Pushbullet Can Now Reply To SMS From The Desktop Using Any Texting App

Pushbullet can’t seem to stop rolling out useful updates. Users can now reply to SMS messages from the desktop, regardless of what app you use for texting.

Poppy Provides Email Popup Notifications With Quick Actions

Android: Your phone gives you a pop-up when you get a new text message, with the ability to quickly reply or delete it. Poppy works similarly with emails, and lets you do a lot more than just reply or delete.

Floatify Adds Customisable Pop-Up Notifications To Android

Android: The notification shade is easily one of the best innovations that Android brings to mobile. However, it’s not perfect for everyone. Floatify offers an alternative: pop-up notifications that are even available in immersive mode.

Notific Smartly Switches Screen On And Off For App Notifications

Android (4.3+): Notific is a new lock screen app that shows your notifications in a tabbed banner message and lets you interact with each one. It also knows if the phone is in your pocket and intelligently switches the screen on or off.

Floatify Brings Android L's New Notifications To KitKat Handsets

Android: There are some great new features coming up in Android L, but you can bring some to your phone right now. Floatify lets just about any KitKat Android handset take advantage of the new notification system — and there’s no need to root your phone.

ACDisplay Updates, Adds A New Interface, Lock Screen Options

Android: The last time we mentioned ACDisplay, we praised it for bringing Moto X-style notifications to any Android phone. The app has updated since then, and while it has shed the Moto X style, it makes up for it with a new look, the option to replace your lock screen, and an active mode that wakes when you pick up your phone.

Todoist Unveils Location-Based Reminders For iPhone And Android

iOS/Android: Todoist, one of our favourite to-do list apps, took the wraps off location-based reminders today. Now you can create to-dos that trigger reminders when you enter or leave a specific area. Remembering pick up milk when you pass the supermarket has never been easier.

Get Facebook Notifications Without The Mobile App Using IFTTT

Android: You can use Facebook’s mobile website than the official app for better battery, faster performance and to get rid of all the privacy permissions the app needs. But it doesn’t give you notifications. IFTTT for Android can solve that.

Heads Up! Brings Android L's Notification System To Older Handsets

Android L has a load of new features, and we’ve looked at how to install it on a Nexus. But if you want to take advantage of more than just the new apps on non-Nexus devices, Heads Up! brings you the new notification system, no root required.

Download Notifier Adds Desktop Notifications For Completed Downloads

Chrome: When you download large files, you probably find that you constantly check your browser to see when the transfers will finish. With Download Notifier for Chrome, desktop notifications let you know when downloads complete.