Briefly: New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer, Mir Mine Gallery, Cheap Games

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch an extended five-minute trailer to Guardians Of The Galaxy, inside the biggest man-made hole on Earth, get six Square Enix video games for $1.

Briefly: Tigerair Sale, Brazilian 101, Predestination Trailer

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers, including: Get cheap flights from Tigerair, watch the Predestination trailer, bikini waxing styles explained.

Should Movie Monkeys Be CGI Or Practical?

Last night, I caught an advanced screening of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. It’s a surprisingly solid movie that any fan of the 2011 reboot is well advised to check out. The only potential caveat is that the titular primates are comprised entirely out of CGI, rather than a mix of digital and practical effects. Rather than an evolutionary leap forward, I can’t help but feel that a little bit of monkey magic has been lost along the way.

How Long Do US Movies Take To Reach Australian Cinemas On Average? [Infographic]

One of the chief justifications for pirating movies in Australia is the lengthy delays we’re forced to endure by local distributors. Various film bodies have rubbished this argument, with Village Roadshow claiming that the majority of Australian release dates are roughly comparable to the US. This infographic paints a picture that’s somewhere in-between.

Top 10 Movies And TV Shows That Are Like Game Of Thrones

Ten months. 300 days. The gestation of a human child. However you choose to couch it, Game Of Thrones isn’t coming back for a bloody long time. If you’re suffering from withdrawals already, you’re clearly going to need a substitute to get you through the winter. Here are ten recommendations from Lifehacker’s chief fantasy nerd that will appease any GoT fan. Epic fight scenes, nail-biting betrayals, gratuitous nooky – you’ll find it all here!

Briefly: Top 10 Movie SFX Of All Time, Project Morpheus Hands-On, World Cup Sickies

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The Top 10 movie special effects of all time, weird and wonderful facts about the cast of Game Of Thrones, hands on with Sony’s virtual reality machine.

Popcorn Time Adds Free VPN

Torrent streaming service Popcorn Time has convenience on its side, but not privacy, as torrents could be tracked. A new release adds VPN functionality to keep your movie watching private.

Briefly: Winter Detox, Free $65 Guitar App, Alien 5 Rumours

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers inluding: boost your health with a winter detox, get Guitar Lessons: Rock Prodigy worth $64.99 for free, Quikflix adds Mad Men, Weeds and Orange is the New Black to streaming lineup.

Do Old Video Games Have An Active Place In The World?

Most cinema buffs have a list of classic movies that they can’t wait to introduce to their kids. Likewise, any self-respecting muso plans to give their child a crash-course in songs that changed the world. However, when it comes to gamers, things are a little different. With the exception of hardcore collectors, we’re not particularly big on preserving our hobby’s history – particularly on legacy hardware. Which begs the question: just what do you plan to pass on to your kids? Or will it all be given the boot for the latest augmented-reality smell-o-vision console?