Notification Count Adds Number Badges To Android Notifications

Android (rooted with Xposed): Some Android apps, like Gmail, show that you have multiple unread notifications — but they won’t tell you how many. Notification Count is an Xposed module for rooted phones that adds a number badge to all your notifications.

Glimpse Automatically Turns Your Screen On To See Your Notifications

Android (5.0+): One of the neatest features of Motorola’s Moto X is that you can see your notifications at a glance as they come in. Glimpse brings this feature to all Lollipop devices.

Chrome For iOS Gets Notification Center Search And Pull To Refresh

iPhone: Google has updated Chrome for iOS with a few handy new features. It now includes a pull-to-refresh gesture, a way to search from the Notification Center, and new suggested answers in the address search bar.

Hooks Sets Up Custom Notifications For All Sorts Of Information

iPhone: Notifications are a pain because they’re usually an all-or-nothing deal for apps. If you want more control over notifications, Hooks lets you manage them in very specific ways.

What I Learnt From A Week Away From Tech Distractions

My days are filled with emails, pings and notifications. So much so that I forgot what it was like to be away from all of the distractions of technology I’ve grown accustomed to. Here are some lessons I learnt spending a week away from it all, and how you can incorporate them in your own life.

NCutil Customises OS X Notification Settings

Mac: OS X doesn’t come with a lot of options for customising the behaviour of the Notification Center. Fortunately, NCutil is a command line utility that lets you change all sorts of settings.

Sort Notification Center Items By Time To Make Them More Useful

Mac: By default, the Notification Center on Mac sorts items manually. That’s fine for many people, but if you’d prefer to sort notifications with the most recent notification at the top, iDownloadBlog points to a setting you might have missed.

Invoke Specific Notification Center Views With A Keyboard Shortcut

Notification Center is a useful feature for Mac users, and it’s easy enough to create a keyboard shortcut to pull it up by just hopping into the Keyboard Shortcuts menu in System Preferences. But if you’d prefer to invoke a specific view setting, iDownloadBlog shows off how.

How To Turn Off The Annoying Chirping Sounds In The Facebook App

Over the last couple days, an update for the Facebook app on iOS and Android has been rolling out. You may have noticed one very distinct change: weird chirping sounds. Here is how you can turn them off in iOS and Android.

LogDog Checks Popular Services For Suspicious Logins

Android: Sites like Google and Facebook tell you about recent logins, so you can make sure no one else is accessing your accounts. Instead of checking individual sites, LogDog consolidates all those logs in one place.