you take with your iPhone around for a long time. If you use your camera as a tool for making notes, remembering things or just taking throwaway pictures of dumb things to send to friends, Notograph is an app that keeps all those junk shots off your camera roll.

Ask LH: Should I Buy A Tablet Or Digital Photo Frame For My Grandma?

Hi Lifehacker, My grandmother has recently been lamenting that she doesn’t have many recent photos of us, because now they’re all digital. Initially I thought I’d buy her a digital photo frame (a quick eBay check suggests you can pick one up for $99 or less). But then I thought I could just buy her a cheap or second-hand tablet instead.

Twanker App Lets You Name And Shame Self-Centered Bieber Wannabes

We all have that one friend who is constantly taking Instagram “selfies”, often accompanied by some inane quote that they think encapsulates their jammin’ lifestyle. They also seem to update their Facebook profile pic on a daily basis. The appropriately named “Twanker” is a new iPhone app that lets you cut these narcissistic nobodies down to size.

The Doxie Flip Is A Tiny Scanner For Photos, Notes And Receipts

Remember when flatbed scanners took up heaps of desk space and had to be connected to a computer? Not anymore: The Doxie Flip is a portable scanner that’s just right for photos, receipts and written notes you’d like to digitise. Best of all, you don’t need to connect it to a computer.