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Fetch TV Deals: Who Has The Most Fetching Offer?

With Dodo joining the ranks of ISPs offering pay-TV service Fetch TV, it’s worth considering your Fetch TV options. Here are the current deals from each ISP that offers it.

Foxtel Slashes Subscription Prices By Up To 50%

Foxtel has announced an aggressive new pricing strategy that will see subscription prices drop by as much as 50 per cent in November. The major pricing revamp coincides with a new IQ3 video recorder and the announcement of a “triple play” bundle that will combine television, broadband and home phone services into a single package. Here’s an overview of the new packages and services.

Get Game Of Thrones From Foxtel Play For $3 Per Episode (Sort Of)

The hotly-anticipated fourth season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones is set to debut in April. To the annoyance of many Australians, this year’s season will be shown exclusively on Foxtel, which means you no longer have the option of buying the episodes on iTunes shortly after transmission. Foxtel is offering an olive branch in the form of a Premium Movies & Drama package spearheaded by Game Of Thrones for just $10 per month. The downside is that you need to be a Foxtel Play customer to take advantage of the deal.

Foxtel Hikes Up Prices (Again)

Foxtel has announced it will be increasing the price of its Essentials Pack for new and existing customers, starting on 1 February 2014. Customers will have to pay an additional $2 per month.

Catch Up With Foxtel Shows Online Via iQ EPG

Paying Foxtel customers can catch up with shows after their broadcast via Foxtel Go, but that works on a separate device rather than your TV. A new enhancement to the Foxtel iQ set-top box allows you to browse backwards in the on-screen electronic program guide (EPG) and watch shows you’ve missed.

Foxtel’s TV1 And SF To Close In December

Two of Foxtel’s most popular channels will go off the air at the end of the year.

Foxtel Play: Lifehacker's Complete Guide

Foxtel has officially launched its long-promised Foxtel Play service, promising no-contract pay TV through your internet connection. But which channels are excluded, how much bandwidth will you chew up, which channels can you watch for free, what devices will be supported in the future, and is it worth it? Find out with our exhaustive guide.

Foxtel Go Now On Android, PCs, Macs, Can Be Used On Three Devices

As our weekend guru Logan predicted, Foxtel Go — the catch-up service which lets you watch Foxtel content on your mobile — is now available on Android, albeit only if you’re running some Samsung Galaxy devices. It has also been made available for Windows PCs and Macs. Of interest to everyone using the service: you can now register it on up to three separate devices, up from the previous limit of two.

Foxtel Plunders BBC In Exclusive Content Deal

Foxtel has announced a deal that would give it exclusive access to content from the BBC from mid-2014 onwards. That means that BBC Comedy and Drama shows will be moved away from their traditional home on the ABC and onto a new channel from Foxtel. So what does this mean for Doctor Who fans?

Ask LH: Can I Complain To The ACCC About Foxtel?

Dear Lifehacker, I was subscribed to both Showtime and Movie Network for eight years. I wish to make a complaint to the ACCC (or other organisation) regarding the cut in service without a reduction in charges. To this end, is it possible to get a full list of the channels that were in the old Showtime & Movie Network packages? To complain, I believe I will need formal evidence of the old and new packages. Any advice? Thanks, Frustrated With Foxtel.