Briefly: Best Oculus Rift Games, Cheap Audio Books, Scariest Netflix Movies

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Video Briefly: Zero Gravity Water, Fan-Made Mad Max Ford Falcon, VR Drone Racing

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Top 10 Documentaries To Watch On Netflix This Week

In the mood to do some learning this weekend? Feel like broadening your mind to a controversial topic or two? Here are the 10 best documentaries that you can watch on Netflix Australia.

Netflix Is Getting Its First Big Web Interface Update In Four Years

Netflix has experimented with its interface a lot over the years, but there’s always been a bit of a disconnect between how the service looks in your browser and your various apps. Now, the company is updating its web site with a huge UI change to make it more app-like.

Ask LH: Can I Switch My US Netflix Account To Australia?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m one of the 250,000-odd Australians who already had a US Netflix account prior to its local launch this year. Given that with the exchange rate it’s slightly cheaper in Australia (and that I can switch between the services with a VPN), is there any way I can switch my account over? I don’t want to create a new Australian Netflix account and lose the curated ‘My List’ attached to my US account.

Video Briefly: SPECTRE Trailer, Apple WWDC Highlights, GoT Preview

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Video Briefly: Kung Fury, America Vs. Vegemite, Ice Rocket

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Make Custom Box Sets To Organise And Display Your Prized Collections

Box sets look absolutely lovely, but they can be a huge waste of money if you already own what’s in the set. Instead of forking over the cash for stuff you already have, you can create your own boxed set to display and organise your prized books, magazines or movies.

Is Netflix Australia Showing Censored Versions Of Movies?

Dear Lifehacker, Movies and TV shows broadcast in Australia often have subtle (or not-so-subtle) cuts when compared to the overseas versions, mainly due to censorship. With Netflix now in Australia, I was wondering whether they’re streaming Australian edits, or the original version?

You Can Now Stream Movies With Popcorn Time Right From Your Browser

The Netflix of movie torrents, Popcorn Time, has always been an easy way to stream movies — and now you can do it right from your browser, no extra software required.