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Build An Instant Camera With A Raspberry Pi And A Thermal Printer

Instant cameras are awesome, but if you’re looking for something a bit more ridiculous, Adafruit shows you how to build a camera that will print out a pixellated photo on thermal paper.

Can You Tell The Difference Between A $150 Camera Lens And A $15,000 One?

As any person with a bit of DSLR experience knows, the lens you use is as important as the camera, if not more so. But just how much does the average shutterfly have to spend to get “good enough” results? Can a $150 Canon EF Primes compete with a $15,000 top-shelf Zeiss? Compare the photos in this video and judge for yourself.

Double-Tap Your Android's Power Button To Launch The Camera

Your phone is probably the easiest camera to whip out at a moment’s notice. To shave precious seconds off the launch time of your camera, double-tap the power button on your device.

Google Photos Adds Easier Search And Movie Editing Options

One of the best things about Google Photos is that it’s easy to find a photo by searching, but today the service made it even easier to find that specific shot you’re looking for. They have also added editing tools for Google’s auto-generated movies that let you use your own music and add photos to them.

Try This Fast, Effective Noise Reduction Technique On Your Night Sky Photos

The greatest enemy of the night photographer is noise. Even with extremely low ISO settings and the world’s steadiest tripod, your beautifully captured sky shots are going to have some unsightly speckles. Now, you could just apply a denoise filter and be done with it, but if you want to retain as much quality as possible, more precise methods exist.

Deals: Save 93% On Professional Photography Training

Want to learn how to take photos like a pro? Then you’re going to need the Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle, including 14 courses and more than 65 hours of training, all at just $92 AUD [$69 USD] for Lifehacker Australia readers. That’s a saving of 93% off the RRP.

Five Easy Ways To Add A 1/4" Tripod Mount To Anything

Sometimes you have to get a little crafty when you’re on a photo shoot or filming a movie. Here are five clever ways to add 1/4″ mounts to your camera equipment and accessories so they can go anywhere.

Make A DIY Photo Reflector Out Of Poster Board And A Survival Blanket

Photo reflectors can improve the lighting in your photos and videos dramatically, but there’s no need to spend a ton of money on them if you don’t have to. Here’s a clever and cheap DIY option.

This For iOS Makes Adding Simple Annotations To Photos Dead Simple

iOS: When it comes to adding annotations to images on iOS, what works best for you really depends on what you’re trying to convey. If you’re looking for a dead simple approach without a ton of flair, This by Tinrocket is an app that works well.

Backup Your Mini Camera Remote In Case It Gets Lost

If your digital camera comes with a mini remote for recording and snapping photos, you can make cheap backup remotes in case it gets lost.

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