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Snapchat's New Web Tool Makes It Easy For Everyone To Create Their Own Location Filters

One of the better features in Snapchat is the often goofy geofilters that pop up when you’re making a snap from a specific location. Today, Snapchat’s making it easy to make your own filters for special events. Provided you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks, that is.

Ramme Is A Free, Minimal Instagram Desktop App

Windows/Mac/Linux: Instagram is made to be experienced on your phone, but sometimes you’ll want to take a look from you computer. Ramme does just that, offering up your Instagram feed where you can like or comment on posts.

500px's Splash Lets You Search For Photos By Sketching Them

Photography enthusiast site 500px has a new tool that lets you search for photos by sketching them. Have a vague idea of what you want to see or a memorable picture that you haven’t been able to find? Just channel your inner Van Gogh.

Use A Scrim Net To Shoot Photos Against A Bright Background

Here’s a trick for more advanced photographers to shoot against a bright background without blowing out the exposure. In this video, portrait photographer Joel Grimes shows how he uses a thin net to darken a backdrop while setting the exposure for the face of his subject.

Thinking Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

Photos that changed the world and changed minds, how people edited photos before Photoshop was a thing, a good reminder to back up your own photos and, well, some more beautiful photos, all in this week’s Thinking Cap.

Clean Your Own DSLR Camera's Sensor Like A Pro

If you own a DSLR, periodically cleaning your sensor isn’t just good hygiene, it makes for cleaner, better photographs. Of course, getting the sensor properly cleaned can cost a pretty penny, but Blake Rudis of f64 Academy has this guide that will show you how to do it yourself — the right way, of course.

Instagram Stories Apes Snapchat, Lets You Draw Stuff On Photos

Instagram is rolling out a new feature today, dubbed Instagram Stories. It is basically Instagram’s response to Snapchat.

GoldenHour.One Tells You The Perfect Time And Place To Take Photos

iOS: We all know that golden hour is the hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise when lighting is great for photography. There’s a bit more nuance to it than that, and this app helps photographers optimise golden hour to get the best possible pics.

Top 10 Tricks To Make Yourself An Apple Photos Master

Apple’s slow evolution of its Photos app — Camera Roll, iCloud library and all — has been a little confusing for users at times, but with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra now on the horizon, it’s finally settling down into a coherent, reliable service.

Microsoft Pix For iOS Automatically Snaps And Edits Photos For The Best Possible Picture

iOS: Microsoft released a camera app for the iPhone whose main goal is to make it a little easier to take better photos without any extra effort from you.

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