The Gear In Corporate Networks Is Increasingly Obsolete [Infographic]

Network equipment is not like smartphones: we tend to leave it in place until it stops working. However, new data on utilisation suggests we might be taking this tendency too far: more than half the networking gear currently used is outdated.

Is SDN Ready For The Enterprise?

Software defined networking (SDN) has been floating around for the last few years but it has mainly been in the eye-line of carriers looking to rapidly provision networks. With everything else in the enterprise becoming virtualised, it seems that the network is going to follow.

What Should Lifehacker Look Into At Cisco Live!?

For the next three days, I’m in Melbourne for Cisco’s annual Cisco Live! conference. What issues should I dig into while I’m here?

Mobile Data Still Dwarfed By Fixed Lines

Mobile broadband is hugely convenient, and wireless solutions are often proposed as an alternative to expensive rollouts of fibre-based networks such as the National Broadband Network (NBN). But that doesn’t mean it dominates: a new analysis suggests 97 per cent of all data traffic worldwide still comes from fixed access networks.

Can A Mobile Phone Hack A Plane?

There’s a speculative report from the Sunday Express that theorises that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 might have been hijacked, potentially, by terrorists who might have used a mobile phone to access airline systems that could have been interconnected with the inflight entertainment system. That’s a lot of weasel words isn’t it?

How Politics Is Depriving Us Of A Decent NBN

As Stephen Conroy interrogated the incoming NBN Co chief Ziggy Switkowski in last week’s Senate hearing into the network’s rollout, it became increasingly clear that politics is getting in the way of good policy.

How Well Do DIY Wi-Fi Boosters Work?

We’ve seen a number of DIY wi-fi extenders designed to boost signal range, but many people remain doubtful of their quality. Macworld decided to test a bunch of myths about Wi-Fi speed, including just how well one of these DIY antennas really works.

What iOS 7 Did To Internet Traffic

When iOS 7 was released last week, iDevice owners rushed to upgrade. You can see the impact that had on Internet traffic in the chart above from Blue Coat.

How To Spy On A Modern Communications Network

How does surveillance of a telephone network work in the modern era when phones aren’t tied to a single location, and what are the legal issues surrounding Telstra’s apparent opening up some of its networks to the FBI? Swinburne University’s Philip Branch explains.

Did An iOS Bug Cause A DDOS-Style Attack?

If you experience poor network performance, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether that’s the result of a conscious distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack or just poor software design somewhere in the stack. A recent incident at YouTube highlights how the latter can cause major problems, even when the software involved isn’t under your direct control.