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Microsoft Is Still Making Nokia Phones

We all know Microsoft’s phone business has been floundering and it has all but written off its US$7.1 billion acquisition of Nokia. In May, the company announced it was selling its feature phone business to a subsidiary of Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn but Microsoft has not given up on making Nokia handsets just yet. It has just launched the Nokia 216, a feature phone that will appeal to developing markets. Here are the details.

Older Windows Insider Builds Will Deactivate Soon Unless You Update

Windows: Trying out Windows Insider builds is an awesome way to stay on the bleeding edge. If you don’t update those builds though, Microsoft will deactivate them. The first round of expiration dates are coming up.

Pause Windows 10 Updates Easily From The Command Line

Windows: Windows 10 automatically downloads updates in the background, which can be rough on slow or capped internet. Fortunately, there’s a way to pause downloads from the command line.

Google Tries To Prove Chrome Is Power Efficient After Shots Fired By Microsoft

In June, Microsoft ran its own test that showed Edge browser consumed less power on a laptop than Chrome, which came in at last place. Google isn’t going to take it laying down, firing back with its own tests to prove that Chrome isn’t the battery draining browser that Microsoft makes it out to be. You can see the results here.

Microsoft Is Working On A Slack Competitor

Earlier this year, Microsoft toyed with the idea of buying work messenger app Slack for US$8 billion. Now it’s working on a Slack competitor based on its very own Skype brand. Here are the details.

Microsoft Dethrones Salesforce As Top SaaS Provider

The worldwide software-as-service (SaaS) market grew by 33 per cent in the second quarter of 2016 and Microsoft’s SaaS business experienced significant growth as well. So much so, it has overtaken Salesforce as the number one enterprise SaaS provider, according to Synergy Research Group. Read on to find out more.

Deals: Become A Microsoft Suite Pro With This Training Bundle

Everyone’s been exposed to the Microsoft Suite at some point, but few take those skills to the next level to become pros. With the Microsoft Suite Pro User Bundle, you’ll get advanced training in Excel, Access, and more — that’s sure to impress employers. For a limited time, this course bundle is on sale for only $58.50 AUD [$45 USD].

Switch Audio Playback Devices Easier In The Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows: On top of the big new features (and a few awful bugs), Windows 10 packs some minor polish that makes your life a little easier. For example, it’s now a lot easier to switch which device you play your audio through.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Broke Countless Webcams, Here's How To Fix It

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has reportedly broken millions of webcams. If your webcam has been affected, there’s a workaround to get it back if you don’t mind tweaking your registry a bit.

Microsoft Officially Open Sources PowerShell, Releases Linux Build

As we reported last month, the open-sourcing of Microsoft’s PowerShell appeared a done deal. Now, a month later, the company has made the whole thing official, publishing the source to GitHub, along with Linux and OS X flavoured binaries.

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