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Stream Music From A Record Player To Any Computer In The House With A Raspberry Pi

Have some vinyl you want to listen to anywhere in the house? The folks over at Mozilla (yes, that Mozilla) wanted to find a way to get one record player to stream audio throughout the entire office. Their solution was a Raspberry Pi.

The Pokemon GO Playlist

You’re finally getting out of your house to catch Pokemon, but do you have some sweet tunes to jam out to on the road? Well, now you do. And they’re all packed with just as much Pokenostalgia as the game itself.

Smart Tab Mute Makes Sure Sound Plays In One Tab At A Time

Chrome: If you tend to bounce between a lot of different videos or sounds online, you know how much a pain it can be to have sound coming from multiple tabs. Smart Tab Mute ensures only one tab can play sound at a time. Introduces You To Great New Music, Chosen By Music Lovers

Web/Android/iOS: Lots of services try to predict music you’ll love with algorithms, and others have an entirely human touch, but combines both in a visually good-looking way. The result is a webapp you can sit back and stream all day, and mobile apps that work anywhere. Best of all, it’s all free.

Ambient Noise Showdown: Noisli Vs. White Noise Vs. Rain Rain

Ambient noise apps drown out distractions so you can focus on your work, or generate serene, peaceful environments that encourage you to fall asleep. But with dozens you can download, it’s hard to know which is the best. Noisli, White Noise and Rain Rain are all at the top of this game, so it’s time to crank them up to 11 and see which one creates so much atmosphere you could practically breathe in it.

The Dinner Music Playlist

You’ve set the table, lit the candles and now you’re ready to dig into this meal you’ve been working on for hours. Set the mood with this soothing dinner music playlist.

All Of Google's Confusing, Intertwined Music Services, Explained

In May, Google launched YouTube Music in Australia to a few cheers, a few groans and a lot of, “Don’t they already have a music service?” In fact, they have several: Google Play Music and YouTube Red, for starters. But don’t be fooled — they seem separate, but they actually compliment one another.

The American Independence Day Playlist

This weekend, Americans will be celebrate the largest annual fireworks display in the history of their nation. This playlist from Spotify user Jason Lawson will help you feel like an American patriot almost as effectively as a speech by Bill Pullman, regardless of whether you’re actually American or not.

This Scatter Graph Helps You Understand Virtually Every Genre Of Music

If you have a hard time differentiating your pop Christmas tunes from you shimmer psych jams, you’re in luck. This scatter graph will help you get a grip on pretty much any genre of music, including some you’ve likely never heard of.

The Fantasy Soundtrack Playlist

There’s never been a better time to be a fantasy nerd. As Game of Thrones wraps up its sixth season, take some time to appreciate the grand tradition of music in the fantasy stories we love.

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