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Translation Tool Showdown: Google Translate Vs. Microsoft Translator

Whether you’re a globetrotter, language student, or business owner, tools like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator make it easier for everyone in the world to understand one another. But while both can translate text, speech, and images, they still each have their own quirks. So all aboard the showdown train! Next stop: translation station.

Why Americans Spell English Words Differently

Have you ever wondered why Americans and British/Aussies spell English differently? How are colour and colour the same word? Centre and center? What’s up with that? It’s all thanks to Noah Webster (yeah, the Webster of Merriam-Webster). When America gained independence, Webster wanted to simplify unreasonable spellings that were handed down from the British.

Duolingo Adds Chat Bots To Help You Learn Languages Through Conversation

iOS: Duolingo is one of the most popular ways to learn a new language, and today the iPhone app is getting an update that adds in chat bots. These bots can help you learn a little quicker by using conversational language.

Deals: Master A New Language On The Go With This Course

Plenty of us want to learn a new language, but who has time to sit in a classroom? Instead of pouring over books and lectures, you can pick up a new language with just a few minutes of training each day. With Rocket Languages Premium, you can start mastering French, Spanish, German and more for only $50.70 AUD [$39 USD].

30 Words You're Probably Mispronouncing has updated its list of commonly mispronounced English words. We’ve included them below; along with links to the proper pronunciations.

The Right Way To Pronounce 7 Popular Fine Dining Terms

Fine dining borrows a lot of things from French cuisine, including many French terms. You may know what most of these words mean, but do you know how to say them right? This quick rundown will help you avoid feeling foolish when you order your meal.

Filler Words Like 'Um' Aren't All Bad, And Can Be Used To Your Advantange

If you, uh, have a tendency to use filler words like “um” or “like” when you talk, it’s not the end of the world. Turns out they can actually be a good thing — as long as you use them right.

Tinycards From Duolingo Teaches You Hundreds Of Topics With Flash Cards

Duolingo is easily one of the most popular ways to learn a new language, and today the company’s releasing Tinycards, a tool for learning much more than just a new language using flashcards.

The Proper Way To Pronounce IKEA's Most Challenging Item Names

If you’ve ever wondered about the proper pronunciation of all those IKEA item names, this video will teach you the right way to say some of the more difficult-sounding items. Not only that, you’ll learn what those words actually mean.

Learn To Spot A Liar With These Verbal Signs

At times, lies seem so harmless, but they can stress us out and even cost us money. On a more subtle level, it changes our pattern of speech, and since most of us aren’t as good at lying as we think, if you know what to look for you can probably catch a lie in the act.

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