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Try The 'Beer Test' To Make A Hiring Decision

When you’re hiring someone, you need to consider how they will fit into corporate culture. Sometimes you’ll have trouble figuring that out. Try imagining if you’d like to have a beer with them after work.

How To Deal With A 'Drive-By' Manager That's Never Around

Picture this: Your boss stops by your desk and casually lists a half-dozen things you need to get done. Your boss then vanishes before you have time to ask clarifying questions. That’s the dreaded drive-by manager. They may mean well (or they may not), but you’ll need to adapt, adjust and “manage up”. Here are a few ways to do that.

Stop Overanalysing Why You Might Get Fired: Just Do Your Job

We all worry about getting laid off or fired at some point in our careers. We’ll constantly look for clues to see which way the wind is blowing. If you stop reading into every action at work, you’ll lower your stress. You probably aren’t getting fired anyway.

Craft A Better Presentation With Zombie Apocalypse Principles

We’ve all daydreamed about how we’d react if the undead began rise from their graves and the zombie apocalypse commenced. It would take quick thinking, careful planning and grace under pressure. Oddly enough, these are the same principles it takes to craft an effective presentation.

What To Do When You Miss A Deadline At Work

It happens to the best of us — maybe accounting didn’t get you the numbers on time. Maybe the design work you thought would take you four hours is taking more like 14. Maybe Taco Tuesday turned into Food Poisoning Tuesday, and you know you won’t make your deadline.

How To Tell Your Boss You're Unhappy At Work

In an ideal world, our jobs would be challenging, engaging, and rewarding all the time, but that isn’t always the case. How do you deal with unhappiness at work? Ideally, it may just take a small tweak to get your career back on track to a more satisfying path, and you can start by telling your boss.

Seek Small Changes, Not Big Ones, To Get More Responsibility At Work

Knowing how to pursue upward or lateral mobility in a company is important if you want to stay relevant and gain more experience. Ask your boss for small changes, instead of big ones, to give yourself a better shot at gaining more responsibility at work.

Don't Call People Out, Call People Forth

When you get frustrated with a coworker, teammate or partner, a typical reaction is to call them out. Instead of highlighting the problems in the open — and possibly embarrassing them — use it as an opportunity to be a positive influence and help.

Ask LH: How Can I Succeed In A Job Based On The Road?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m one of the final applicants for a new state sales role that is completely based on the road. As I’ve always been at a desk in an office this is both exciting and scary! What sort of things will I need to be aware of when traveling around the state selling and working from home? They are also offering a car allowance — how does that work and what do I need to keep in mind?

Yes, Your Office Space Is Getting Smaller

As technology gets smaller, the space we are provided with to work also shrinks. In the 1950s, the typical office worker was assigned a total of 50 square metres of space. By the end of this decade, that figure will have dropped to 10 square metres.