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The Transatlantic Lullaby Playlist

If you’re hopping on a plane, you could use some music to slip away into on the flight. This playlist will help you relax until you reach your destination.

Spotio Gives Spotify On Mac A Rdio-Inspired Skin

Mac: Spotify’s darker design is great, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re nostalgic for the light theme of the now-defunct Rdio, Spotio is a clever little hack that will reskin Spotify to give it a similar look.

The No Man's Sky Playlist

No Man’s Sky is an infinite exploration game that’s split fans down the middle. What nearly everyone can agree on, though, is that it’s beautiful. The same goes for the soundtrack, which is the subject of this week’s playlist.

The US President's Summer Playlist

It’s not every day that the President of the United States drops a mix tape, but when it happens, we listen. This week’s featured playlist comes from the highest office in the US directly.

Spotify Gaming Is A Portal To All Of Spotify's Video Game Soundtracks

We’ve talked before about how great video game soundtracks are for working because they tend to be upbeat and instrumental, and now Spotify’s made it easier to track down new stuff to listen to.

The Lost Art Of Correct Speaker Placement

Correct speaker placement has become something of a lost art. Lots of people get it all wrong. As any self-respecting audiophile will tell you, it’s not how big they are, but where you put them. Here’s what you need to know.

The Stranger Things Playlist

If you haven’t checked out Netflix’s new show Stranger Things, seriously do it. It’s awesome. If you have, you know that the music totally makes the show. Unfortunately, the synth-tastic soundtrack isn’t out, but this playlist of ’80s music featured in the show is.

Spotify's Release Radar Delivers New Music From Your Favourite Artists

One of Spotify’s most popular features is the Discover Weekly playlist that recommends music based on your listening choices, and now they’re putting that same tech to use to let you know about new releases from the artists you already care about.

The Beach Party Playlist

This winter is rather chilly, so you’re probably daydreaming about summer and hitting the beach to party. This playlist will help fuel those daydreams and get you in the mood to have fun this weekend despite the cold.

How To Stream All The Biggest Lollapalooza Performances This Weekend

Lollapalooza kicked off yesterday, but things are getting going in earnest today with the likes of Major Lazer, Miike Snow and Future hitting the stage. Good news too, you can live stream pretty much everything all weekend long over on Red Bull TV.

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