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Microsoft Updates Office 365 Mobile Apps With New Features

Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite Office 365 has received a bunch of improvements this month and the mobile app version has received a lot of love. Here are the new features that have been added.

Open365 Is An Open Source Alternative To Microsoft Office 365

Windows/Mac/Linux/Android: One of Microsoft Office 365 program’s chief advantages over open source alternatives is the ability to sync documents via the cloud so that you can edit them everywhere. Open365 has stepped up to finally match this feature set.

Microsoft Adds Reports To Office 365 To Track Productivity Apps Usage

It’s good to know how your employees are using various work apps in your company so you know where to allocate additional IT resources. That’s why Microsoft has now introduced usage reports for SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business and Yammer offered through Office 365. Here’s what you need to know.

Office 365 Video Update Brings YouTube-Like Experience To Company Clips

When you’re trying to get a message across a large group of people in a company, a video can be more effective than a lengthy email. Microsoft has updated its Office 365 Video service that makes it easier for workers to upload and monitor their own clips along with additional capabilities for administrators.

Microsoft Flags Potential Mail Disruption For Some Office 365 And Exchange 2013 Customers

Microsoft has warned that some customers using a hybrid of Office 365 and Exchange 2013 for its mail service may not receive their emails after the vendor renews its Office 365 transport layer security (TLS) certificate in April. The company has provided instructions on how to remediate this. Here are the details.

Would You Want To Start The Work Day In Your Car?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where technology vendors get together to announce upcoming products that are about to be launched as well as futuristic offerings that are still in development. It is at this year’s CES that automotive technology maker Harman revealed it is working with Microsoft to bring the Office 365 productivity suite to cars. This means people can respond to emails, schedule appointments and do Skype calls on their way to work. But do people really want to be starting the daily grind before they even get into the office? Discuss.

Microsoft Planner Tool For Office 365 Now Available In Preview

Microsoft unvielded its Planner project management tool for organisations using Office 365 back in September. Planner is now available in preview and Office 365 administrators who have registered for early access will be able to set up the tool for their end-users.

How To Tackle Sluggish Microsoft Office 365 Performance

If your company uses Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite and the service is running at a glacial pace, chances are something has gone wrong. But how do you diagnose the problem and how do you fix it? Microsoft has provided some pointers on how to troubleshoot this issue.

Microsoft Brings 'Likes' And 'Mentions' To Outlook On The Web

You can ‘Like’ posts on Facebook and ‘Favourite’ Tweets on Twitter, so why not whack that feature onto emails? That’s exactly what Microsoft has done with Outlook on the web. The email service is getting a social media treatment with the addition of ‘Likes’ and ‘Mentions’. God help us. Here’s the lowdown.

Microsoft Office 2016 Is Live, Adds Real-Time Collaboration, Skype For Business

Microsoft has released the newest version of Office. The biggest addition is real-time collaborative editing, much like Google Docs, plus built-in integration with Skype for Business.

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