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Peggo For Android Converts Soundcloud And YouTube To Audio For Offline Listening

Android: Previously mentioned Peggo has always been a great tool to grab the audio from YouTube videos or Soundcloud songs so you can listen to it offline, like a podcast. Now the app is bringing its features to Android so you can listen on the go.

Ask LH: What's A Good MP3 Player For An Older Person?

Hi Lifehacker, I want to purchase a portable MP3 player for my aunt. The problem is that she has a vision impairment and is in her 70s. Are there any models out there that have basic functionality and big buttons?

Ask LH: What's A Good MP3 Player For My Car?

Hi Lifehacker, I am after an MP3 player that will be used mostly to play music and podcasts in the car. What would be the best sort of MP3 player for this sort of task, both in value and features?

Ask LH: Which MP3 Player Should I Buy?

Dear Lifehacker, I know the norm nowadays is to simply carry large amounts of music on your phone for every occasion, but there are times when I’d much prefer to just have a dedicated MP3 player and save my phone’s battery and memory for other things. What are the best options out there for dedicated MP3 players that are easy to use and reasonably priced?

How To Merge Multiple Music Services Into A Mega-Library With Tomahawk

As more music services appear on the scene, it has become more and more difficult to keep your library from becoming a disjointed, cluttered mess split between 10 different apps. Tomahawk is a free, cross-platform music player that combines a wide variety of services and files into one place so you can have one giant mega-library of everything you want.

Dealhacker: Get Winamp Pro For 15% Off

Winamp is our favourite music player for Windows, but the free version lacks a few key features — most notably video playback and unlimited CD ripping. If you want to upgrade to Winamp Pro, reader vanLog shares a code that will get you 15 per cent off.

Official: The Music Industry Has Eaten Itself

The music industry is notorious for attempting to repeatedly persuade consumers to pay out money for “special editions” of the same content: remasters, deluxe box sets, alternate takes and iTunes exclusives abound. But when we reach the stage when an MP3 rip of performer’s own vinyl copy of their record has become a saleable item, the shark hasn’t just been jumped: it has been reduced to mincemeat.

AC/DC Finally Arrive On iTunes

Once the Beatles signed up, Australian hard rockers AC/DC were the biggest major act holding out from selling their music on iTunes (or in any other digital music store). That changed today, with AC/DC finally realising that if rock and roll ain’t noise pollution, you might as well make money while the download sun shines.

Ask LH: Does It Matter Where I Buy My Music?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m tired of Spotify and I want to move back to buying music. iTunes has a great selection, but will I still be able to play those songs if I switch away from Apple products? Would another service or physical CDs be better? And do artists make more money at one store than another? Help! Thanks, Tricky Tunes

Ask LH: Should I Buy A New iPod?

Dear Lifehacker, I was on the verge of buying another iPod (my fourth) when I stopped myself. Of my three previous iPods two have been irreparably damaged by relatively minor things, not to mention the usual issues that come with iPod territory. Is my best choice to get another iPod or are there other options that I just haven’t considered because I’m brainwashed to think they’re the ONLY mp3 player worth getting these days? Thanks, PodPerson

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