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How To Deal With A Toxic Boss

Toxic boss bringing you down? Here are some tips for coping.

Work Like An Intern For A Better Chance At Success

Everyone wants to get ahead in their job. Whether it’s eyeing a promotion or just trying to get a project off the ground, one attitude can always help: working like an intern would.

Tell Your Boss You're Overwhelmed With Work With These Scripts

We all know that it’s tough to say no to work sometimes, but it’s often also about figuring out how to prioritise when bosses, clients and colleagues keep piling more on your plate. The Muse put together a few helpful scripts for dealing with this problem.

Stop Thinking And Start Doing: The Power Of Practising More

We all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives. These goals may include learning a new language, eating healthier and losing weight, becoming a better parent, saving more money, and so on. But there’s a point when you need to stop planning these goals and start working towards them.

How To Stay Motivated To Keep Packing Your Lunch

“Bring your lunch!” chirp bloggers giving advice to those who wish to save money. “Cook a stew on Sunday night and it will feed you at work all week long!” “Pack up leftovers from the night before!” This advice isn’t wrong; a little planning and a little flexibility can definitely help your food budget, particularly if you are surrounded by spendy lunch options. But there are other reasons why people go out for lunch, among them the time outside, workplace camaraderie, lack of interest in cooking, the phrase “sad desk lunch”, and the need to indulge oneself.

You Might Fall Back In Love With Your Job By Escaping Your Bubble

Escaping your bubble and ditching your comfort zone can help you find what you’re really passionate about in life, but it can also make you realise you really do love what you’re doing already.

Six Effective Ways To Have That Difficult Conversation At Work

Employees want more feedback. Gen Y employees in particular, want constant feedback. Managers however are often reluctant to give feedback if they fear that what starts as a rational conversation may degenerate into an emotional one. Even managers trained in coaching have admitted to being reluctant to tackle employees seen as abrasive or aggressive.

Handle Seemingly Incompetent Bosses By Sharing What You Know

Feel like your boss isn’t as capable as they should be? As frustrating as that can be, sharing your knowledge and experience with them instead of shutting them out might make things better for everyone.

Stop Working On Your Days Off

Days off are as precious as they are rare. It should be surprising, then, that so many of us throw them away so quickly by using them to catch up on yet more work. Cut it out.

Things You Should Never Say To Women Working In Tech Or Science

As you know, women are under-represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) fields — and many are leaving the profession in droves. Part of the problem: the alienating and clueless things said to female scientists, mathematicians and engineers by their colleagues.