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What Can Police Learn From Mobile Phone Tower Data?

Metadata is in the news again with revelations that police in Australia have been getting access to data collected from mobile base stations (cell towers).

A Developer's Guide To Building Your First App

Dominic Williamson is an app developer who began his career as a psychology student with no prior coding experience. Within six months, he had produced one of the most successful apps on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store. Here are some tips from Dominic that will help budding app developers kick-start their own careers.

Ask LH: Can I Cancel My Mobile Contract Because Of Bad Reception?

Hi Lifehacker, I recently moved jobs to a Sydney skyscraper where the reception from an Optus-based carrier is less than stellar — I have no data connection most of the time, and phone calls often don’t come through. Colleagues on Telstra don’t have these issues. Is there some way I can get out of my post-paid contract without paying exorbitant fees and move to Telstra?

Tarifica Scores Provide A Limited Way Of Comparing Mobile Phone Plans

Choosing a mobile phone plan can be fiddly and time-consuming. US research firm Tarifica is now assigning scores to Australian mobile plans to determine which ones offer the best value, but frankly we’re sceptical about how useful that is.

Mobile Complaints Are Dropping -- Except For Data

The number of total complaints received by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) in the period between January and March this year fell substantially, but data complaints relating to billing are on the sharp upswing.

Take Some Time To Look Up From Your Phone This Weekend

Despite our love for technology, we (and others) have talked ad nauseum about the social downsides of burying your face in a screen. But few arguments convey the idea as well as this five-minute video.

Whistle Phone Finder Locates Your Android With A Whistle

Android: Hunting for a lost phone can be a nightmare, particularly if you’re on your own and can’t call it. Whistle Phone Finder is a free Android app that helps you to locate a misplaced handset by whistling.

Telstra Business Data Sharing Is A Bit Less Of A Rort

When Telstra launched its consumer business data sharing plans last year, we were underwhelmed, largely because of the $10 per device per month fee to share data across multiple devices. Telstra is now offering that option on new EasyShare business plans, and it’s marginally better value.

The Best Bookmarklets To Make Mobile Browsing Less Annoying

Bookmarklets are great for adding functionality to your browser without the hassle of extensions. They also happen to work very on mobile browsers such as Safari and Chrome. With them, you can add a button to instantly fix smartphone browser problems and send a page to various services, change font sizes, and much more. Here’s a list of some of the most useful bookmarklets.

Ask LH: How Can I Keep My Mobile Number When I Head Overseas?

Hi Lifehacker, What’s the cheapest way of keeping a mobile phone number if moving overseas for a period of a year or more?