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Pandify Creates Spotify Playlists From Your Pandora Likes

Pandora’s great at finding new music, and Spotify’s great at managing your music collection. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use them together? Pandify can help.

Nusiki Is A Social Stream Of Nothing But Great Music

Web/Android/iOS: New music is easy to find, but if you want to hear what people think is good, you’ll need to go somewhere they actually choose and post songs they want other people to listen to. Nusiki is a service designed just for that — for you to share the songs you love, and discover other great tracks too.

Listen To A Song Until The First Chorus Before You Write It Off

I often find myself in need of some new tunes, but who has the time to listen to everything? I’ve found one thing that works wonders for finding new music: listen to a bunch of songs through to the first chorus, then keep what you like.

MusicBox Delivers New, Free Music To Download Twice A Month

Everyone loves free music, especially when it’s completely legal and based on your music tastes. MusicBox is a new service that delivers music to your inbox twice a month. Just tell the service what you like, sit back, and wait for the tunes to arrive.

That One Song Plays A Musician's Most Popular Track

Heard the name of a musical artist and have no idea what their biggest hit is? That One Song has you covered.

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