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Ask LH: How Do I Change A Heat Lamp In My Bathroom?

Dear Lifehacker, My bathroom at home currently has one of those heat-lamp and light fixtures with an inbuilt vent. The light in the center has died! How do I go about changing this? Where do I buy a new lightbulb that will fit in that? I am completely new to it and have zero experience changing lightbulbs.

Use A Pocket Hole Jig To Create A Unique Lighting Effect On A DIY Lamp

Pocket hole jigs are very handy for building furniture, but they can also be used to enhance a DIY lamp.

Hack An IKEA Shelf And Lamp Into An Upside-Down Reading Light

Reading a book in bed can be tough without overhead lighting. You can attach a bulky reading light to your book or use a bedside lamp that provides minimal illumination and clutters up your nightstand. Alternatively, this DIY upside-down lamp will do the job a lot better.

Make Your Own DIY Hue-Style Light

The Philips Hue is a neat little lighting option, but one thing it is not is cheap. So why not build your own Hue-style lighting rig from a Raspberry Pi?

Five Best Smarter Light Bulbs

You might think light bulbs are a commodity, and to many, they are. Still, they’re not all alike. Some have smart home features, some are super efficient, some change colour and some even have Wi-Fi! This week we’re looking at five of the best light bulbs to save you money around the house, or customise the lighting to your mood, based on your nominations.

How To Improve Your Photos And Videos With Affordable Lighting

The big difference between good looking photos and video and bad ones comes down to how well things are lit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer building a home studio or a budding YouTube star, here are some simple tricks for casting the right light without spending a fortune on professional equipment.

Change The Trim On Recessed Lighting For A Cheap Upgrade

When you are ready to change the look of your recessed lighting, there is a cheaper and easier way to do it than replacing the entire fixture: Just swap out the trim.

How To Pick The Best Light Bulbs For Every Room In Your House

Lighting is a subtly powerful thing. It can impact everything from your sleep schedule to your brain power. So it’s understandable that you want your home, the place you presumably spend a big chunk of your life, to be lit nicely. But there are so many different options to choose from. Here’s a basic guide to get you started.

Build Your Own Motion-Controlled Cabinet Lights

If you have a place in your house where the lighting is particularly bad, sticking a little LED light on the underside of a cabinet or on a wall is a great solution. If you want a little more control over the light, Hackaday community member Thomas Snow added in motion control.

Build Your Own Automatically Dimming Lamp With A Sleep Timer

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a light on as you get ready for sleep, but having it at full brightness is no good. Make shows how to build a self-dimming lamp with a built-in sleep timer.

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