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How To Insert File Text Into Outlook

Being able to insert text from a file sounds like a standard feature for any email client. Outlook does in fact support this option, but it isn’t particularly easy to locate.

Refine Your Searches In Outlook 2007

Despite its reputation as a search slug, in its most recent incarnations Outlook has some handy ways to filter messages and find what you need fast. Here’s the most useful operators to apply to your Outlook 2007 searches.

Use An Outlook Macro To Stop Forgetting The Subject Line

Windows only: Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool —and with a little macro goodness, it will remind you to attach a subject line to your TPS Reports.

Sender's Time Zone Makes Outlook Better

Windows only: Outlook Add-in Sender’s Time Zone makes easy work of dealing with recipients in multiple time zones—no more calculating times in your head.

Xobni Integrates Contacts' Facebook Feeds

Xobni, a pretty neat Outlook plug-in that’s just out of beta, now includes the latest updates from a Facebook users’ feed in a side panel, making it easier to know what’s happening with your contacts. While Facebook updates have been available for some time, the latest update gives full access to a users’ whole feed. Not seeing it in your Xobni? Clear your Internet Explorer cache and restart Outlook. [Xobni]

How To Move Your Outlook Files From One PC To Another

Transferring your Outlook mail from one PC to another might seem simple, but there’s a few tricks to ensuring you transfer all the information you actually want. Make sure you’re covered when you switch PCs (or when you need to make a comprehensive Outlook backup) with our guide.

Triage Your Email Inbox With Outlook Search Folders

The Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog writes up a guide to using Outlook’s categories and search folders to organise your messy inbox and prevent email overload.

Create An Outlook Email Message From The Clipboard

Windows only: Tutorial weblog Tech-Recipes writes up an interesting and useful feature in Microsoft Outlook—you can use copy and paste to create new emails pre-populated with information.

SaveAllAttachments Archives And Deletes Outlook File Attachments

Windows only: Microsoft Outlook add-in SaveAllAttachments does just what its name implies; it saves all the attachments from selected messages to a folder of your choosing, optionally deleting them from the message.

OutlookDeck Cuts Through Busy Inbox Noise

Windows only: Email search utility OutlookDeck brings a completely new interface to searching Outlook—multiple persistent search folders on the screen at a time.

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