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Hands On With Aussie Farmers Direct's 3D Grocery Store App

If you’re not doing your groceries online, you need to get with the times. Stocking up your fridge and pantry from home is both convenient and cost-effective. (For anyone with rug rats, it’s also far less stressful.) The only downside is the user interface, which tends to be buggy, overly complex and boring to boot. Aussie Farmers Direct is looking to buck this trend with its new virtual shopping app. Instead of presenting a list of thumbnail images, the app invites you to browse 3D grocery aisles through your iPad. We put the new service to the test.

Three E-Commerce Tips For SMBs

Online shopping is now the preferred way for many consumers to purchase goods. While major retailers are doubling down on efforts to cultivating a thriving online business, SMBs are lagging behind in this department. Here are three tips to help SMBs make the most of e-commerce opportunities.

How To Book And Enjoy Your Holiday Safely This Summer [Infographic]

Booking holidays online is vastly preferable to the old ring-around method. It’s simple, convenient and you have a much better chance of landing a discount. However, it is also rife with potential dangers; especially if you’re new to online shopping. This infographic from AVG Technologies looks at how to avoid the scammers — both before and during your holiday.

The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals [Updated]

The craziest sales season of the year has kicked off in the US once again. To make your life easier, we’re collecting the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains that you can get in Australia — keep checking back for updates!

All The Best Deals From Steam's Christmas Game Sale (So Far)

We knew they were coming and now they’re finally here — the first round of Steam sales for the Christmas holidays. This round is called the Exploration Sales, and as you’d expect there’s some good deals. Let’s dive right in.

Black Friday Shopping Tips For Australians

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days on the US calendar, with retailers offering discounts of up to 80 percent on big ticket items. If you’re stuck here in Australia, there’s no reason why you need to miss out on the action. Here are seven online shopping tips for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) bargain hunters.

Why Listening To Customers Beats Looking At Competitors

Online retail has become a very competitive space, far more competitive than it was ten years ago. When I first started my online-only furniture store Milan Direct we were told many times that selling furniture online wouldn’t work. If we’d listened to those people instead of the market that was crying out to buy furniture through an online channel, then I wouldn’t have found success through my online business.

Small Retailers Are Unprepared For The Christmas Shipping Rush

The holiday period can be one of the most profitable times of the year for online retailer, but research shows that up to 80 per cent of all retailers are not prepared to face the challenges presented by this year’s annual Christmas rush. The survey, done by shipping software company Temando, looked at over 200 Australian micro, small, mid-sized and enterprise level retailers, but focussed mainly on small retailers — who out of all the groups were the least likely to be adequately prepared for Christmas shipping.

SiteJabber Shows You Reviews Of Web Retailers Before You Buy

There are thousands of retailers around the web that would love your business. The trouble is knowing whether they’re legit or you’re wasting your money. That’s where SiteJabber comes in: Their new Chrome extension makes it easy to find out before you buy.

Always Check Manufacturer Sites To Find Refurbished Deals

When you’re deal hunting, not all discount is worth it. While some refurbished goods can be duds, getting refurbished products straight from the source will usually be better than most.

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