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The Pilot's Pen Lights and Writes

Whether you’re flying a jumbo jet at night or working on a crossword puzzle in the dark, the Pilot’s Pen is a nifty solution. The LED-powered penlight illuminates the page while you write, or you can retract the ink and just use it as a mini flashlight—useful for checking a map or locating something in the night driver’s glove compartment. The Pilot’s Pen will set you back 20 bucks, and it’s available at Amazon. Pilot’s Pen [Cool Tools]

Carbon Copy Sticky Pad Reminds You to Follow Up

Whether you’re adding notes inside a book or sticking a request to your co-worker’s monitor, you can automatically keep a copy for yourself with Rediform 2-Part Self-Stick Message Pads. These wallet-sized notepads keep one copy of your notes in the book, and let you tear off a sticky version for placement elsewhere—in short, they’re Post-It’s with carbon copies built in for easy follow up. Office Depot’s got a pack of six of these pads for $8. Rediform 2-Part Self-Stick Message Pad [Cool Tool]

Muji Chronotebook Non-linear Day Planner

The new Chronotebook day planner takes a different approach to laying out your tasks and events—instead of representing your day in a boring sequence of lines or on a grid, it displays time on an axis, like an analogue clock. Each page represents either the AM or PM, and you write your plans like spokes on a bicycle wheel. Check out more photos of the notebook after the jump.

Removable Magic Tape

Build out a paper flowchart on your gigantic whiteboard with Removable Magic Tape. The tape pulls off easily, leaves behind no messy residue, and can be pulled up and moved around. Weblog Cool Tools suggests using it for testing layouts for books, and it would also be perfect for testing out your scrapbook layouts. Removable Magic Tape will set you back $3 at Amazon.

Removable Magic Tape [Cool Tools] Buy Removable Magic Tape [Amazon]

Customise Your Notes with the Circa Modular Notebook

One of the best holiday gifts I received this year was a Levenger Circa modular notebook, a fancy pants folio you can customise for your own note-taking needs. The Circa is a combination binder and notebook, with removable pages but without ugly and annoying binder rings to snap open and shut. Instead a set of black plastic rings holds your book together, and specially-punched paper, dividers, and covers snap onto them. Like the Moleskine, the Circa is pricey, but notebook fetishists will love it. After the jump, some photos of my Circa assembly.

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