The Daily Shower Review: My Method For Fixing My Repetitive Mistakes

Shower Review Update

We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. Chances are most of us have repeated a mistake many times. To fix these recurrences, I came up with a method that I like to call the Daily Shower Review.

4 Things To Remember When Teaching Your Kids To Drive

Learner drivers and parents are often thrown in the deep end when it comes to learning to drive and recording hours in the logbook. As part of a unique approach to improving young driver road safety, I asked learners what they want parents to know about learning to drive. The following take-home messages emerged.

Top 10 Skills We Wish Were Taught In School, But Usually Aren't

Even though we learn a great deal in school, some of the most essential skills we need as adults aren’t universally taught in a formal setting. Here are some of the subjects and skills we wish we’d learned in school. (You can still learn them now. It’s never too late!)

Learn More Efficiently By Planning To Teach What You're Studying

Learning is all about retaining knowledge so it can be accessed later on. You can only teach something when you’ve retained information in the most efficient way for your brain to recall it. That means learning something new as if you were planning to teach it could be one of the best ways to learn.

Ask LH: Should I Let A Certification Expire If I Don't Work With It Anymore?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a few professional certifications that I worked hard to get, but I changed careers and don’t use them anymore. They’re about to expire, and I’m wondering: Should I let them expire since I don’t work in that field anymore, or should I spend the time and money re-upping them so I stay current? Is it worth it?

Six 30-Day Challenges To Help You Learn More And Form Lasting Habits

Thirty-day challenges are a great way to force yourself to take on new skills. You can form lasting good habits and find out more about yourself in general. Plus, at just 30 days long, you don’t have much to lose.

Seven Important Lessons From World Religions Everyone Should Know

It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist, devout follower of your faith, an agnostic or something in between — there’s wisdom to be learnt from the world’s religions. Here are some of the most important, universally applicable teachings from sacred texts everyone would benefit from learning.

Learn The Basic Elements Of Good Design In Under A Minute

Good design isn’t the kind of thing that’s taught as a core class in most educational systems. However, knowing just a bit about how design works can help you in many jobs. This video gives even beginners the kickstart they need.

Learn Linux With This Free EdX Course From The Linux Foundation

Intro to Linux is normally a $US2400 course from the Linux Foundation, but it’s being offered for free now on edX. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use the open-source operating system, there’s no better time than now.

This Free MIT Photojournalism Course Helps You Take Meaningful Photos

We highlight a number of free online courses in our Lifehacker U series, and MIT has a one on documentary photography and photojournalism that is worth checking out. It’s open to the public, and it will teach you new photography skills and help you improve on old ones.