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Vodafone Is Offering Free Data This Weekend

By way of apology for its large-scale network outage yesterday, Vodafone has announced that this weekend its customers can use as much data as they want — for free.

'We Experienced Unexpected Complications': The Language Of Twitter Outages

Twitter was down for three-quarters of an hour this morning (meaning dedicated Twitter users had nowhere to complain about Twitter being unavailable). Twitter’s explanation for what happened is a reminder that no deployment is immune from unexpected problems — and also a nifty example of how to understate those issues.

Dropbox's Weekend Outage Was Caused By A Botched OS Upgrade

Over the weekend, file syncing and backup service Dropbox suffered an extensive outage. While initial reports suggested a denial-of-service attack, the actual cause was rather more prosaic: a failure in a script designed to automatically update operating systems on its machines.

10 Hours Of No Gmail Is Still 98.6% Uptime

Gmail suffered an outage yesterday, with some users unable to fully utilise the service for close to ten hours after two successive network failures created difficulties. While that sucked if you were one of the people affected, it’s worth noting that even a 10 hour outage means 98.6 per cent uptime.

Handle Internet Outages Like A Pro With These Three Backup Plans

When your internet goes out, it can be anything from a mild inconvenience to a productivity-destroying nightmare. Before the next outage happens, have these backup plans in place so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute.

Apple Developer Network Still Down

Apple’s Developer portal was shut down last week following an attempt to steal user credentials from the site. Since then, a Turkish security researcher has claimed responsibility. Apple has now updated the security on the portal and updated a number of systems, but not everything is up and running yet.

Does 99.999% Uptime Really Matter?

It’s the gold standard of service-level agreements (SLAs): something being available 99.999 per cent of the time (or ‘five nines’, as those in the trade often call it). But does it really mean anything?

Click Frenzy Apologises For Utterly Predictable Server Crash

Yeah, we told you this would happen. As soon as it launched at 7pm yesterday, the Click Frenzy ‘Cyber Tuesday’ sale site was entirely inaccessible or unusably slow for most people, a situation that persisted for hours in many cases. Combine that with a so-so selection of bargains and it seems clear that while we’re all interested in hunting down a good deal, attempting to corral them all in one place didn’t help anyone much.

Twitter Outage Was A Software Bug, Not A Hack

Twitter experienced a major outage overnight, which led to some activists taking credit for “breaking” the service. According to Twitter itself, however, the problem was a software bug in its own systems. It has been fixed, and Twitter says it is “conducting a comprehensive review to ensure that we can avoid this chain of events in the future”. [Twitter Blog]

Apple's Cloud Services Are Having A Major Outage

iOS and Mac users who are experiencing a bit of an interruption with their iCloud and iMessage services aren’t alone. Currently there is an outage affecting “some users”, according to Apple, but the problem appears to be fairly widespread. Apple says it is working to resolve the issue. You can keep an eye on the current progress over at Apple’s iCloud System Status page. [Apple via MacRumors]

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