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Ask LH: Can I Just Use My Phone For Internet Access?

Hey Lifehacker, I am a single user of both phone and internet. I am thinking it makes sense for me to get rid of my landline and broadband internet and perhaps just buy a smartphone that does everything. I use the Internet mostly for emails, web browsing, Skype, YouTube, Facebook and share trading activities. I also have a smart TV that I thought might be useful to hook up to internet. What’s the best way for me to go about this?

Shopi Is A 'Self-Learning' Shopping List App For iPhone

Shopi is a free iPhone application from Aussie developer Sapient Pair that attempts to make grocery shopping easier. The app’s main claim to fame is that it “learns” the more you use it, updating your favourite food items and ordering preferences automatically. You can also share your list with friends and get them to make updates while you shop.

Why A Self-Destructing Phone Won't Solve All Your BYOD Woes

Businesses battling to keep their information safe pricked up their ears last week as it was announce that Boeing has produced a mobile phone that self-destructs should the wrong person try to use it. It sounds like the stuff of Hollywood action movies but the idea of being able to protect phones in this way could offer the solution to a rising problem.

Ask LH: What's The Best Prepaid Plan Under $30 With The Most Data?

Dear Lifehacker, What is the best prepaid plan under $30 month that offers the most data?

Does Your Mobile Phone Help You Save Time?

Mobile phones let us work almost anywhere. But does that ability mean we actually save time?

Why Guides To How Much Phone Data You'll Use Aren't Much Help

Mobile phone companies who want to explain why their rapidly-reducing data allowances are adequate often use shorthand such as “you can download 20 songs” or “you can share 50 photos”. These are not actually useful measurements. This is why.

Reminder: Don't Rely On Ads When You Sign Up For A Mobile Plan

Naughty, naughty. This advertisement for Lebara (seen at Sydney’s Wynyard Station) states that its unlimited plan includes 3GB of data each month, but a quick check of the relevant page on its site shows that it actually offers 2GB.

It's Official: Texting Makes You Walk Like An Idiot

A new Australian study has confirmed what most of us already know: texting on your mobile phone makes you walk like a short-sighted drunkard. Scientists have found that writing messages on the move drastically alters a person’s posture, gait, balance and ability to walk in a straight line, which may pose additional risks to pedestrian safety. Face, meet lamppost.

Cheaper International Calls For Vodafone Prepaid Customers

Vodafone has dropped the price of its prepaid international call rates by as much as 90 per cent in 12 countries including Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq and Germany. In addition, prepaid customers will receive 250MB of data for all international recharges $20 and above from now until 3 March.

What Are Australian Men Hiding On Their Phones? [Infographic]

The ‘Connected Man’ survey from AVG Technologies attempts to shed light on the impact of connected devices on the lifestyles of Australian males. Interestingly, among the findings was the revelation that men are nearly three times more likely than women to have content on their phones that they wouldn’t show their children. We wonder what they’re hiding?