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Five Tips For Setting Up The Ideal Home Office

As more people turn to freelance work and self-employment, the home office is fast becoming the new norm. Working from home welcomes the luxury of freedom that’s hard to find in a conventional office setting. However, the comfort of your own home may also act as a distraction, so it’s important to design a fully functional workspace that is both stimulating and inspiring, to boost your productivity. Here are five tips on setting up the ideal home office, for maximum comfort, style and efficiency.

We Aren't Imagining It: The Tech Industry Needs More Women

This evening I’m giving a talk to my daughter’s Girl Scouts troop about careers in technology. I’m going to tell them that women have done amazing things in tech. I’m going to tell them that they too can do anything they set their minds to in this arena. But I will be lying to them.

Microsoft Releases Update For Office Developer Tools For Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft has made its first update for Office Developer Tools For Visual Studio 2015 available along with a preview of some features developers can expect to see in the next round of improvements.

The Evolution Of The Work Desk [Infographic]

Back in the 1980s, most office desks were identikit oblongs dominated by huge beige computer monitors and chunky keyboards. (If you were lucky, there was maybe enough room for a notepad, stapler and dictionary.) These days, the office desk is a much sleeker beast thanks to the rise of digital media and all-new ways of working. This infographic takes a look at the desk’s evolution: from the days of the Compaq Portable to the trendy era of desk cycles.

How Showing Your Emotions At Work Can Make You A Better Leader

A staggering 20% of senior management positions remain empty in the NHS – a figure that goes up to 37% in mental health. As demand for health and social care services go up in a context of recession and an ageing population, it appears that nobody wants to take the lead when it comes to jobs in health and social care.

Microsoft Lumia 950 And 950 XL: Australian Specs, Pricing And Availability

Microsoft showed off its new Lumia 950 and 950 XL smartphones, which were announced earlier in the year, at Ignite 2015 and we had a quick hands-on with the two Windows 10 devices. Here are the specifications, pricing and availability for both of the handsets.

Microsoft Launches Windows Store For Business In Australia

Microsoft has launched Windows Store for Business, which allows IT decision makers, purchasers and administrators to curate, deploy and manage apps to Windows 10 devices across their organisations. The new online store has been switched on for 21 countries, including Australia.

Time To Take A Sick Day: Working When Ill Is Bad For You - And Your Company

Feeling ill? Well, staying at home would seem to be the sensible course of action. Yet for many, going to work while sick has become the norm, even a necessity in the face of the pressures placed on us by the organisations which employ us.

If You Didn't Choose Your First Career, Don't Be Afraid To Change It

When you’re growing up, you’re encouraged to pick a career. When real life hits, you might find that you have to start working in a field you don’t care much for. That may be a good sign that a career change is OK.

Take Your Work Breaks Earlier In The Day For A More Productive Day

You know the importance of taking breaks during the day to get more done, but if you save your breaks until the afternoon, you might not be benefiting from your breaks as much as you could.

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