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Plan To Admit That You're Wrong At Least Once In Every Argument

Nobody likes someone who refuses to admit they’re wrong. It makes you look childish, stubborn and unwilling to see other perspectives. You can make yourself a lot less hardheaded during a debate if you plan to say you’re wrong at least once.

Repair Your Relationship With Your Boss By Asking For Their Advice

If things have been a little rocky between you and your boss lately, there’s one thing that’s sure to help you begin smoothing things out: Ask them for their guidance.

Reduce Constant Back-And-Forth Emails With If-Then Statements

If you find yourself constantly getting sucked into long, ping-pong style email conversations, using if-then statements might help you save some time.

Boost Boring Office Microwave Porridge With Banana On The Bottom

Some offices that have snacks around have packets of microwave oats. They’re easy snacks and breakfasts, and you just need a bowl and some water, but they’re a little boring. The fix is easy: Grab a banana. Bring one from home, or maybe there’s one in that same pantry.

Tackle All Of Your Minor Tasks While Your Coworkers Are On Holiday

If your motivation has plummeted because it feels like you’re the only one stuck in the office — and maybe you are — use the time to tackle all the little things that have been piling up.

Define Your Meeting 'Type' Beforehand To Make Sure They're Productive

Whether you host or just have to attend regular meetings, you can make them more efficient by clarifying the type of meeting it is. You’ll get everyone on the same page, your meeting will be more productive and you’ll spend the time talking about what’s important.

A Full-Body Workout You Can Do In Your Office Chair [Infographic]

Even if work piles up in the office, you don’t have to completely shove aside taking care of your fitness. This quick workout from DAREBEE can help keep your exercising momentum, or at the very least, offer a nice breather from a stressful day of work. All you need is an office chair.

There's A Backlash Against Open Plan Offices

Looking back on the changes in office design over the past 30 years, it is easy to see why some employees feel as if they have been subjects in a giant ongoing experiment. For decades the office has moved from private, to open plan and more recently, no desk at all. These changes have been driven almost simultaneously by the push to reduce real estate cost and to also increase collaboration among employees. While savings in real estate costs appear to have been achieved, the negative effects of the open plan office on employees have now been well documented. A large body of research shows these offices are noiser; employees have difficulties concentrating and are unable to hold private conversations.

Microsoft's IFTTT Competitor Flow Gets Its First Android Beta

Android: Microsoft’s Flow is trying to compete with IFTTT, the automation service we already love pretty well. Now it’s finally gotten a key component: An Android app. Adventurous beta users can try it out now.

How Do Computers Become Infected With Ransomware?

Of all the online threats that put your computer at risk, ransomware is probably the most unsettling. But how does one become infected? This video from online security provider Kaspersky shows a ransomware attack taking place through Microsoft Word.

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