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Is It Legal To Write A Negative Online Review About A Business?

My last real estate agent was a real piece of work. She was a bully and I would actively avoid calling her even when my rental apartment needed repairs. Last week I moved out of that property and was forced to deal with her again. She was still as rude as ever. I had made up my mind to leave a strongly worded review on the real estate agency’s Google+ page, but is it legal for me to do so?

What To Do If You Feel Like You're Being Discriminated Against At Work

Discrimination in the workplace, whether it’s over race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, or religion, is no joke, and dealing with it isn’t as easy as just “calling a lawyer.” Here are a few things you should know before you go the legal route.

How To Avoid Legal Troubles Over Office Melbourne Cup Celebrations Gone Wild

Melbourne Cup is the race that stops the nation and many offices across Australia take time out of the work day to let employees join in on the festivities. This usually involve copious amounts of alcohol, and after a few too many sips of liquid courage people can become rowdy and “handsy”. As a manager, how do you avoid things getting out out hand?

Is It Legal To Have An Abortion For Foetal Abnormalities?

Abortion is no doubt a polarising topic and it has once again come into the spotlight with the Medical Journal of Australia publishing a piece criticising the country’s disparate abortion laws across different states. Regardless of which side you think is right, we look at the legalities surrounding abortion when a foetus is found to have a debilitating defect.

Is It Legal To Ride A Bike On The Footpath?

Car drivers often complain about push bike riders on roads as they are slow and can hold up traffic. For bike riders, it’s usually quite dangerous to share the road with cars. One wrong move and riders could be flattened by two tons of moving metal. That is why many people opt to ride their bikes on footpaths, but is this common practice legal? We find out.

Is It Legal To Kill Aggressive Magpies?

Spring is finally upon us, but so is the dreaded Magpie season. Those ruthless swooping demons are extremely aggressive during this time of year as they defend their nests with gusto around gardens, schoolyards and parks. So is it legal to kill one of these angry birds before it pecks an eye out?

Is It Legal To Leave Your Car Door Unlocked?

Picture this: you wake up and realise you’re out of milk for your crucial morning coffee. Bugger. You grab your keys, pop into your car, drive down to the shops, jump out of your car without locking it and dash in to get your glorious carton of milk. Believe it or not, you’ve just broken the law.

Is It Legal To Release Balloons Into The Air?

Helium-filled balloons. We see them at birthdays, weddings and all kinds of celebratory events. There are pictures all over the internet of people releasing a load of them on a special occasion. Sorry to be the one to burst the bubble, but this relatively innocuous act may be illegal in Australia depending on where you live.

Is It Legal To Lane Filter On A Motorcycle?

When I first jumped on the back of my friend’s motorcycle, I was aghast when he would weave in and out of traffic, often creating a lane of his own between two cars. I could see the disdain from drivers faces as we zipped passed their cars. “Are you allowed to do that?”, I asked when we hit the stop light.

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