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Organize Your Start Menu with SMOz

Windows only: Clean up and organise your Windows Start menu with free, open source application SMOz (Start Menu Organizer). With SMOz you can arrange your Start menu content by category through a simple, Windows Explorer-like interface. If you’re not sure where to get started, try using one of the automated templates, which will move recognised applications (like iTunes) into pre-defined categories (like Multimedia). Granted, fewer and fewer of us still rely on the Start menu since the proliferation of application launchers like Launchy, but if you still prefer the old point and click of the Start menu, SMOz is an excellent tool to clean up the mess. SMOz is a free application, Windows only.

SMOz [SourceForge via Inspect My Gadget]

Title Bar Browser Timer

Wanna limit the time you spend goofing off online? Ask MetaFilter user myrrh created a timer that counts down a certain number of minutes in your browser title bar (or background tab) and pops up a browser alert dialog when it’s done. Run a timed work dash or limit your Facebook break without installing any extra software—the magic all happens in this page’s Javascript. Hit the link to give the timer a try. Thanks, Iron!

Title bar timer [via Ask MetaFilter]


Microsoft readies Office Live Workspace, an online storage space for office documents. The catch? You can only edit the spreadsheet, Word doc or slideshow if you have MS Office installed on your computer. Uh, ok.

Make Noise Reduction Headphones for $20

You can head down to your local stereo store and get fleeced for about $150 (or more) to buy a good pair of noise reduction headphones; or you can watch this video demonstration from Metacafe on how to hack your very own noise reducing headphone set for around $20. You can find the headphones that the video talks about at any home improvement store—all together, this simple DIY project takes about five minutes (not counting your visit to the store). Definitely worth a try, especially since these things are so dang expensive.

Headphone Hack! Make You Own Noise Eliminating Headset! Video [Metacafe via Wise Bread]

Accept Compliments For Your Accomplishments

Sometimes, even though we deserve it, it can be hard to take a compliment. Productivity site has this suggestion: It wasn’t luck or the goodwill of others or any other reason that you managed to do something praiseworthy, it was your own effort and commitment. Even if you truly were just in the right place at the right time, you deserve credit for recognising an opportunity and acting on it. If you wouldn’t dream of not taking responsibility for your failures, then step up and take responsibility for your achievements.

Of course, it’s not a good idea to go too much the other way, but false humility is pretty easy to spot. So own those accomplishments—and enjoy the compliments when you get them.

How to Take a Compliment []

Schedule Wake-up Calls and Reminders at Wakerupper

Schedule free wake-up calls and reminders online with web site Wakerupper. Just enter the time and date you want your call, your timezone, phone number, email address, and an optional bit of reminder text that will be played text-to-speech style when you get the call. The site requires no registration, though registration is possible if you want to use the service for more than the occasional one-off wake-up call. Most of us have learned to use our cell phones as anywhere alarms, but if you’re paranoid about waking up when you’re travelling or before an important meeting, Wakerupper is a useful tool for creating anywhere, anytime wake-up calls (a little redundancy is always calming).

Wakerupper [via Bnet]

Change Firefox's Ctrl+Enter Behaviour

You already know that you can auto-complete web site addresses in Firefox’s location bar using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter. (Oh, you didn’t? Here’s how to never type http://, www, .com or .org again.) The How-To Geek explains how to tweak Firefox’s about:config settings to alter the behaviour of those keystrokes to your liking. So if you visit more’s more than .com’s, Ctrl+Enter can fill in instead. Just change the browser.fixup.alternate.suffix value to your desired suffix.

Change Ctrl+Enter Behavior in Firefox [the How-To Geek]


None of this will be new to power Gmailers, but Wired offers a nice howto on getting the most out of Gmail.

The Gawker Guide to Conquering all Media

Our pals at Gizmodo pointed out that Gawker – publishers of Lifehacker US – have published a book. The self-deprecatingly titled Gawker Guide to Conquering all Media boasts a hilarious YouTube ad. Check it out:

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