Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Photo By Looking Up At The Camera


Your photo is one of the most prominent elements of your LinkedIn profile, so it’s important to get it right if you’re searching for a new role. One useful trick? Make sure you look up at the camera.

Build A Solar-Powered Camera Radio Beacon With A Raspberry Pi

Ever wanted to take regular pictures of an outdoor location without worrying about external power or reliance on Wi-Fi or cellular signals? This Raspberry Pi camera beacon may be just the thing.

Take Better Photos Of Your Kids By Photographing Them Every Day

Famed photographer Elena Shumilova says consistency is the most important thing for photographing your kids.

Better Photos Can Sell Your Home Faster, For Thousands Of Dollars More

If you’re planning on selling a home soon, you might want to consider hiring a professional photographer or improving your photography skills. Doing so could be worth over $10,000.

Add A Wrist Rubber Band To Your Camera Lens To Prevent Zoom Creep

When held at certain angles, your camera’s lens might move slightly due to gravity. To prevent that “zoom creep” from happening, put one of those inexpensive rubber bracelets around your lens.

How Aperture, Shutter Speed And ISO Affect Pictures Shown In A Chart

Learning even just the basics of photography takes a bit of work and one of the more complex ideas is the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Lifehack has a graphic that helps make sense of it.

DeGeo Camera Takes Photos Without Ever Recording Location

iPhone: We’re fans of using DeGeo to remove location info from photos. If you’d prefer to skip that step altogether, DeGeo Camera never records your location to begin with.

Selfie Sticks Not Welcome At Apple's Developer Conference

Sorry developers — you’ll have to take your Tim-Cook-In-The-Distance-Selfies by hand this year if you get into Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which has been announced as taking place from June 8.

Snapseed Adds Non-Destructive Editing, More Filters

iPhone/Android: It’s been a long time since the Google-owned Snapseed photo editing app got an update. Today, it gets a bunch of handy new features in both the Android and iPhone versions.

Get A Better DIY Headshot With Side Lighting

You can easily take your own great portrait photo by using lighting that is set to the side of the camera rather than the camera’s flash. You’ll end up with a more polished looking photo.