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Is Kogan's $999 Gaming Laptop Worth The Money?

Kogan has decided to wet its toes in the enthusiast gamer space, offering a $999 Windows 10 notebook that promises to deliver a “flagship” gaming experience. Packing in a discreet Nvidia graphics card and an Intel Core i7 CPU, the Atlas Pro is certainly a cut above Kogan’s previous laptop releases — but is it actually worth $999? That all depends on what you plan to use it for…

Kogan Mobile Resurrected: How Do The Plans Compare With The Competition?

Kogan Mobile may have failed miserably back in 2013 but the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is back with Vodafone as its wholesale telco provider. Only month-to-month plans are available on Kogan Mobile at this stage. See how they stack up against the competition.

Kogan Travel Promises Up To 75% Off Flights And Accomodation

The Australian online retailer best known for spruiking cheap TVs and gadgets has today launched a holiday booking website dubbed Kogan Travel. The service will purportedly offer savings of up to 75% on popular holiday destinations such as China, Fiji, Vietnam and Thailand. Let’s take a look at some of the deals currently on offer.

Five Best 4K Computer Monitors

Whether you’re building a super-high end gaming PC or you just enjoy the extra screen real estate that a 4K display offers, you have tons of options on the market that are big or small, affordable or top of the line. Here are five of the best.

Kogan Updates Agora Line With Agora 4G Pro

Kogan’s latest budget Android phone features an octa-core processor and Android Lollipop for $299 plus shipping.

Pick Up A 500GB PlayStation 4 For $389

The next-gen — well, current-gen — consoles are ever so slowly coming down in price as the hardware hits market saturation and as times goes on, we’ll start seeing more delicious deals for Sony and Microsoft’s latest gear. Today it’s the former’s turn, with Kogan offering the 500GB PlayStation 4 for a measly $389.

Kogan Is Selling A $359 Windows Laptop

Netbooks might be a long-forgotten trend in our tablet-centric world, but there’s still a place for a device with a keyboard that can run standard Windows apps. Kogan’s new Atlas Laptop has somewhat basic specifications, but a basic price too: $359 (plus $19 for delivery).

Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points At Kogan

Another way to pile some extra points on your Qantas Frequent Flyer account: purchases from online retailer Kogan now earn one point per dollar spent.

Ruslan Kogan Has Completely Forgotten How To Do The Washing Up

Life’s tough when you’re a millionaire. Ruslan Kogan, founder of online retailer Kogan.com, recently posted on LinkedIn about how his dishwasher breaking down made him realise that we often fail to appreciate the inventors of life-transforming technologies. But the lesson we absorbed was slightly different: in the last decade, Kogan has completely lost the elementary household skill of washing his own dishes by hand.

Kogan Pantry Wants To Be Your New Supermarket

Not content with flogging you cheap TVs and Android phones, online retailer Kogan is pushing into the supermarket space. Its new Kogan Pantry store sells a broad range of food and home supplies, with a capped delivery fee of $9.99 anywhere in Australia.

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