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Where Aussies Can Rent The Cheapest Hotel Rooms Around The World

Want to book a holiday without spending a fortune on your hotel room? Here’s what you’ll pay right now for hotel rooms around Australia and around the world, including a searchable interactive map.

Lifehacker Maps: Doctor Who In Australia

Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th birthday this week, with an anniversary special that the ABC will broadcast live this Sunday. To celebrate, we’ve put every location in Australia mentioned in the TV series on an interactive Google Map.

Search This List To Find The Average Income Where You Live

The amount you make will vary a lot depending on where you live. Here’s what people typically make in 332 different suburbs, towns and cities in Australia.

Lifehacker Maps: The Most Famous Book From Every Australian State

Whether you’re a banana bender or a sandgroper, chances are your state has inspired a well-known work of fiction. This is Lifehacker’s list of the best-known book set in each state and territory and Australia.

Lifehacker Maps: Australian Apple Stores

Australia didn’t see its first official Apple store until June 2008 when the George St, Sydney store opened. Fast forward a little more than five years and there are 20 — enough to make it worth putting them on a Lifehacker Map ahead of this week’s new iPhone announcements.

Lifehacker Maps: Free Australian CBD Shuttles

If you need to get around the centre of one of Australia’s capitals, in many cases you can do so for free. We’ve rounded up all the free city shuttle services we could find and put them an interactive map.

Lifehacker Maps: Australian Ghost Towns

Ghost towns: once prosperous, now empty save for tourists passing through to check out the decaying evidence of former times. We’ve placed every Australian ghost town we can locate on an interactive map — more than 150 in total.

Telstra 4G: 85 Per Cent Coverage By December 2013

Telstra is planning to expand 4G coverage to 200 new regional towns before Christmas, a move it says will give it 85 per cent population coverage for Australia. Check out 45 of the new towns receiving access on our interactive map.

Australian Hackerspaces: Lifehacker's Complete List

Hackerspaces are awesome community resources where you can access great tools and enhance your DIY/geek skills. We’ve rounded up every active and permanent Australian hackerspace we could discover on an easy-to-navigate map.

Where Are Australia's Drive-In Theatres?

The drive-in is in danger of disappearing, but a handful of locations maintain the tradition of watching flicks from your car. Check out our interactive map of all the remaining drive-ins in Australia.