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The Australian Government Will Block Online Stores Not Collecting GST

Under laws coming into effect as of next year, if it wants to, the Federal Government can block access to overseas retailer’s websites if they aren’t collecting GST — even for purchases under $1000. Here’s how.

Slice Watch For Chrome Will Send You Price Alert Emails

Chrome: Slice is an excellent companion tool for online shopping. This week, they released Slice Watch, a browser extension that tracks prices automatically and emails you when an item you’re searching for drops in price.

How Facebook Uses Your Personal Details To Target Its Ads

Say you’re scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed and you encounter an ad so eerily well-suited, it seems someone has possibly read your brain. Maybe your mother’s birthday is coming up, and Facebook’s showing ads for her local florist. Whatever the subject, you’ve seen ads like this. You’ve wondered – maybe worried – how they found their way to you.

Newegg Opens Australian Ebay Store With Nothing On It

It’s been two years since Australians have been able to order items from Newegg. So to celebrate, the gargantuan tech retailer is rolling out even more Australian services — such as an Ebay store. Problem is, there’s nothing to buy.

It's Official: IKEA Is Opening An Online Store In Australia

Last year, we reported on IKEA’s plans to open an online store in Australia. It has now been confirmed that testing will begin this year. Very soon you’ll no longer have to navigate labyrinthine mazes while contemplating the pointlessness and futility of your life. Hurrah!

How To Find Your Niche When Starting A Small Business

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re in the process of starting a small business, but one of the most pressing questions concerns the potential market you want to target — and what your niche in said market is going to be.

Ask LH: What Tax Rules Do I Need To Know For My Online Store?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently started up an Etsy store selling handmade stickers. I read somewhere I needed to register for an ABN and I did that, in the capacity of a sole proprietorship. My question is — what next? I didn’t realise opening an Etsy store and selling homemade wares is so akin to small business, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with working out what records I need to keep and how taxes will work. Any advice for side-hustlers in the Etsy space?

The Best Tech Deals From Target's Massive Ebay Sale [Updated]

Following on the heels of eBay’s huge Valentine’s Day promotion, Target has followed suit with an eBay sale of its own. Until 21 February, you can get 20 per cent off everything in store — including items that were already heavily discounted. Read on for the best video games, consoles and tech goodies from the sale. Prices start at under $7!

The Impact Of A Slow Website On Your Business Is Worse Than You Think [Infographic]

A sluggish or unresponsive website might be a “first world problem” — but it’s one that web users take very seriously. If your company relies on online commerce, speed and reliability are absolutely imperative — a slightly slower load time can result in customers taking their business elsewhere, never to return. This infographic looks at the different ways a slow website can burn a hole in your pocket.

Hands On With Aussie Farmers Direct's 3D Grocery Store App

If you’re not doing your groceries online, you need to get with the times. Stocking up your fridge and pantry from home is both convenient and cost-effective. (For anyone with rug rats, it’s also far less stressful.) The only downside is the user interface, which tends to be buggy, overly complex and boring to boot. Aussie Farmers Direct is looking to buck this trend with its new virtual shopping app. Instead of presenting a list of thumbnail images, the app invites you to browse 3D grocery aisles through your iPad. We put the new service to the test.

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