This Video Shows How To Get The Right Exposure With Your Camera

Want to take better pictures? Proper exposure is a critical part of that equation. The video above from Canon and photographer Arthur Morris teaches us settings to use for our DSLRs and how to use histograms.

Burstio Turns iOS Burst Photos Into GIFs

iPhone: The burst mode on iOS is great, but Apple doesn’t provide a good way to piece them all together. Burstio turns those photos into GIFs or videos.

Reuk Puts Loads Of Manual Camera Controls On Your iPhone

iOS: We’ve seen manual camera apps for iOS before, but Reuk offers a slightly different take on the idea. It includes a full set of manual controls, but it’s also surprisingly easy to use.

Display A More Genuine Smile By Saying 'Cheeks' Instead Of 'Cheese'

If you’re having a hard time faking a smile, or want to get the best out of a photo you’re taking, ditch the “cheese” and try “cheeks” instead.

Start With These Camera Settings To Take Great Fireworks Photos

Fireworks are really fun to photograph, but they can be challenging. To get started on the right foot, DIY Photography offers a few basic settings to familiarise yourself with before the fireworks start.

Use Preview To Strip Location Info From Photos

Mac: If you’re sharing pictures online, it’s usually a good idea to strip out the location information. If you’re on Yosemite, you can do it in Preview quickly and easily.

Fix Bad Photo Exposures With One Click In Lightroom

We’ve all taken what would be an awesome photo and had to edit the exposure afterwards. Sometimes, it even happens with multiple photos. Instead of going through them one by one, you can fix multiple photos at once with Lightroom.

Is It Legal For Australian Pilots To Take Selfies In The Cockpit?

Last week, Quartz published an article showcasing photographs pilots have taken from the cockpit of aircraft to post on Instagram. As explained in the story, by taking these photos — many of which appear to have been snapped during flight, take-off, or landing — pilots are violating the rules of the air. This is certainly the case in the United States and the European Union, for example, but what about elsewhere?

How To Disable Facebook's Automatic Photo Enhance Feature

Facebook just rolled out an automatic photo enhance feature on iOS that automatically enhances and filters your photos for you to make them look better. If you’re not a fan of Facebook screwing with your photos, here’s how to disable the feature.

Instagram Updated With Five New Filters And Real-Time Comments

Instagram has received a nice update today, adding five new filters for addicted image tweakers.