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Five Best Ways To Share Music Playlists

Sharing music with friends is a time-honored way to discover new bands, talk over your music tastes with friends and learn a bit more about the bands that you love. This week we’re looking at five different ways to send and share playlists around at a party, or just among friends.

Why Playing Guitar Can Make Your Fingers Smell (And How To Prevent It)

It might sound bizarre, but playing your guitar regularly can lead to fingers that smell sort of like old garlic. Here’s what causes the stench, and few simple tips on how to avoid it in the future.

Video Briefly: Kids Vs iPod, Amazing Slow-Mo, YouTube Haters

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch Flight Facilities read their own YouTube comments, modern kids have no idea how iPods work, the best slow-motion photography you will see today.

How To Craft The Perfect Sex Playlist (Plus Some Song Recommendations)

The right soundtrack has the power to elevate sex from good to mind-boggling. But if you’ve ever hooked up with someone who put on what was obviously a meticulously-arranged “sex playlist”, you also know that music has the potential to make your encounter a bit awkward. Here’s how to achieve the former rather than the latter.

Ask LH: Why Do Digital Music Companies Keep Ripping Off Australians?

Dear Lifehacker, It just so happened that I had my US proxy on while looking at Google Music. The Ultimate Santana album price read $6.99. Meanwhile, the Australian region price was $16.99 from the same exact service. This is same for whole long list of great albums. What gives?

Discographer Scans Your iTunes Library For Artist's Missing Albums

If you have a large collection of music in iTunes, it’s pretty easy to miss an album or two from an artist you love. Discographer scans your iTunes music library, then shows you all the albums from that artist that you’re missing.

8Tracks Suggests Mixes Based On Your Listening, Unveils A New Interface

8Tracks has always been a great place to build and listen to playlists built by DJs and music fans like you, based on genre, mood, or anything else you could tag. Now the service has a new design, with more focus on suggesting playlists to you based on what you like and highlighting the site’s wealth of talent.

Ten Tips And Tricks To Make Apple Music Sing

Sure, you’ve signed up for the three-month Apple Music trial, but are you really making the most of all it has to offer? Before you decide whether or not to stay on board with Apple’s new streaming service, try this collection of tips and tricks.

Set Any Song From Apple Music As An Alarm On iOS

Apple Music added all kinds of neat new features in the last iOS update. But one of the better ones is the ability to add any song from the vast library to wake up to.

Festival Playlister Builds Spotify Playlists Based On Big Music Events

Festival Playlister, a tool from Expedia (yes, the travel site), builds playlists of all the great music you might hear from headliners and second stages at the biggest music festivals. Once you have a playlist, it’s a one-click export to Spotify, and you can relax and enjoy the music from the comfort of your home.

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