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Sell Your Vacation Photos To Help Offset The Cost Of Your Trip

If you’re already taking photos of your trip, you might as well make a couple bucks off them (and you don’t need a fancy camera to do it.) You won’t get rich, but you may be able to cover the cost of souvenirs or a nice meal.

Home Theatre Software Showdown: Kodi Vs Plex

Who needs Netflix? With home theatre apps like Plex and Kodi, you can roll your own sweet-looking library with all the TV shows and movies you like, with none of the junk. But which software should you use? Here’s how the two biggest solutions stack up against each other.

Manage Your Instagram Filters To Only Show The Ones You Use

Most Instagram users have a few go-to filters they like, and there’s really no need to scroll through the rest. If you’re a Hefe fan, you don’t need Valencia to pop up every time you post a photo of your lunch. Thankfully, it’s easy to manage your filters to only show the ones you use.

Prevent Photos On OS X From Opening Up Automatically

When you plug in your iPhone, iPad, or just about any SD card with a photo on it, Photos loves to pop open. We’ve shown you how to turn this off on a device-by-device basis, but if you’d prefer a more all-in approach, then a Terminal command is your best option.

Access Tons Of Books, Photos And Videos In The New York Public Library's Digital Database

Libraries are a pretty awesome resource. They’re full of tools, information and materials anyone can use. Even better, all of it’s free. And the New York Public Library now offers access to a massive database of digital collections.

Camera MX Brings iOS-Style Live Photos To Android

Android: There are plenty of alternative camera apps on Android, so it’s a little hard to stand out. Camera MX is doing a decent job though, most recently by adding Live Shots, which allows you to capture brief videos in an easily shareable format.

Slide For iPhone Shoots Weird 3D-Looking Photos 

iOS: Wish you could capture some depth with your photos? Slide’s an app that turn photos into short GIFs with a 3D effect.

Long-Press The Plus Button In iOS Photos To Create A New Folder

Organising photos into albums is super easy on iOS, but even if you do that a lot, things get pretty unwieldy. Thankfully, you can put those albums inside folders, but creating one is a little hidden away. Finer Things in Tech found it by long-pressing the + button.

Speed Up OS X Photos By Reducing Motion

We all know about the motion effects in iOS, but it turns out they’re tucked away in OS X as well. OS X Daily points out that the Photos app has it, and you can speed up performance by turning it off.

Google Photos Can Now Share Whole Albums, Let Others Add Their Own Photos

Google Photos is pretty killer for managing all your photos, but it sure would be nice if you could share entire albums, right? Now you can. Better yet, you can even choose to let other people submit their own pictures to a shared album.

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