AcDisplay Adds Moto X-Style Screen Notifications To Any Android Phone

Android (4.3+): When you get notifications on the Moto X, the centre of the screen turns on to show you the time and an icon for the app that has the notification waiting for you, along with some other visual cues. If you’d like something similar for your Android phone, AcDisplay delivers.

Twitter Is Adding Real-Time Notifications

If you use Twitter’s webapp, you’ll be used to seeing notifications that you have new interactions in the top bar. Soon, you’ll see those pop up directly in your timeline.

Use A Silent Ringtone As The Default To Minimise Distractions

Smartphones can be great, but they only give you a few options to handle incoming calls: ring, vibrate or silent. You can eliminate distractions by using a silent ringtone as the default and changing it for just the important contacts.

Checker Plus Reads Gmail Messages, Marks As Read From Notifications

Chrome: Google’s browser has a pretty nifty notification system. While Gmail can provide some basic notifications through Chrome, Checker Plus lets you automatically read emails out loud and mark them as read from the notification.

Amazon CloudTrail Coming To Sydney Region In May

When Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its API tracking service CloudTrail last November, it was only available for US regions. Australian customers will finally get a crack at the service shortly, with chief technology officer Dr Werner Vogels telling attendees at this week’s AWS Summit that it will be launched for the Sydney region “next month”.

How To Make Your iOS Notifications Smarter With IFTTT

iOS notifications are great for keeping you up to date with whatever’s happening in your apps, but they get overwhelming quickly. With If This Then That, you can now refine those notifications so they’re smarter and less intrusive. Here’s how.

Unsubscribe From All LinkedIn Emails With A Click

LinkedIn likes to send you a lot of emails. On any given day, you might get 10 different emails blabbing on about birthdays, contacts joining or other annoying notices. To unsubscribe from all of them, it takes a bunch of clicks, but developer Chengyin Liu created a bookmarklet to unsubscribe in a click.

How To Use Pushbullet To Get Notified Of Anything On Any Device

Notification service Pushbullet recently updated with IFTTT support, following Tasker integration last month. That’s a lot of our favourite words together in a single sentence. Naturally, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the best uses for Pushbullet. Sends You (And Others) Email Reminders On A Schedule

We all need a nudge every now and then to remember to get things done. If email is the centre of your notification universe, can help jog your memory by sending you a reminder to do a certain task at a date and time you specify.

How To Disable Chrome's Google Now Notifications

Google recently rolled out an update that added Google Now support to its Chrome browser on both Windows and Mac. That’s great if you use Google services. If you don’t, it tends to just repeatedly tell you the current weather. Here’s how to disable it.