Embrace Discomfort By Pursuing More 'First Times'

Discomfort is an essential part of the learning process, which is why it’s a shame we avoid it so much. Make yourself accustomed to constructive discomfort by finding new “firsts” to engage in.

30 Different Ways To Tie A Tie, In Videos And With Knot Ratings

You know there are multiple ways to tie a necktie, from four popular styles to this basic five-second method, but there are a whole lot of other tie knots that can up your fashion game.

Khan Academy For iPad Updates With Over 150,000 Exercises

iPad: Khan Academy has had an iPad app for a while, but it didn’t offer any of the actual training exercises available on the website. A recent update changes that, and the new iPad app includes just about everything you get with the web version.

Space Out Studying, Don't Cram, To Learn More Effectively

All it takes is one semester of university to realise how easy it is to slip into a last-minute cram session habit, and two semesters to realise how poorly you remember things after a marathon cramming session. Try pacing yourself instead.

Read More Every Day By Creating Reading Triggers

A lot of us have a stack of books — some real, some digital — that we’ve paid for, but haven’t found time to finish. If you’re trying to read more every day, creating a system of triggers can help you stay on top of your reading list.

How To Use Board Games To Improve Your Real Life

If you’re playing a board game, your goal isn’t necessarily to win, but to have fun. Nonetheless, a game can be tough to enjoy when you never have a shot of winning. Here’s how you can get better at board games, and how those same techniques can improve in your workplace, relationships, friendships and other areas of real life.

StudyBlue Offers Millions Of Flashcards For Studying Popular Subjects

Web/iOS/Android: Whether you’re a student in school or a lifelong learner, using flash cards can help you retain information. StudyBlue is a crowd-sourced collection of these study aids.

The Life Skills You Need To Reach Financial Independence

For most of us, financial independence is no easy feat. It takes a great deal of hard work. And financial writer Trent Hamm points out that developing a few life skills are necessary for reaching this goal.

Elon Musk On Learning New Things: View Knowledge As A Tree

When you’re trying to learn something new, it can be easy to get discouraged. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and chief product architect of Tesla Motors, suggests you approach knowledge as if it were a tree instead of giving up.

How To Boost Your Observation Skills And Learn To Pay Attention

It’s easy to not pay attention to the world. We lower our eyes when we walk and avoid eye contact at the supermarket. For most of us, our default state tends to be ignoring what’s around us. But doing so makes us miss out on inspiration and fails to develop our curiosities. Here’s how to train yourself to pay a little more attention to the world around you.