The Easiest Languages For Native English Speakers To Learn

Depending on your circumstances, some languages can be harder to grasp than others. If English is your first language, these languages are widely considered to be the easiest to learn how to speak, read and write.

How Your Brain Benefits From Learning Multiple Languages

Learning a second language is great for travelling and getting a better paying job. It can also make your brain healthier and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Click The Listen Link Twice For A Slow Pronunciation In Google Translate

Clicking the “listen” button in Google Translate is a great way to listen to a translation, but it’s often hard to understand what it says. Google Operating System points out that when you click it again, it speaks slower.

Become More Convincing By Using Image-Based Words

When you want to persuade someone, using certain words to tell a story can help sway them. Next time you’re trying to convince someone, use words that help them see a clear picture of your point.

Skype Translator Adds Support For French And German Spoken Languages

Skype’s real-time translator software is pretty awesome, and it has some new tricks. It can now translate to and from French and German, from spoken word to spoken word.

Expensive, Rigid And Painful: What IT Acronyms Really Mean

Technology loves a three-letter acronym (TLA), but those letters often conceal the full horror of what lies beneath. These are the best “real” translations we’ve encountered.

Terminology Adds A More Informative Dictionary To OS X

Mac: If you’re looking for something with a bit more information than OS X’s built-in Dictionary, Terminology is a fantastic custom dictionary that will get the job done. It comes packed with additional features including synonyms and word relationships.

The Difference Between 'Yeah, Nah' And 'Nah, Yeah'

Have you ever tried to explain the subtle intricacies of this magnificent piece of Aussie slang to someone from another country?

Replace 'Very' With 'Damn' To Improve Your Writing

“Very” is one of those unnecessary words that can dull our writing. Take Mark Twain’s advice and if you get the urge to write “very”, substitute “damn” instead.

Master Many Foreign Languages By Thinking Like An Actor

For those of us who aren’t polyglots, learning multiple foreign languages seems like a huge intellectual feat. BBC interviewed people who know 20 or more languages and found some common traits among them, including the ability to behave like a cultural chameleon.