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Build An Automatically Updating Digital Photo Frame With A Raspberry Pi And Google Photos

We already know that the Raspberry Pi makes a great photo frame, but DIYer Paul Stamatiou took it another step and integrated in Google Photos.

BitCam Is A Fun, Chunky, Low Resolution Camera For iPhone

iOS: We all know the iPhone can take great pictures. But what’s the fun in that? BitCam is a camera app that’s all about a pixellated retro feel.

Build Your Own Flickr Automatic Uploader With A Raspberry Pi

Earlier this year, Flickr locked its automatic uploading feature that pulls image files off an SD card and automatically uploads them to Flickr behind a paywall. If you don’t want to shell out the $US5.99 ($8)/month for that, GitHub user drcursor has a solution that uses a Raspberry Pi.

Instagram's Reordered Timeline Is Rolling Out To Everyone Now

A few months ago, much to the dismay of the internet’s content creators, Instagram announced a plan to reorder your timeline with an algorithm similar to Facebook’s news feed. Now, they’re actually doing it.

Zoom In Super Close On Any iPhone Photo With A Rotation Bug

iOS: For whatever reason, the Photos app on iOS only allows you to zoom in so far. An odd little bug caused by rotating an image allows to circumvent that restriction and zoom in as much as you want.

The Roll Automatically Categorises And Picks The Best Photos On Your iPhone

iPhone: If you have a big photo library on your iPhone, you know it’s a bit of a pain to track down specific photos or pick out a good one. The Roll can help with both of these problems.

Instagram Gets An Interface Overhaul And A Colourful New Icon

Android/iOS: Instagram was experimenting with a simpler black and white design a few weeks ago, and now they’re rolling that change out to everyone with a new icon.

Google Photos Adds Easier Search And Movie Editing Options

One of the best things about Google Photos is that it’s easy to find a photo by searching, but today the service made it even easier to find that specific shot you’re looking for. They have also added editing tools for Google’s auto-generated movies that let you use your own music and add photos to them.

This For iOS Makes Adding Simple Annotations To Photos Dead Simple

iOS: When it comes to adding annotations to images on iOS, what works best for you really depends on what you’re trying to convey. If you’re looking for a dead simple approach without a ton of flair, This by Tinrocket is an app that works well.

Google Photos Gets Non-Destructive Editing, No Longer Duplicates Photos

Google Photos has a ton of awesome ways to edit your pictures. However, when you make a change, the app makes you save a copy to preserve the original. Now, Photos can make changes and preserve the original without clogging up your albums.

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