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Instagram Is The Latest Service To Consider Reordering Your Timeline

Instagram announced a couple of weeks ago that they will start rolling out a new feed that ditches chronological order in favour of a feed similar to Facebook that’s based on what they think you’ll like. To correct for this, you might have noticed some pleas from users to turn on notifications. Here’s what that’s all about.

Google Photos Now Suggests Albums With Your Best Photos And Maps Of Your Travels

Google is rolling out a sweet update today to Google Photos on the web, Android and iOS. You’ll get suggested albums, curated with your best pictures; the ability to customise an album with maps, location pins and text; and let others add photos to your albums.

You Can Now Upload HD Photos To Facebook From Android

Facebook has some frustratingly limited options when it comes to sharing high quality photos. Fortunately, it’s getting better. Android users can now upload HD photos directly from the mobile app.

Lock Exposure And Focus For Better Photos On Your iPhone (And Other Tips)

Smartphones are easily the most popular cameras around, but even though they have improved a lot over the years, taking a solid photo with a smartphone is still a little different than a traditional camera. MacRumors put together a video filled with iPhone tips, but they’re all applicable to any smartphone camera. One of the lesser known tips is to learn how to lock exposure and focus.

Everalbum Provides Unlimited, Full-Resolution Photo Backup

Android/iOS: The better your phone gets at taking pictures, the more storage space those photos eat up. Everalbum solves this problem by offloading most of your photos to unlimited space in the cloud.

Focus Beta Now Locks Your Photos With A Fingerprint And Plays Video

Android: Focus has quickly become one of our new favourite photo management apps on Android. Now, the beta version can lock the entire app with your fingerprint and play videos natively.

Google Is Laying Picasa In The Grave, Moving Over To Google Photos

Hope you like Google Photos. Starting May 1, Google is going to start phasing out Picasa from its product lineup entirely. Fortunately, you still have some time.

Sell Your Vacation Photos To Help Offset The Cost Of Your Trip

If you’re already taking photos of your trip, you might as well make a couple bucks off them (and you don’t need a fancy camera to do it.) You won’t get rich, but you may be able to cover the cost of souvenirs or a nice meal.

Home Theatre Software Showdown: Kodi Vs Plex

Who needs Netflix? With home theatre apps like Plex and Kodi, you can roll your own sweet-looking library with all the TV shows and movies you like, with none of the junk. But which software should you use? Here’s how the two biggest solutions stack up against each other.

Manage Your Instagram Filters To Only Show The Ones You Use

Most Instagram users have a few go-to filters they like, and there’s really no need to scroll through the rest. If you’re a Hefe fan, you don’t need Valencia to pop up every time you post a photo of your lunch. Thankfully, it’s easy to manage your filters to only show the ones you use.

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