Five Ways To Speed Up A Chromebook

Feel like your Chromebook is performing a little sluggishly? These tweaks can speed it up.

Speed Up Chrome For Android With This Settings Tweak

Android: Chrome is one of our favourite Android browsers, but it can be a little sluggish sometimes. This settings tweak, thanks to Redditor erythrocytes64, may give you a tidy speed boost, depending on your device.

Five Powerful, Built-In Windows Tools You Might Not Know About

Even if you live in Windows, you may be surprised to find that it includes some rather powerful built-in tools to help you monitor your system and troubleshoot when things go wrong. We’ve taken a look at Windows’ dark corners before and at some awesome features you may have forgotten about. Here are a few more of our favourite overlooked Windows tools.

Ask LH: Does Bad Broadband Make My Computer Run More Slowly?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m wondering: to what extent does a “slow” internet connection affect operating system and application response times? My work connection is much faster than my home connection, and it often feels like the machine is slower at home.

The Specs To Look For In A Workstation Computer

For everyday computer use, processing power is rarely a consideration anymore, but when you’re looking at a workstation system for more advanced technical tasks, all those specifications become vital. These are the features you should look for.

Not Everything Has To Run Faster

Management invariably wants IT to be faster and cheaper and more reliable. Delivering that trifecta is almost impossible, but it’s worth bearing in mind that improving raw performance doesn’t always have to be the goal. You may need speed, but you probably don’t need speed everywhere.

How Your Switch Improves Network Performance

In an era where wireless networking is dominant, the role of the network switch is often an afterthought. However, switch selection and configuration can make a big difference to overall performance. Here are five ways switching up your switch can help.

ImDisk Creates Dynamically Resizing RAM Disks

Windows: We’ve previously looked at reasons why you might want to create a RAM disk to boost your PCs performance. ImDisk can accomplish this same task without using up more RAM than necessary.

WEI Tool Brings The Windows Experience Index Back To WIndows 8.1

The Windows Experience Index is a very basic benchmarking tool that measures your system’s performance. Microsoft removed the Windows Experience Index in Windows 8.1, but WEI Tool brings it back, just like you remembered it.

Ask LH: Why Are Flash Videos So Slow In Chrome?

Hey Lifehacker, Every time I’m playing a Flash video in chrome, it seems to cause lag in my other applications. I have a pretty powerful computer so it can handle multitasking, IE doesn’t cause this problem and it only started happening a couple of months ago. Any thoughts? Thanks, Rolling Chrome