Peggo Converts YouTube Videos To Audio For Offline Listening

Web: Peggo is a simple web service that takes your favourite YouTube videos, whether they’re music, podcasts or other programming, and saves them as audio files so you can listen to them offline. It even removes silence to keep file sizes small, and it normalises volume so you don’t get startled if you’re listening through headphones.

Ask LH: How Can I Get My Boss To Let Me Wear Headphones At Work?

Dear Lifehacker, I work in an open office environment, and I’d really like to put on my headphones and focus to some music while I work. I’m worried my coworker or boss might think I’m isolating myself, or not being a “team player” though. How can I explain I’m trying to be productive without coming off like I’m being defensive?

Briefly: Watch This Week's Best Online Videos

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The return of Weird Al, surfing in the Arctic Circle, Game of Thrones “R+L=J” theory explained.

Navigate Through A Song On Android With The Lockscreen Controls

One of the neatest features of stock Android is the lockscreen controls that appear while you’re listening to music. What you might not have known is that you can long-press them to jump to a specific part of a song.

Shorten Your Shopping Trip By Blocking Out Slow Tempo Music

There are lots of ways stores try to manipulate shoppers, from placing more expensive items at eye level to encouraging interaction with goods. A study published in the Journal of Marketing shows that the tempo of music you hear whilst shopping can also have an influence.

MusicBox Turns Your Raspberry Pi Into A Music Streaming Powerhouse

When we first mentioned MusicBox a little over a year ago, it had the modest goal of turning your Raspberry Pi into a Spotify server. Now, it supports more services and file types.

Vibe Cloud Music Player Plays Your Music From Dropbox And Google Drive

iPhone: Dropbox and Google Drive make for great places to store your music so you can access it from anywhere, but you still need something to play the music. Vibe Cloud Music Player does just that.

Audentifi Identifies Songs In YouTube Videos

Sometimes, tracking down the song in a YouTube video is a bit of an adventure. Audentifi is an app similar to something like Shazam that can detect a song based on the URL you give it.

QCast Turns Your Chromecast Into A Shared Music Party For Your Guests

Social DJ apps have always had a strange place in the internet’s heart. was beloved while it was around, but never fully succeeded it in popularity when it took up the mantle. Still, Qcast aims to bring that excellent idea — group music parties — to your TV via the Chromecast.

Briefly: World's Tallest Waterslide, Game Of Thrones CGI, Cheap Xbox One Bundle

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: atop the world’s tallest waterslide, the SFX behind Game Of Thrones, get the Xbox One Tintanfall bundle for $439.