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Use This Blend Mode In Photoshop To Perfectly Align Images

If you’re working on an image in Photoshop that’s cut into numerous sections, sometimes you find yourself needing to carefully align the different layers just by eye. Set one layer to the “difference” blend mode, though and it’s infinitely easier.

Shoot Long Exposure Photos In Daylight Using Welder's Glass

Shooting long exposure photos in daylight can create beautiful images that capture movement in a scene, but the filters required can be prohibitively expensive for casual photographers. As this video shows, though, all you really need is a cheap piece of welder’s glass.

Two Ways To Adjust To Harsh Sunlight When Photographing Outdoors, No Gear Required

If you have to shoot in bright, harsh, overhead light, your best bet is to either just move to the shade (in which case you have more to think about, more on that in a moment), or turn your subject 180 degrees. These tips may seem obvious, but the utility is in the nuance.

Pixelmator For iOS Adds Magnetic And Quick Selection Tools

iOS: Pixelmator is a surprisingly robust image editing tool on iPhone and iPad, and today it’s getting a bit easier to use with new selection tools.

Deals: Learn Pro Techniques To Improve Your Photography

Want to take photographs just like the pros? Take your shots from zero to hero with the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification. This course, filled to the brim with insight, tips and tricks, will show you the ways of the lens so you can turn out the best images possible, and it’s available to Lifehacker Australia readers at a savings of over 90% off the regular price.

Adobe Lightroom Now Supports RAW Files On iOS, Manual Shooting On Android

Android/iOS: The Adobe Lightroom app is a handy, free set of digital editing tools. Today, the iPhone gets even more useful with support importing RAW files while the Android version gets a new manual shooting option.

Deals: Two Bargains That Will Improve Your Photography

The Pay What You Want: Complete Photography Bundle offers access to as many nine premium photography courses, worth $1,048 combined. But you get to decide exactly how much they are worth to you.

Colour Palette FX Finds A Whopping 18 Colour Palette For Your Designs

Whether you’re editing a photo or creating a graphic design, having an established colour palette can make your life a lot easier. This tool generates a large selection of colours you can use in your design from a single photo.

Use An Off-Camera Flash To Add Depth And Soft Light To Your Photos

Photography is as much an art as it is a science and by keeping a few rules of thumb in mind, you can significantly improve the quality of your images. The flash is of course extremely important, though it’s easy to use sub-optimally, or even the wrong way.

How To Shoot Great Portraits And Headshots With Just One Light

Video: You don’t need a bunch of expensive studio lighting to take great portraits and headshots. In this video, photographer and educator Joe Edelman shows the different ways you can take great photos using just a single flash.

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