How To Futureproof Your Career With The Skills That Matter

The job market can be scary, but you can increase your odds of staying employed with skills that stand the test of time. Here’s how to find and develop futureproof skills so you can keep the money rolling in, no matter what happens.

Why It's Important To Study Losers As Well As Winners

We usually study people that are successful in order to improve, but understanding why people fail can be just as important. Learning why people fall short can offer just as many lessons that we can apply to our own journeys.

Boost Your Memory By Testing Yourself, Not Re-Reading

There’s a reason why practise tests are so effective. If you need to memorise something quickly for a presentation or interview, create a list of questions and test yourself to boost your memory.

Use The 'Incremental-Hacking Cycle' To Hone Your Programming Skills

Learning how to become a hacker is a lot like learning to play an instrument, says software developer and open source advocate Eric Steven Raymond. ESR, as he’s often referred to, lists seven steps to help would-be programmers learn how to hack.

How To Use Your Memory Properly In The Digital Age

Two people walk into a seminar: one takes photos, video and an audio recording of the presentation, while the other takes hand-written notes. Which person do you think will better recall the information?

Think Economics Is Boring? Let Seinfeld Teach You

Economics is important, and it’s felt everywhere, even if it’s not the most interesting topic to study. Now, you can learn all the ins and outs of economics and enjoy a good chuckle with The Economics of Seinfeld.

AutoMath Solves Equations With Your Android Phone's Camera

Android: If you’re having trouble figuring out that complicated maths problem, AutoMath will solve it for you and even give you step-by-step instructions. All you need to do is point your camera at the equation.

How Reading Fiction Can Help You Live A Better Life

Ask liberal arts students about the benefits of reading fiction, and they will regale you with all kinds of nonsense about how it makes you a better person. Ask just about anyone else, and they will give you a dumbfounded stare. However, reading fiction has some hidden benefits regardless of who are you. Lets take a look at a few of them.

Your Talent Can Only Go So Far: You Need To Learn How To Work

If you’re great at something, you may find that you can do it faster mentally. However, rules and processes like showing your work will help you with more difficult problems you’ll encounter later. Prepare yourself by learning now, before you’re unable to slide by on talent.