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Office 2013 Service Pack 1 Adds OneDrive

Microsoft has just released Service Pack 1 for its Office 2013 suite. While most of the update covers bug fixes and performance improvements (especially for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 users), it also incorporates the change of name from SkyDrive for OneDrive for Microsoft’s cloud storage services.

Settings To Change When You Install Microsoft Word

Word 2013 is a very capable word processor, but some of the default settings aren’t actually helpful. These are the options you should change as soon as you set it up on a new machine.

Disable Microsoft Office 2013's Start Screen With This Registry Hack

Microsoft Office 2013 starts up with a screen showing you templates and recently opened documents. If you find this annoying and would rather get straight to work, all you need to do is change one registry entry.

Add Dynamic Content To Excel

Excel’s WEBSERVICE function is a nifty way to add data from online sources directly to spreadsheets. The Excel Blog has a useful walkthrough on how to set up a spreadsheet using the feature. [Excel Blog]

Transferring Office 2013 Between Computers Is Legal Again

One of the more controversial changes introduced with Office 2013 was a restriction on the ability for individual users to transfer their licences between machines. Microsoft has backpedalled on its original proposal, which only allowed you to move licences if your machine had a warranty failure, and has now gone back to its previous stance, which lets you move the software provided you uninstall it from the old machine.

Office 365 Business For Australia Explained

Office 365 Home Premium got its official release last month,, but workplace users have had to wait their turn until now. Microsoft has finally released its business packages for the 2013-flavoured release of Office 365, so what’s on offer?

Why Excel 2013 Always Shows Independent Windows For Each Spreadsheet

Excel’s handling of multiple open windows has long varied depending on the version you’re running, the OS you’re using and the options you have set. Excel 2013 eliminates most of the variability: every spreadsheet in Excel 2013 opens in a separate instance of the program.

Will You Buy Office 365 On Subscription?

The newly-announced pricing for Office 2013 makes buying an annual subscription (aka Office 365 Home Premium) by far the most appealing option for most customers. But does that mean people are going to buy it?

Office 2013: What It Costs In Australia

Office 2013 officially went on sale to consumers today. How much will you pay? The cheapest subscription version is $119 a year in Australia, which gives you five licences which you can install on either PCs or Macs.

New Office 2010 Buyers Will Get Free Upgrade To Office 2013

Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed final pricing for Office 2013, but it seems to be readying for launch. New purchasers of the full version of Office 2010 are now being promised a free upgrade when the updated software ships.

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