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The 25 Most Commonly Used Passwords Of 2015 Will Depress You

It would appear that people still suck at creating passwords. If you look at this annual list of the top 25 most commonly used passwords from SplashData, you’ll see what I mean.

Dashlane 4 Makes Changing Passwords On Hacked Sites Easier, Adds A New Interface

Windows/OS X/Android/iOS: Dashlane is one of our favourite password managers, and today the service updated with a new, consistent interface across all devices; an updated “password changer” that lets you change passwords on a site without even visiting it and new languages.

LastPass Revamps Its Interface, Adds Emergency Access And Better Sharing

LastPass is one of the best password managers around. Today it gets a bit better with an improved interface and a handful of new features.

Give The Gift Of Premium Apps And Web Services

A subscription to Spotify may not be the most fun thing to unwrap, but it-and many other premium web services — make great gifts that anyone could appreciate. Here are some of our favourite subscription-based gifts for this holiday season.

Google Is Testing Logins Without Passwords

Passwords are usually the weakest link when it comes to keeping your online accounts secure. Two-factor authentication is meant to strengthen the password login process but adding an extra step can be frustrating to some users (myself included). Yahoo has already launched a password-free method of logging into its email service and now Google is testing a new way for its users to sign into their accounts using mobile devices.

Amazon Resets An Unknown Number Of Passwords Due To Leak

If you received an email from Amazon today saying your password has been reset, you’re not the only one. ZDNet is reporting that a number of people were notified by Amazon that their password has been reset due to unidentified reasons.

Set A Passcode On Apple TV To Make Purchases Faster While Retaining Security

Entering in a massive, complicated iTunes password every time you want to buy something on an Apple TV is a pain, but disabling the password altogether isn’t exactly secure. Over on Apple Insider, they suggest setting up a passcode to retain that security while making your life a little easier.

Create Complex Passwords You'll Always Remember With Poetry

Coming up with a super secure password that’s easy to remember can be difficult sometimes. With a little poetry, however, you can create a very strong password that will stick in your head like a nursery rhyme.

1Password For iOS Adds Multitasking And Spotlight Search Support

iOS: With iOS 9, all kinds of apps are getting updates, but one of the most useful so far comes from 1Password. Now, alongside multitasking on the iPad, you can now search for 1Password login info directly from Spotlight.

Security Versus Usability: Why Bad Passwords Happen

We all need some kind of authentication process if we are to access information systems at work or at home. We know why we need to do it: to make sure we have access to our data and unauthorised people don’t. So why do we routinely ignore such advice, particularly given the constant advice from cyber security professionals about the need for strong passwords that are changed frequently?

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