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Offline Gmail Graduates From Labs

Gmail’s Labs section graduates another feature into the mainstream today, pulling offline mail into the general settings pane. It’s good news for Google Apps users without much Labs access, and it makes offline settings easier to access in Gmail.

Gmail Now Lets You Add And Send Attachments Offline

Writing emails while offline can help keep you on top of things, especially while on the go. As of today, Offline Gmail allows you to add attachments to an email while you’re offline, bringing essentially the full offline experience to Gmail.

Customise Which Offline Gmail Messages Get Saved

Gmail’s offline access feature gives you your recent messages while you’re on a plane or otherwise unconnected. Now you can get speedier offline access, or deeper archives, by customising just how long to store messages.

How To Access Gmail When It’s Down

Last week’s Gmail outage is just the latest in a long series of outages in our favourite webmail application, but you don’t have to let that stop you from accessing your email and getting things done.

Google Gears Officially Updated For Firefox 3.5

Windows/Mac/Linux: Google’s popular offline browser plug-in Google Gears has been broken ever since Firefox 3.5 was released weeks ago. Frustrated users created their own workarounds, but now Gears is officially back up and running with Firefox 3.5.

Know When You Should Unplug From The Internet

Last week we gave you a few ideas for what to do when you’re internet’s out, but you shouldn’t have to wait until your connection dies before taking advantage of the distraction-free time unplugged.

Read It Later Brings Offline Reading To The iPhone

iPhone/iPod touch only: Read It Later plugs one of the gaps in its mission to offer your reading bookmarks anywhere at anytime with an official iPhone application, which features browser syncing and offline saving.

Gmail's Keith Coleman Talks Five Years Of Gmail And What's To Come

Gmail turns five today, so we sat down with Gmail’s Senior Product Manager Keith Coleman (virtually via Gmail, naturally) to discuss where it’s been, where it’s going, and that five-year-old beta tag.

Google Apps Users Get Offline Calendar Access

Google Apps users may be noticing an “Offline (beta)” link in the upper-right corner of their Google Calendars. That’s right—Google’s rolling out offline browser access to appointments, and, for once, Apps users get first dibs. If you see the offline link in red, hit it and, if you’ve enabled any other kind of Google offline access with Google Gears, like Offline Gmail, you’ll get a familiar experience. You’re prompted to enable offline access, and to install Gears if you haven’t already:

How Offline Gmail Decides Which Messages To Download

When you enable Offline Gmail, the new service doesn’t actually download all your messages—just about 10,000 of them. And Gmail has its own method of determining which messages it stores for serious email fiends.

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