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Show Traffic And Road Incidents In Maps For Mavericks

The Maps app packed into Mavericks isn’t exactly overwhelming with features, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. OS X Daily points out that it includes a traffic indicator that you might have missed.

Crowsflight Guides You To Your Location Without Wasting Battery

iOS: Your GPS and 3G connection drain your battery faster than anything else, so if you can avoid using either for navigation purposes you can avoid a dead iPhone. Crowsflight sets a plan for the places you want to go, downloads the relevant maps, and only uses your compass to help you reach your destination.

MapsOpener Automatically Opens Map Links In Google Maps

iOS (Jailbroken): Now that Google Maps is out for iOS, we don’t have to resort to using Apple Maps. However, there’s no way to get iOS to open map links in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps. Fortunately, this jailbreak tweak will do just that.

Give Better Directions By Forgetting That You Know Them

Ever wonder why others tell you you’re awful at giving directions? It really isn’t your fault: psychology tells us that giving directions is actually pretty darn hard. Here’s how to fix that.

Google Street View Is Now Available On The Google Maps Web App

Google has added the Street View feature to its Google Maps web app, giving the already robust mapping system a nice on the ground viewpoint for wherever you’re going.

Whereis iOS Maps App Adds Celebrity Voices

Apple Maps bites right now, so it makes sense that other iOS mapping providers are pushing out updates. I’m not sure the addition of celebrity voices (in the form of Dame Edna Everage, Jennifer Hawkins and Nick Giannopolous) is going to convince too many people to download the latest version of the Whereis app, but even if you don’t fancy a ‘Wog Boy’ moment in the car, it’s a solid (and free) turn-by-turn navigation app.

Need Directions? Ask A Pizza Place

If you haven’t got a GPS, a petrol station can seem the obvious place to ask for directions. But for more reliable information, try a pizza place.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation Might Be Missing For Aussies In iOS 6

We already know that the beta version of iOS 6 maps is missing lots of Australian data, but if Apple’s own site is any guide, Australians won’t be getting any turn-by-turn directions on the updated platform either either. There’s no mention of the feature on Apple’s Australian site, though some developers say the basic options can be seen in the beta. Hit Gizmodo for the full story. [Gizmodo]

Google Maps For Android Will Soon Be Available Offline

Android: You’ll soon be able to preload Google Maps on your Android phone and save on your data allowance, according to an announcement today by Google. Offline Google Maps means you can navigate when travelling abroad or get directions when you don’t have reception.

Ask LH: How Can I Make My GPS App Give Me Better Directions?

Dear Lifehacker, My GPS sometimes gives me ridiculous directions: It’ll ask me to turn in a “no right turn” lane, drive me in weird little circles, or sometimes even take me on a 10-minute detour before getting to my destination. How can I get it to give me more accurate directions?

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