Google Play Music Gets Curated Playlists, Updated Interface

Android/iOS/Web: Today, Google announced a new version of its Play Music service. In addition to the standard Material Design update, Google has added curated playlists, which is a trick it learnt from Songza.

Spotify Family Lets You Share Your Account With Others

Streaming music service Spotify works on a one-account-per-user principle: if you sign in on a second device, the first one stops playing. If you want to be able to share your account, the new Spotify Family option offers that — but you’ll pay more for the privilege.

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Make Any Headphones Wireless With This Rechargeable DIY BluetoothBox

Instead of buying expensive Bluetooth headphones, you can turn any old set into wireless cans. Instructables user FuneLab shows you how, with his DIY BluetoothBox.

BrainWave Controls Your Music Player With Touchless Gestures

Android: BrainWave controls your favourite music player app and controls it with the wave of a hand. Just select your music player and use the three gesture options to control it.

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Bing Now Shows Lyrics At The Top Of Your Search Results

There are a lot of lyric sites out there, but so many of them are plagued by overwhelming ads, garbage, and slow load times. Now that Bing has lyrics built-in to its search results, it’s the place to go.

Figure Out What Song Is Playing With Shazam And Siri

It seems like each iteration of iOS comes with a handful of new Siri tricks, and iOS 8 is no different. Wired points out two new Siri features you might have missed: the ability to rate songs and identify them.

Ask LH: How Can I Add Lyrics To My iPod?

Dear Lifehacker, I was adding some new songs to my iPod, and was wondering if there was an easier way to add song lyrics to all my songs (so that i can sing along on my iPod later) rather than the traditional copy and paste method. Any options on Windows or Mac?

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