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This Checklist Makes Sure Your Next Meeting Is Productive One

No one likes wasting time in meetings, but it happens. To spend your time more efficiently, it helps to have a plan in place. Use this checklist to make sure your next meeting is more productive.

Discuss Your Intent Before Content When Disagreeing With Your Boss

Disagreeing with your boss is difficult territory to wander through. To keep the discussion civil, Harvard Business Review suggests you frame your intent as a mutual goal before you get into the details.

What To Do When A Co-Worker Becomes Your New Boss

So, there you are: It’s that awkward moment when you’re told that a fellow colleague is now your new boss. Your mind races as the news sinks in. As you hide your initial shock and force a smile you can’t help but wonder — my lunch buddy is becoming my manager. Now what?

Information Security Is Not Just IT's Problem

Data leakage has become a significant security risk to Australian businesses. A recent global research study conducted by the Ponemon Institute on data leakage found each security incident in Australian organisations cost an average $US2.8 million and that Australian organisations spend the second most worldwide ($US1.2 million each on average) on investigating and assessing data breaches.

In A World Of IT Debacles, How Can You Create Trust?

You can’t solve every security problem with technology. You have to create trust on a human level — but how do you go about doing that?

The Company You Work For Is Not Your Friend

One thing becomes apparent after the honeymoon of a newly-launched career is over: Your employer — whether it’s a scrappy startup or a massive multi-million dollar company — is not your friend. You are a resource. That means the only one you can trust, really, is you. Here’s how to keep a cool head and stay in control of your career.

Motivate Lazy Coworkers By Asking For Their Input

At some point, you’ve probably dealt with coworkers who don’t pull their weight. Their incompetence can affect you, and it’s tempting to complain, criticise or reprimand them. However, for a more productive outcome, ask for their ideas instead.

Ask LH: How Can I Get Noticed At Work?

Dear Lifehacker, How can I raise my profile in the workplace without being an obnoxious “look at me” person? I have always tried to let my actions do the talking in the office. Recently though, I’ve noticed that I probably need to start developing a profile for career progression.

Five 'Weaknesses' You Can Reframe To Your Advantage

Weaknesses in your professional life can be turned into advantages. The crucial element is knowing how to frame your perceived “weak” qualities to contacts and potential employers. Here are five common disadvantages that you can reframe and use to your advantage.