Still No Date Set For Office 365 Hosting In Australia

Last year, Microsoft announced plans to host Office 365 and Dynamics CRM in its new Australian Azure data centres, providing a potential performance boost for business customers. At the time Microsoft said it hoped that would have happened by March 2015. So what happened?

Cloud Patches: Azure App Service, Google Cloud Launcher

The latest updates and additions for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Google Will Use Pointer Events In Chromium

If you’re a Google Chrome user on a Windows tablet, you may have noticed that scrolling can be a little quirky with just touch inputs. Google’s plan to fix this involves borrowing a feature already in Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 Apps Will Be 'Windows Apps' Or 'Windows Desktop Apps'

Microsoft has laid down its guidelines for the naming of Windows 10 apps, although it’s likely that confusion will still reign.

Download Beta Versions Of Microsoft's Developer Tools For Windows 10

One of the major selling points for Windows 10 will be universal apps: code that can run equally well on a desktop, tablet or phone. Microsoft has just pushed out test versions of the tools you’ll need to build those apps.

Windows 10 Will Ban Bloatware To Reduce Recovery Image Sizes

Few things are more annoying than a Windows system loaded with unwanted “utilities” by the hardware manufacturer. A change in approach for Windows 10 means you’re likely to see less of that unwanted rubbish.

Microsoft Wants To Turn Android Phones Into Windows 10 Phones

If you can’t beat them, convert them? That seems to be the idea behind a custom ROM that Microsoft’s working on that will turn Android phones into Windows 10 phones.

Microsoft Will Allow Pirates To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

Microsoft is quite serious about wanting everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 — even folks who shouldn’t normally qualify for a free upgrade.

Windows 10 Will Be Out By The End Of August

We’re expecting Windows 10 to be released this year, but Microsoft is yet to specify a precise launch date. It does look certain that it will be out by the end of August, however.

Microsoft Confirms Project Spartan Won't Be Called Project Spartan

The successor to Internet Explorer won’t be called Project Spartan. Internet Explorer isn’t quite dead yet either.