Veghacker: My Week As A Fast-Food Vegetarian

This week, my month-long experiment in not eating meat coincided with the Note 4 Roadtrip challenge which sent me across Australia. The end result was that I ate a strange mixture of fast food, airline lounge meals and supermarket oddities.

How To Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

Science has a simple and incredible trick that will help you lose weight. The idea, it seems, is to make portions appear bigger because this leads people to serve and eat less.

Avoid Emotional Snacking By Listing What You Really Want In Your Life

Sometimes when something doesn’t go your way, you may try to make it better by scouring your kitchen for some comfort food. Before you go reaching for the snacks, take a moment to write down what it is in your life that you’re really hungry for.

Cooking Oils To Eat And Avoid

Health conscious consumers are increasingly ditching old favourites vegetable and canola oil for trendy alternatives like coconut and peanut oil. But are they any healthier? And how do they compare with other options such as heated olive oil and butter?

The Difference Between How You Cook And How Corporations Cook For You

Fast food and takeaway are deadly combinations of convenient and delicious. Unfortunately, that food is usually cooked with way more salt, fat and sugar than you’d ever use at home. Here’s why that could be a problem.

Veghacker: Dealing With The Jealousy

So we had a much-delayed team lunch during the week at a restaurant I had recommended largely because of the mouth-wateringly excellent burgers. But because it was delayed, suddenly it was November and I had taken a vow not to eat any meat for a month. So while my Allure colleagues enjoyed pulled pork burgers and duck ravioli, I ate pumpkin and beetroot skewers.

This Infographic Shows How Alcohol Contributes To Weight Gain

We already know that drinking alcohol adds calories and affects our metabolism, but the extent that alcohol contributes to weight gain is pretty (ahem) sobering.

Veghacker: Why I'm Not Eating Any Meat In November

It has been far too long since I undertook a food challenge for Lifehacker. So I’ve decided that during November I will adopt a vegetarian diet and give up meat altogether.

Plan Your Meal Before Reaching The Restaurant To Have A Better Time

Going out for dinner is not just about a great meal; it’s also about the company and having a good time. Eliminate the usual hubbub around deciding what to order, and eat healthier to boot, by making food choices in advance.

How Facebook Is Used To Market Junk Food

We all know obesity is a common, serious, and costly health issue. But while government action has stalled and the debate rages on about how best to combat this growing public health disaster, junk food manufacturers continue to aggressively market and sell vast amounts of energy-dense, nutrition-poor food and drinks.