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Why It's Worth Learning Cartwheels As An Adult, And How To Do Them Again

For many of us, cartwheels are a relic of our childhood. That’s unfortunate because they’re a lot of fun and a great way to improve our coordination, strength and flexibility, too. Here’s how you can roll and tumble around like a cartwheeling pro again.

Improve Your Posture In Any Position With These 'Quick Fixes'

You can do the most amazing warm-up, flexibility and mobility routines, but you still spend a ton more time not doing those things, which could literally be a pain in the neck. Whether you’re sitting, standing or lying on your side, Adam Bornstein of Born Fitness shares some tips to quickly right your posture.

This Video Shows You How To Properly Stretch Your Calves For Better Balance

Your calves and ankles are under-appreciated muscles that work hard to keep your body steady and balanced while you’re standing, walking or running. You might already be stretching your calves, but GMB shows you how to do them properly.

Four Exercises To Improve Your Flexibility And Help You Touch Your Toes

Being able to touch your toes definitely means you’re flexible, but it’s also a fair indicator of how well you can lift heavy objects, move around in everyday life and squat or deadlift in the weight room. If you can’t reach your toes, these exercises will help.

Deadbugs Are An Underrated Core Exercise You Should Be Doing

Despite the weird name, “deadbugs” work your core unlike any other exercise. Crunches and sit-ups do very little to resist letting your back arch and “extend”, which can then contribute to posture problems and low back, knee and hip pain. This is where deadbugs come in.

Learn To Squat Better By Practising The Movement Backwards

Traditionally, you learn to squat from top to bottom, but many variables can limit your ability to squat well or to depth. For some, bad flexibility in the upper back, ankles, hips and calves are to blame, but it’s also insufficient practice. These drills help you work on both.

Eight Hip Stretches That Counter The Effects Of Sitting All Day

Video: You and I probably spend too much time sitting. Excessive sitting makes our hips very tight, which in turn, can affect our posture and make it harder to perform our best or move freely in general. If you have to sit for work, try a few of these hip stretches daily to keep that important joint healthy.

Make End Users Accountable For Shadow IT Activities On Their Own Mobile Devices

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) has contributed to increased occurrences of shadow IT, that is, the use of IT systems and services by employees that have not been approved by their organisations. Some workers are even creating their own apps and using them to work more efficiently. But shadow IT has the potential to become a security risk and one way to mitigate this is by making employees accountable for the mobile apps they bring into the organisation.

Don't Underestimate Joint Mobility When Building Strength

When it comes to desired traits in fitness, raw strength and speed often overshadow mobility, or how well your joints move. Maybe you just don’t think you’re that “bend-y.” Fortunately, it’s a process that contributes to strength, and everyone can work on it.

Always Think Of The End-Users In Any Mobility Deployment

Workforces are becoming more mobile as technology unshackles employees from their desks. As such, workers’ expectations on what mobile technology can deliver has changed. Organisations need to factor this change into their decision-making process when they look to deploy mobility solutions in their businesses, as Peter Poullin, CMO of rugged tablets manufacturer Xplorer Technologies, highlighted at CeBIT 2016.

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