Microsoft Office For Android Phones Is Now Available As A Preview

Want to edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint docs from your Android phone? You can now test them out in the new Office Preview apps.

How To Download The Microsoft Office 2016 Preview

Microsoft rolled out a preview version of Office 2016 in March, but that was restricted to IT pros and developers and required registration. Now the beta version of the office suite is available more broadly.

Microsoft Office Delve Adds Android And iOS Clients, People Search

Microsoft began rolling out Office Delve last September, but the contextual search and notification tool for Office users remains a work in progress. The newest additions to the platform are iOS and Android clients, along with enhanced people-based search tools.

Dropbox Adds Office Online Integration

Thanks to its partnership with Microsoft, Dropbox now lets you edit Office files you have stored in your Dropbox right in your browser via Office Online. When you view a Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint document stored in Dropbox, just click the new Open button to open the file in Office Online and perform whatever edits you need.

Fluency With Excel And Word Are Key To Getting A Higher-Paying Job

Finding a high-paying job without the right qualifications can be daunting. Even so, you may be surprised to hear that employers still want basics like Excel and Word before other, more advanced skills. Land those and your chances of scoring a gig with a living wage rise significantly.

Microsoft Office Lens Scans Notes And Documents Into Office Format

iOS/Android: Document and note scanning is nothing new. However, Microsoft has decided to enter the game with an advantage only it can offer: excellent Office integration.

Office 365 To Support Azure ExpressRoute Delivery

One problem with deploying Office 365 in security-conscious corporate environments is that you have to rely on unsecured public connections to the Web-based aspects of the platform. Microsoft has announced plans to allow businesses to use its ExpressRoute service to create a private managed connection to Office 365.

How To Access The Office 2016 IT Pro And Developer Preview

Microsoft announced its plans for Office 2016 back in January, and then released a preview version including Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows 10 testers. Now the full suite is available as a beta preview for IT pros and developers.

OneNote Beefs Up Its Web Clipper

OneNote is one of our favourite note-keeping apps, and it’s free for pretty much everyone. A new version of the OneNote Clipper extension makes it much easier to save stuff you find online into your OneNote notebooks.

Microsoft Releases Preview Build For Office For Mac 2016

Mac: Microsoft Office for the Mac hasn’t been fully updated since 2011, but Microsoft just put the training wheels on its preview build for Office 2016, and you can check it out for free right now.