This Language Learning Method Ensures You Never Forget What You Learn

We all like the idea of learning a new language, but the time and effort involved can be off-putting. Gabriel Wyner, who wrote our previous post on learning languages as quickly as possible, has revised his method to help you learn faster and better retain what you learn.

Remember More Of The Books You Read By Visiting Wikipedia First

You can retain more of the knowledge you glean from books by prepping your brain with background information before reading. That makes Wikipedia a great tool for readers.

Balance Beer Bottles On Knives To Win Free Drinks At The Bar

Who doesn’t like the prospect of free drinks or winning money? Perfect a couple of ingenious bar tricks, and you can become the local hustler who never has to buy a round.

Keep A Fact Book Of Things You Learn Throughout The Day

Learning is as good for your brain as exercise is for your body. Even if you’re learning a new and unfamiliar skill, it can help your memory. Give your brain a bit of extra help by writing down new things you’ve learned throughout the day.

DIY.org Is An Instructables For Children

Kids are crafty, natural tinkerers. Now they can join a community of like-minded other youths in sharing their creations, taking on new projects and acquiring new skills at DIY.org.

The Top Programming Languages, Ranked By Popularity

If you’re interested in learning to code, for fun or financial gain, this interactive chart from IEEE Spectrum can help you pick the first (or next) language to learn.

Why Handwriting Still Matters In The Digital Era

The making of graphic marks in the form of letters was one of the first activities of early humans. Written words are the visual representation of our spoken language, and handwriting is a personal representation of the diversity of language.

Don't Fret About Feeling Inferior, It Can Help You Learn Quicker

When learning a new skill, especially later in life, we expect it to come quickly. After all, we’re adults, right? Approaching learning with humility may be a better approach.

Revunote Turns Your Android Into A Memory-Boosting Learning Tool

Android: We all have things we need to remember, from notes for a speech to lines for a play. Revunote transforms your Android phone or tablet into a valuable tool for learning information by repetition.

Don't Just Learn To Code, Learn How To Think Like A Computer Scientist

Recently, there’s been much debate over whether or noteveryone should learn to code. Software engineer Yevgeniy Brikman says that this is the wrong question: there’s a huge difference between learning programming and learning computer science, and the latter is the more valuable skill.