Ask LH: Are There Any Unmetered Music Streaming Services In Australia?

Hey Lifehacker, What are my options for unlimited/unmetered streaming music in Australia? Given the paltry data limits most providers offer here on mobile plans compared to overseas, streaming music on the go doesn’t seem very feasible. Do any providers make this possible or easy, or will I need to fork out buckets of cash for overpriced data packs?

Make A Capo For Your Guitar With A Pencil And Some Rubber Bands

If you don’t have a capo for your guitar — or if you just forgot to bring one to your jam session — you can quickly put one together with just a pencil and a couple of rubber bands.

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How To Turn YouTube Into The Ultimate Streaming Music Service

Rumours made the rounds recently that Google was planning to create a music subscription service for YouTube. Why wait to see if that even happens in Australia, though? YouTube is already home to millions of songs for your listening pleasure, if you know how to use it.

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Albums Makes It Easy To Find And Play Full Albums On Your iPhone

iPhone: The iPhone’s default music player does its job, but it’s not perfect if you’re the type to listen to full albums instead of singles. Albums is a music app made specifically for listening to full albums and lets you do it with just a couple of taps.

Get A Fallen Guitar Pick Out Of Your Acoustic Guitar With A Pencil

You’re strumming along and somehow your pick loosens from your fingers and falls into the depths of your acoustic guitar. Instead of shaking your instrument like a madman, grab a pencil.

Cut Down On Cable Noise By Wrapping Your Earbuds Behind Your Ear

Ever notice that when your earbud cable moves, you can hear it rustle in your ears? This cable noise is called microphonics, and there’s a simple trick you can use to avoid it.

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Atraci Streams A Library Of Over 60 Million Songs For Free

Looking for a way to stream an extensive library of music, create custom playlists of your favourite tracks, and listen to it all for free without having to deal with ads or create an account? Atraci is a new service that might just have what you want.