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It's Over: Dallas Buyers Club Gives Up On iiNet Piracy Court Case

The rights owners of the Dallas Buyers Club film have finally thrown in the towel on its piracy court case against ISP iiNet. Dallas Buyers Club LLC (DBC LLC) launched legal action against iiNet and several smaller ISPs in late 2014 to acquire details on their subscribers that were suspected of illegally downloading the movie. The rights holders eventually lost the court case but had the right to appealed. Now the court battle is officially over.

Is It Legal To Name And Shame Suspected Shoplifters?

Some retail stores have a so-called “Wall of Shame” featuring pictures of people who have been caught on CCTV allegedly stealing inside the shop. “Serves those losers right for stealing,” you might have thought to yourself, and internally praised the business owners for taking action against those criminals. But is it legal to display pictures of suspected thieves?

Why We Need A Legal Definition Of Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about artificial intelligence (AI) — which we have done lot recently — what do we actually mean? AI experts and philosophers are beavering away on the issue. But having a usable definition of AI – and soon — is vital for regulation and governance because laws and policies simply will not operate without one.

NSW Has Legalised UberX And Ride-Sharing Services In General

The NSW Government has announced that the UberX service and ride-sharing in general has been legalised for the state. It’s about time.

CHOICE: JB Hi-Fi & Harvey Norman Among Aussie Retailers Stuffing Up Consumer Rights

Maybe you’ve never had a bad experience returning a dodgy TV or gadget. Good for you! Unfortunately, very few of us fall into this lovely demographic and have endured the run-around from both online and bricks-and-mortar stores. Turns out almost half of Aussie electronics retailers are guilty of having staff with no idea of what rights consumers have.

Is It Legal To Write A Negative Online Review About A Business?

My last real estate agent was a real piece of work. She was a bully and I would actively avoid calling her even when my rental apartment needed repairs. Last week I moved out of that property and was forced to deal with her again. She was still as rude as ever. I had made up my mind to leave a strongly worded review on the real estate agency’s Google+ page, but is it legal for me to do so?

What To Do If You Feel Like You're Being Discriminated Against At Work

Discrimination in the workplace, whether it’s over race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, or religion, is no joke, and dealing with it isn’t as easy as just “calling a lawyer.” Here are a few things you should know before you go the legal route.

How To Avoid Legal Troubles Over Office Melbourne Cup Celebrations Gone Wild

Melbourne Cup is the race that stops the nation and many offices across Australia take time out of the work day to let employees join in on the festivities. This usually involve copious amounts of alcohol, and after a few too many sips of liquid courage people can become rowdy and “handsy”. As a manager, how do you avoid things getting out out hand?

Is It Legal To Have An Abortion For Foetal Abnormalities?

Abortion is no doubt a polarising topic and it has once again come into the spotlight with the Medical Journal of Australia publishing a piece criticising the country’s disparate abortion laws across different states. Regardless of which side you think is right, we look at the legalities surrounding abortion when a foetus is found to have a debilitating defect.

Is It Legal To Ride A Bike On The Footpath?

Car drivers often complain about push bike riders on roads as they are slow and can hold up traffic. For bike riders, it’s usually quite dangerous to share the road with cars. One wrong move and riders could be flattened by two tons of moving metal. That is why many people opt to ride their bikes on footpaths, but is this common practice legal? We find out.

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