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Use Do Not Disturb To Improve Your iPhone Gaming Experience

iOS: Gaming on iOS is a love it or hate thing, but regardless of which side you fall on, everyone knows notifications can destroy a good high score run. How-To Geek reminds us of the importance of Do Not Disturb here.

Enable Native Notifications In Chrome For OS X

Mac: Chrome’s been using its own notification system for a while, but having two sets of notifications, Chrome’s and the built-in OS X ones, is a tad annoying. Thankfully, you can now enable native notifications.

Instagram Is The Latest Service To Consider Reordering Your Timeline

Instagram announced a couple of weeks ago that they will start rolling out a new feed that ditches chronological order in favour of a feed similar to Facebook that’s based on what they think you’ll like. To correct for this, you might have noticed some pleas from users to turn on notifications. Here’s what that’s all about.

Here's How To Disable YouTube's New Annoying Recommendation Notifications

In YouTube’s world, the next maybe-trendy video is so important that you need to be notified immediately. For those of us who live in reality, here’s how to prevent YouTube from shoving suggested videos into your notification shade.

Send App Crash Reports To The Notification Center In OS X

Usually, when an app crashes in OS X, you get a pop up warning from Crash Reporter in the middle of the screen. That’s not always the best place for it, and if you’d prefer to have the warning in your Notification Center, Defaults-Write shows you how.

Noti Displays A Notification After A Terminal Process Finishes

Mac/Linux: Often when you’re running a command in Terminal it takes forever to complete. Instead of checking back in every few minutes, Noti’s a tool that adds desktop (or phone) notifications.

Facebook's New Mobile Notifications Look A Lot Like Google Now

Android/iOS: Today, Facebook announced that your mobile notifications will get a huge overhaul. In addition to a new look, Facebook is adding information like sports scores, reminders, and tons more.

Fix OS X's Obnoxious Birthday Reminders With Two Clicks

If you’re an OS X user, you’ve probably seen a number of birthday reminders pop up in your Notification Center. If you’re not a fan of these, Lifehacker alumnus Adam Dachis shows you how to turn them off.

Aura Turns Gmail Alerts Into OS X Native Notifications

Mac: You can set up notifications for Gmail in a variety of ways. But if you prefer the web app to a desktop app you can’t easily get native notification support. Aura makes that possible.

Klok Stuffs Multiple Timezone Clocks Into The Notification Center

iPhone: Converting between timezones can be tricky sometimes. If you’re looking for a simple way to glance at the time across the world, Klok is a Notification Center widget that does just that.

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