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Spotify's Daily Mix Playlists Combine Old Favourites And New Artists Into One Playlist

Over the past couple of years, Spotify has introduced its Discover Weekly playlist that aims to find new music and its Release Radar playlist that seeks out new albums from your favourite artists. Today, it’s mashing up the two ideas with a Daily Mix that combines artists you’ve listened to with new stuff. Is Simple, Minimal And Streams Music To Work To

Music for productivity comes in various forms, but if you’re the type who enjoys non-vocal electronica in the background while you get stuff done, delivers. Best of all, it’s in a simple, minimal interface with few controls and no playlists or other tools to distract you.

The Poolside Party Playlist

Summer is slowly approaching, and as the weather warms up it will soon be time to head down to the pool. This playlist will set the mood for that first party of the season.

Deals: Cut The Cord With These Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

For as long as we can remember, water has been the bane of every electronic’s existence. But some gadgets, like the FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds, are starting to challenge that.

For a limited time, Lifehacker readers can get the FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds for just $52.99 AUD [$39.95 USD].

The Star Trek 50th Anniversary Playlist

The first episode of Star Trek aired on 8 September 1966. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series, we’re putting on a playlist of all the iconic music that has come out of this innovative franchise.

Chrome Beta 54 Now Lets You Play Video In The Background On Android

Android: Unless you use YouTube Red, playing videos in the background on Android is probably pretty rare. That’s changing in the new Chrome Beta, which allows you to play videos from web pages in the background. Yes, even YouTube.

Pandora Adds Offline Playback For Plus Subscribers, Improves Its Free Service

Today, Pandora users got a bunch of new goodies. If you’re using the $US5 ($7)/month paid service, you can now listen to music offline, with unlimited skips and replays. Free users can also trade watching a video ad for more skips and replays.

SoundCloud Finally Launches Its Subscription Music Streaming Service In Australia

Music streaming provider SoundCloud had been offering a free service for years and decided to launch a paid premium service called SoundCloud Go in March over in the US. Now the premium option is available in Australia and New Zealand. Read on to find out what you’ll get with SoundCloud Go.

Apple iPhone 7 And AirPods: Hands-On First Impressions

The iPhone 7 has officially arrived. Earlier today, we got to play around with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus following the company’s big launch event in San Francisco. We also got to try out the new wireless AirPod headphones. Here’s an early, hands-on look at what it’s like to use them.

Why Radio Stations Keep Playing The Same Song Over And Over Again

If you ever listen to AM/FM radio and wonder why all the stations play the same songs over and over, there’s actually a very simple answer. Like many things, it has to do with advertising, money and getting as many ears on your station as possible so you can deliver the former and make the latter.

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