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Improve Your Video And Photo Editing With A Gaming Mouse

Gaming peripherals are great for productivity as well as games — they often come with macro buttons you can program special commands for. Over at DIY Photography, they explain that gaming mice are especially great, since the extra programmable buttons can do in one click what keyboard shortcuts may take several to accomplish.

Everything I Learned About IT From Stock Photos

Love them or hate them, stock photos are everywhere. From billboards to online websites (yes, Lifehacker Australia uses them too), they are often employed to provide context to written words. But sometimes stock photos get it so wrong — particularly when it comes to depicting the people and happenings in the IT industry. If you take some stock photos at face value, you’ll have a pretty warped understanding of what goes on in IT.

Sell Your Vacation Photos To Help Offset The Cost Of Your Trip

If you’re already taking photos of your trip, you might as well make a couple bucks off them (and you don’t need a fancy camera to do it.) You won’t get rich, but you may be able to cover the cost of souvenirs or a nice meal.

Yes, Taking Lots Of Selfies Does Make You A Narcissist [Infographic]

The modern obsession with selfies has catapulted Facebook and Instagram into two of the most successful apps of all time. If you’re outgoing, under the age of 40 and remotely attractive, you’ve probably taken a few yourself. For some people, the aforementioned behavior is indicative of an undesirable personality trait; namely narcissism. This infographic looks at the chief warning signs.

Manage Your Instagram Filters To Only Show The Ones You Use

Most Instagram users have a few go-to filters they like, and there’s really no need to scroll through the rest. If you’re a Hefe fan, you don’t need Valencia to pop up every time you post a photo of your lunch. Thankfully, it’s easy to manage your filters to only show the ones you use.

Five Reasons You Should Keep Some Stubby Holders In Your Camera Bag

Stubby holders, the foam cup-like containers you use to keep aluminium cans cold, do more than you might realise. Here are some clever ways to use them with your camera gear.

This DIY Thermal Camera Reveals Hot And Cold Spots Around The House, Is Fun To Build

A thermal camera is a really useful device to have, especially for home improvement projects. You can see hot and cold spots where your home may be losing heat, is poorly insulated, or you’re not getting airflow from the HVAC. Of course, it’s also just a fun project, and you can build this one yourself.

Five Tips For Taking Better Summer Holiday Photos

I shoot in some pretty harsh conditions. In fact, I’ve based a large part of my career to being in the cold. For me as a professional, this often means long nights, cold mornings, and camping out in front of a tripod waiting for the conditions to line up. But it’s absolutely worth it. Sometimes, to get things to line up you have a put yourself in a situation that isn’t normal.

Avoid The 'Shot From Above' For Better Selfies

A popular selfie tip is to raise your camera above your head and look up at it, so it hides your chin and makes you look slimmer. It doesn’t look natural though. Model Tess Holliday shows how to achieve the same effect while looking natural.

Ask LH: Can I Use Copyrighted Imagery On My Free Music Album Cover?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m a music artist that’s planning on releasing some music. I was wondering if I could edit this picture and use it for a single/album cover? I found it online and don’t know who made it. My album will likely be put out for free/non-profit use.

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