microsoft Adds Clutter Clean-Up Tool, Add-Ins

Microsoft seems very keen on its Clutter tool for automatically filing email right now. Not only is it being added to Office 365, a version of it is also being incorporated into its free web-based email service.

Windows 10 Has A More Intelligent Way Of Handling Default Apps

Setting a default app for a specific file type (like JPG or PDF) ensures that when you double-click on a file, you can open it in your preferred application. Windows 10 is tweaking the way that Windows handles this process — and it sounds like an improvement.

Microsoft Office For Android Phones Is Now Available As A Preview

Want to edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint docs from your Android phone? You can now test them out in the new Office Preview apps.

Office 365's Clutter Feature For Email Will Soon Be Enabled By Default

Microsoft has been testing Office 365’s Clutter tool, which aims to highlight important messages in your inbox and move stuff you don’t need to worry about immediately into folders, since late 2014. Apparently it’s working well enough that from next month, it will be switched on for all Office 365 accounts by default.

Get Rid Of Old Anti-Virus Installs With ESET's AV Removal Tool

Having recently ditched the under-performing Microsoft Security Essentials for something better (in my case, the free edition of Avira), I know the pain of trying out new software. Anti-virus programs can sometimes be stubborn about removing themselves and if you’re finding the ghosts of old AV apps lingering on your system, ESET has an all-in-one removal tool that can help.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Builds Time-Lapse Highlight Reels From Long Videos

Windows/Windows Phone/Android: Microsoft Hyperlapse gives you the power to shoot lots of video and then combine, condense, and edit it all into a short, time-lapse highlight reel on your PC, Android or Windows Phone device.

All Seven Versions Of Windows 10 Explained

When Windows 10 finally appears this year, there will be at least seven separate versions of it available. Here’s what’s on offer in each.

Patch Tuesday: Not Dead Yet

Microsoft’s long term plan with Windows 10 is to kill off Patch Tuesday, but that hasn’t happened yet. This week’s round of updates includes 13 patches and 3 critical updates.

Microsoft Is Investing In More Undersea Cables For Azure, Except In Australia

Cloud computing relies on high-speed connections, and when you’re moving large chunks of data around the higher the speed the better. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft has been investing in undersea cabling to connect its Auzre data centres around the world.

Why Windows 10 Needs To Run On Everything

Microsoft’s aim to make Windows 10 run on anything is key to its strategy of reasserting its dominance. Seemingly unassailable in the 1990s, Microsoft’s position has in many markets been eaten away by the explosive growth of phones and tablets, devices in which the firm has made little impact.