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Turn A Bulldog Clip Into A GoPro Stand Or Mount

The GoPro is clearly our favourite action camera, and the humble bulldog clip is one of our favourite lifehacking tools. Together, they’re a match made in heaven. One bulldog clip and you have a stable stand, or a mount you can hang the GoPro from.

Use Your Tablet Or Smartphone As A Photography Light Source

You don’t need a high-end lighting setup to take well-lit photos. Use your tablet or smartphone to do some light painting for your shots.

Salvage A Macro Photography Lens For Your Smartphone From An Old Camera

If you happen to have an old-fashioned camera wasting away in a junk drawer, you can take it apart and use the lens for smartphone macro photography. This video shows you how.

How Selfies Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

You probably think that selfies have a special place in the burning pits of Mordor, but don’t be down on them. They’re actually a very useful weight loss tool for measuring progress and for keeping you motivated.

Use Suction Pads To Secure Camera Tripods And Light Stands

A good camera tripod or lighting stand is a given, but they need to be secure to shoot safely, especially if other people may bump into them. DIY Photography explains that cheap suction pads, normally used for glass lifting, work nicely when attached to the bottom of your tripod or light stand.

Microsoft Kills Photosynth Apps for iOS and Windows Phone

Microsoft’s removed the Photosynth apps for iOS and Windows Phone from their respective marketplaces, although the feature will live on in the cloud.

Everything You Need To Know About Polarising Camera Filters

Not long ago we wrote about a cheat sheet for polarising lens filters, which is perfect if you already know the ins and outs of filters and how they’re used. If you want more basic advice about these wonderful devices, Mark Ryan Sallee of Michromatic is here to help.

Build Your Own Battery-Powered Portable Mini Monitor

Whether you work on a lot of DIY projects or you’re just looking to get a bigger screen for your DSLR camera, a portable monitor is handy to have around. Instructables user GreatScottLab shows you how to build your own.

This Cheat Sheet Explains Camera Filters And When To Use Them

Photography filters offer many benefits for your camera, from protecting your lens and reducing reflections to adding unique effects that improve your shots. This cheat sheet explains 11 of the most important filters you might consider using.

How To Improve Your Photos And Videos With Affordable Lighting

The big difference between good looking photos and video and bad ones comes down to how well things are lit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer building a home studio or a budding YouTube star, here are some simple tricks for casting the right light without spending a fortune on professional equipment.

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