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Passport Map Shows You All The Countries You Can Visit With Or Without A Visa

Depending on the passport you hold, it can be a breeze to visit another country, or it can be a maddening process that takes months of paperwork, clearance, visits to consulates or embassies and the risk of getting denied anyway. Passport Map can help you figure out what you’re in for before you plan a trip.

These Countries Follow The 'Six Month Rule' For Passports

If your passport is set to expire soon and you have travel plans, you’ll want to watch out for the “six month rule”. Many countries require a six month buffer on your passport’s expiration date.

PSA: Your Passport Might Not Be Valid In Some Countries Even If It Hasn't Expired Yet

Before you head off for that international trip, make sure you check the expiration date on your passport. Even if it’s past the date of your return, you still might not be allowed to travel, depending on the country you’re visiting.

Check If Your Destination Requires Blank Passport Pages Before Booking

Besides making sure your passport is valid for at least six months before travelling internationally, make sure it’s not too full. Some countries require you have several blank pages before you leave home.

How To Renew An Australian Passport In 4 Hours

It is feasible — with a little luck and some manners — to get a very rapid Australian passport renewal. Here’s how I did it, and the larger lesson it taught me about customer service and planning.

Why SmartGate Sometimes Goes Wrong

The SmartGate customs processing system generally works well and millions of us use it, but it isn’t perfect. An analysis by the Australian National Audit Office notes that around eight per cent of people who use the gates end up having to see an officer anyway. What goes wrong?

Five Places To Register Before You Travel Overseas

There’s always a lot to organise before you head overseas: itineraries, accommodation, your packing list, and filling your device with entertainment for the flight. But in the rush, you shouldn’t forget to notify some key organisations about your plans. Here are the five most important.

Ask LH: Which Passport Should I Use For Canada?

Dear Lifehacker, You recently discussed travelling with multiple passports, and I have a particular version of that issue. I have an Australian passport and Canadian permanent residency, which I obtained in September 2006. The permanent resident (PR) card expired in October 2011. I lived in Australia from November 2006 to April 2011 before going back to Canada. But I recently travelled to the US and found it difficult to return to Canada.

Ask LH: Can I Travel Using Multiple Passports?

Dear Lifehacker, My husband and I both have Australian and EU passports. Next February we are traveling to Brazil, where Australian passport holders need a visa, but EU passport holders do not. Can we leave and enter Australia using our local passports, and use our EU passports to enter and leave Brazil, thus not needing visas? Cheers, Visa Value

Ask LH: What's The Best Strategy For Travelling With Multiple Passports?

I am both a US and Australian citizen, with an Australian wife and young children. Next month my family will be travelling to the US, and the information online about which passport I should use is quite confusing.

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