Kogan Attracts Phishing Spam Now

This is a very perverse kind of compliment: Australian online retailer Kogan is evidently now well-known enough for cyber-criminals to use it as bait in phishing emails.

Kogan's Latest Budget Agora Phone Offers 4G For $229

It’s getting seriously competitive in the low-cost 4G handset space, with Kogan announcing presales on a $229 4G LTE 5″ handset.

Kogan Now Has A Fitness Brand Called Fortis

I guess this was inevitable: with fitness the focus of so many gadgets these days, it was unlikely that bargain retailer Kogan would stay off the bandwagon. It has just launched its own fitness brand, Fortis, including a fitness-tracking wristband, exercise gear and yoga mats.

Dealhacker: Get A 3D Printer From Kogan For $699

Bargain-basement retailer Kogan has added a 3D printer to its online store. With an RRP of $699, the da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer is one of the cheapest 3D printers on the market; especially when you factor in international shipping costs. Here’s a look at the specification.

Dealhacker: Kogan's $999 4K TV Is Available Now

Kogan’s hotly-touted 55″ Agora 4K Smart 3D LED TV is now available to purchase for $999. The model comes with a native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, four USB ports, inbuilt WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Google TV support via Android 4.2 — not bad for under $1000. Here are our first impressions.

Why Kogan Isn't Selling Televisions In New Zealand Yet

Online retailer Kogan has launched its official New Zealand store, selling both its own badged Agora products and grey imports of phones, cameras and other consumer electronics. But there’s one interesting omission on its Kiwi site: televisions.

Briefly: Beats Music To Replace MOG, World's Weirdest Liquor Bottles, Oculus Rift Gets Gender-Swap Simulator

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Telstra confirms Beats Music will launch in Australia within months, Kogan’s Agora mini HD 3G tablet debuts for $199, the weirdest liquor bottles in the world.

TV Buying Trends: JB Hi-Fi Is King, Harvey Norman Sheds Customers

Consumer research group Global Reviews has released a report analysing the experiences of Australians looking to buy 46-55-inch televisions online. It found that JB Hi-Fi is the most preferred online store due to a perception of having the best prices. Harvey Norman, meanwhile, has a hard time holding onto would-be customers, with the majority defecting to another retailer before making their final purchase.

An Ultra HD TV For Under $1000 (Catch: It's A Kogan)

Ultra HD (aka 4K) TVs are ridiculously hi-res, but also ridiculously expensive. If you don’t fancy paying out $8000 for one that’s already had its price slashed, you can pick one up for $999. From Kogan.

Are Kogan's Camera Prices Worse Than Traditional Retail?

Kogan is continually boasting it offers unbeatable prices for technology products, especially when compared to brick-and-mortar retailers. But do these claims actually hold up in reality? Not according to Canon, which conducted a pricing investigation of its DSLR range in Australia. It found that traditional retailers consistently beat Kogan’s prices for the same camera and sometimes came with additional accessories and longer warranties at no extra charge.