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Why Office 365 Home Is A Better Buy Than Office 365 Personal

Having announced it last month, Microsoft’s cut-price edition of its Office 365 subscription suite, Office 365 Personal, went on sale yesterday. While it might be tempting to save $40 by purchasing the Personal edition, we think that’s a mistake and you’d be better off with the Home edition. This is why.

Outlook Web Access Is Finally Coming To Android

Last July, Microsoft released an iOS app specifically designed to replicate the features of its Outlook Web Access (OWA) browser-based interface, but in a native iOS environment for business Office 365 users. This week, it has announced plans to do the same for Android, saying a native app will be available soon.

Ask LH: Will Using Office 365 On My iPad And iPhone Use Up Two Licences?

Hey Lifehacker, Following last week’s launch, I’m interested in getting Office 365 for my iPhone and iPad. I already have a 365 Home subscription, and I’m using three of the five licences. Do I need to use the remaining two licences, one for my iPhone and one for my iPad, to get full access to the apps on both devices?

Microsoft Office For iPad: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft has officially released Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad users — and the basic apps are free. Here’s what you need to know.

A Cheaper Microsoft Office 365: What The Personal Edition Will Cost In Australia

I don’t think paying $119 a year for five licences of Office 365 Home Premium for 12 months is particularly bad value, but some users have complained about the cost. If you’re in that camp, a slightly cheaper option is on the drawing board: Office 365 Personal.

Power BI For Office 365 Costs $40 A Month

Power BI for Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based data visualisation tool, has been in preview since last year. Now it’s finally on general release — but that also means you have to pay for it.

Office 365 Student Advantage Offers Free Office For Uni Students

University students, here’s something to check on when you return next year: if your university has Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional Plus licensed for staff, you can score a free Office 365 ProPlus licence. That lets you install Office on up to five devices for nothing.

Get Free Office 365 Via Student Advantage

Student discounts for software are nothing new, but this takes it to a whole new level. Microsoft’s new Student Advantage scheme means that educational institutions which license Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional for staff can offer free Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions to all students.

Why Migrating To Cloud Office Suites Doesn't Always Make Life Simpler

Part of the appeal of deploying cloud-based solutions such as Office 365 or Google Drive is the idea that it will reduce IT administration overheads. Forrester Research reminds us that this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re trying to migrate lots of existing documents.

Office 365 Mail Now In An iOS App

Microsoft has launched an iOS app for the Outlook component of its Office 365 suite, adding native email and calendar access for iPhone and iPad users. In other news for Australian Office 365 users: the companion Office iOS app for editing documents, which came out last month in US-only form, is now available in the Australian iTunes store as well.