Batch Delete Photos In iOS From The Moments Section

In most areas of iOS’ Photos app, you can only delete photos one at a time. What a pain. However, if you go to the Moments section, you can actually delete photos in batches.

Pixelmator 3.2 Adds New Repair Tool And Lock Layer Support

Mac: Pixelmator, our pick for the best image-editing software for Mac, has been updated with a few handy new features. It now comes with a new repair tool, support for locked layers and more.

Google+ Gets A New UI, Better Photo Library And Auto Awesome Support

Android: Google+ received a big update today, bringing a brand new UI for the mobile app, as well as improvements to photo management and Auto Awesome features. The new UI makes Google+ even more consistent with Google’s current collection of Android apps.

Flickr Redesign Brings Instagram-Like Photo Filters, New Interface

Android/iOS: Today, Flickr received a brand new interface for its mobile app that aims to replicate a lot of the functionality of Instagram, because that’s what photo apps do now.

Carousel Auto-Organises And Shares Photos With Friends And Family

Carousel is a new app by the folks at Dropbox that make photo organisation and sharing really easy. When you upload your photos to the app and share with your friends, they get your photos and you get theirs.

Ask LH: How Can I Deal With All My Duplicate Photos?

Hey Lifehacker, My archive of digital photos stretches back a dozen years and is 70GB in size. I recently combined all my photos files on to my new laptop and have quickly realised that in some cases I have triplicate copies or more of the same photos in different folders. Are there any programs that can analyse and match photos that appear more than once? I have spoken with all my friends and they all suffer this common problem.

Impala Automatically Sorts iOS Photos Into Albums For You

iOS: If you click a lot of photos with your smartphone but never get around to sorting them into neat albums, Impala’s got you covered. This nifty app for iPhone and iPad analyses and auto-categorizes your images.

Adobe Revel Organises, Shares And Edits Your Photos On Android

Android: Adobe has finally released the Android version of its Revel service (previously available only on iOS). The app allows you to store photos online, share private libraries with friends and family, and use Adobe’s fairly powerful editing features to modify your pictures.

Tidy Automatically Organises Photos And Makes Albums Easily

Android/iOS: Photo management is never easy. Tidy is an app that makes it a little simpler by automatically grouping your photos for you so you can easily sort them into different albums.

Snippit Pairs The Perfect Song With Your Shared Photos

iOS: If you’ve ever taken a snapshot and wanted to pair it with the perfect song to fit the moment, Snippit is a new app that will let you do just that and then share the combination with your friends. It gives you a fun way to communicate the moment with others and discover new music at the same time.