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How Hard Would It Be To Document Your Job?

Efficient management relies on well-understood and well-documented processes, but the reality in many workplaces is that crucial tasks are often only fully understood by a single employee. If you were to quit your job tomorrow, how many processes would have to be documented so that someone else could take over your role?

How To Stay Focused And Engaged In Long Meetings

Meetings are an inevitable part of the job for many people, and sometimes you know you’re going into a meeting that will drag on and on. How do you prepare yourself to be engaged and alert? Here are a few methods to survive those long-haul meetings.

Ask LH: How Can I Make My Office A Happier Place?

Hi Lifehacker, I have recently started working for an organisation that is still finding its feet. Over the years, there have been various mistakes in communication. Unfortunately, those mistakes have resulted in a lot of resentment between members of the organisation. No one party is entirely in the wrong, but none is entirely right either, it seems.

Have A Training Plan Ready In Case You Get Promoted

Earning a promotion isn’t always easy. If you’re expecting one soon, be ready to train your replacement. It shows your manager that promoting you won’t leave them scrambling to fill your role.

How To Effectively Work For A Stressed-Out Boss

It’s a vicious cycle: you can tell your boss is stressed, so you try to do more to make them happy. But the more and more you over-deliver, the less they seems to respond, and you become frustrated. How do you work well with a boss who isn’t necessarily bad or crazy, but just seems overwhelmed?

When To Lose The 'Sandwich Method' And Give Direct Criticism Instead

No one wants to sound like a jerk when giving constructive criticism, but sometimes we bury the point when trying too hard to spare feelings. Dive straight to the point without sandwiching praise around it if the kindness in your delivery is muddling the message.

Establish A 'Mutual Learning' Approach To Give Better Feedback

We’ve all heard of the “sandwich” method of giving feedback. While this is effective for small stuff, it can make serious critical feedback less useful. If it’s an important problem to address, use a “mutual learning” approach.

Track Your Triggers To Help You Deal With An Obnoxious Coworker

We’ve all worked with someone who we don’t like, and sometimes, you don’t even realise what you don’t like about them. Fast Company spoke with conflict consultant Kathleen Bartle, who suggests it’s best to recognise what about them sends you into a rage so you can deal with it better.

The Late Career Bloomer's Guide To Catching Up

Whether you’re about to attempt a career switch or starting late from a blank slate, catching up to the rest of your new field can be intimidating. Here’s what you can do to be on equal footing with your peers — or even get ahead of them — as a late career bloomer.

Why It's Important To Have Friends At Work

Some people say “I’m not here to make friends” when they talk about work. That’s fine, but the truth is having friends at work leads to longer-lasting, more fulfilling work experiences. Here are some reasons why.