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The Most Popular Songs To Shower To, According To Spotify

Knowing you’ve got some great shower music for your morning routine can make it easier to drag yourself out of bed. Here’s are the tunes Spotify users listen to the most while they’re getting psyched for their day.

Peggo For Android Converts Soundcloud And YouTube To Audio For Offline Listening

Android: Previously mentioned Peggo has always been a great tool to grab the audio from YouTube videos or Soundcloud songs so you can listen to it offline, like a podcast. Now the app is bringing its features to Android so you can listen on the go.

Simply Piano Teaches You Piano, Listens And Corrects Your Mistakes

iOS: Learning to play the piano can be difficult, and even moreso if you don’t have someone there to help you fix your errors and learn good tempo. Simply Piano can do both of those things, and all it takes is your iPhone or iPad. Best of all, it’s free. Is Social Streaming Music, Picking Up's Torch

For as fun as they are, it seems like social music streaming sites don’t have a very long lifespan. While our previous favourite shuttered its doors yesterday, Dubtrack is a competent alternative that can fill the void.

The Lifehacker Work Playlists: Your Ideal Music For Getting Things Done

We asked what music you liked to listen to when you’re getting work done and you delivered. Here are six awesome productivity playlists hand picked by Lifehacker readers.

AmpMe Links Multiple Phone Speakers Together Into One Sound System

Android: Want to create a big speaker system, but don’t have any actual speakers? AmpMe is an app that allows you to chain together phones and Bluetooth speakers into one big synchronised sound system.

Stack Is A Weekly Playlist Of New Music, Curated By Hype Machine

The Hype Machine has long been one of our favourite ways to discover new music, but with Stack, a new weekly playlist from the team behind the service, it’s even easier. Sign up for a weekly reminder or bookmark the page and each week you’ll get a short playlist of new tracks, a little news and a new album to stream.

Song BPM Finds The BPM Of Your Music With Just An Artist And Title

Finding your music’s bpm (or beats per minute) is a great way to build playlists that work together. If you just need to do a quick check online, Song BPM finds the bpm of a track with just the title and artist name.

Nusiki Is A Social Stream Of Nothing But Great Music

Web/Android/iOS: New music is easy to find, but if you want to hear what people think is good, you’ll need to go somewhere they actually choose and post songs they want other people to listen to. Nusiki is a service designed just for that — for you to share the songs you love, and discover other great tracks too.

How To Make A Workout Playlist That Will Actually Help You Exercise [Infographic]

It’s no secret that the right kind of music can help you exercise: it can assist everything from synchronising your steps to galvanizing you to push past your physical limits. But first you need a good, solid playlist. The following infographic from fitness app maker sworkit explains what you should be looking for across a variety of exercise rituals and disciplines.

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